Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Greetings from Capetown!!!

Well we arrived here safe and sound yesterday morning. I found the flight from london to here pretty awful, it was just far too long for me. I must have some sort of disorder, i couldn't handle having to sit for that long. Of course every so often we got up to stretch those muscles but my god, 11hrs 45mins is far too long on a plane, talk bout being claustrophobic! i really thought i was going to have a nervous breakdown. and of course myself and pricey were the only two on the plane who couldn't sleep for the whole flight. We drifted off for half and hour but it was just bad. now the complaining is out of the way - capetown is just magnificent!!
The scenery is just fantastic - the mountains are so breathtaking it's unreal. we've been staying in a hotel just for the first 3 days, on beach road in sea point. we'll be in a hostel thursday night. we haven't ventured to the beaches yet but i don't care, we will in time. When we walk accross the road from the hotel, we're met by the most magnificent view, the sea. The waves are so big, they come crashing in against the rocks, coly killeen would be in his element with a surfboard. I'm just so amazed by how beautiful it is here, It's only day 2 of our trip and i've nearly 5 films used up already.
The people here are so friendly, everybody is so polite and helpful - always telling you about how not to be ripped off, the places to go. it just goes on - the people are just incredible.
It's so cheap here which is a major bonus - the important stuff - bottles of beer are the equivalent of 1 Euro, pints 2 euro. sarah was delighted to learn that 20 fags are the equivalent of between 1 and 2 euro !! I'm still off them, 4 weeks today and i'm still soooooo proud of myself!!!!

Its a public holiday here today, Freedom Day, they're celebrating the 10th anniversary. I felt glad to be here today. It was quite fitting that we chose today to go to Robbens Island - for those who don't know, its the island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for years. It's about 20mins by boat from water point, quite a nice area, out to the island - then you're given a bus tour around the island. you're shown all the buildings of the time and the leper graveyards and everything, there's just too much to mention. The guides including the drivers are so passionate it's unreal. during the tour you stop for a break and it's from here that you have the most amazing view of capetown. (don't worry - i got a photo). After the bus tour you go for a guided tour of the political prisioners prison. The amazing thing about this is that our tour guide was actually a prisoner there himself for 6 years. All the guides for the prison were prisioners themselves. We got to see Nelson Mandelas cell (got a photo of that too). we got to see aswell the room where our guide shared with 60 others, sur it's as small. and only 3 showers! It's so sad to think how all those people were treated. but the guide said they bear no grudges, he's even friends now with some of the prison officers of that time. We were also quite surprised to find that people still live on the island. it's just wow! after the tour we went on a penguin boardwalk, saw loads of them, they were dead cute.

Because it's freedom day i need to say - Saoirse - somebody knows what i'm talking about!

so anyway the trip to Robben Island was just incredible. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who comes to stay here.
Sarah says a big hello to everybody back in the Bridge. We were quite annoyed to find that our phones don't work here, we cant send txt messages or make calls, however, we can recieve txt messages and calls, so don't be afraid to drop the odd txt.

At the moment we're in Long road, for something to eat and a few drinks. and of course the internet cafe obviously. it's in the city, bout 20 mins from the hotel. Theres quite a lot around here but we've to check it out properly yet. thats really all the news from capetown at the moment, i'll update again soon. So until i type again - bye!!

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