Monday, March 07, 2005

bula all!

well here we are, we've arrived back in nadi, and it's our last night of what has been a wonderful year.
when we started out, i remember saying that i couldn't imagine anywhere in the world being more beautiful than capetown... i hadn't been to fiji. it's been the most incredible week, spending time on four of the beautiful yasawa islands, the best of which being bounty island, with the whitest of sand, surrounded by the bluest of waters. it's been a truly fantastic experience. the fijian people are amazing, as is the fijian way of life. the food, the culture, the songs and dancing, all so wonderful. i've finally learned to relax, and actually spend time thinking about nothing. for the first time, i actually wasn't thinking about wanting to get back to work. it was great. one of the best things about fiji is that it made me teach myself how to snorkel and to swim, so at least i can say i've achieved something while relaxing in paradise. it's a waiting game now, we fly out tomorrow night and will spend 24 hours flying back to ireland. and although it will be alot of flying and we'll probably have serious jetlag, we're looking forward to getting back now and seeing everyone again. also thanks to lorraine from pottstown for your nice comment! see ye all very soon ~ take care! x

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