Friday, January 30, 2004

Anyone playing Bridge might take note or tell a friend thatFerbane Bridge Club hold their Annual Open competitions in the Grand Hotel Moate on Sunday 15th February 2004 starting at 1.30 p.m. ( 2 Sessions ) There are two competitions catering for all grades. Enter with Tim Kenny, 5 Delvin Park, Ferbane. Telephone 090- 6454116. The hotel has hot Carvery meals available.
Every Thursday night there is a Holy Hour in Ard Chiarain starting at 8.00 P.M and ending at 9.00. Why not give it a try some night.You can contact either Sister Maura or Peggy at 090-9674305.
John Joe O'Rourke from Correen has passed away at the age of 80 years.
He is survived by his wife Mary and nine children and a large family and friends. Remains were removed to Clonfad Church last evening with burial in Moore graveyard today after Mass this morning. May he rest in peace.
John Joe was a member of a family of thirteen.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Pat Killeen has a mobile phone. That was the big news of the week.She is much more contactable now as she attends a clinic in Dublin for a couple of weeks. x tx ms plez.
Talking to her on Saturday she felt much improved and was singing the praise of Ruth and Margaret who visit her every night.
Some years ago when Ballinasloe organized a Gala Week for coarse fishing, two of the regular visitors from England were Tom and Vicky Coulston and it was good to hear from Tom this week after he discovered this site. Tom had a triple by pass and two cataract operations since he was here but can still see the float and read the paper without glasses. Some say he is semi-bionic but he will always remain a gentleman to the lucky people that met him.
Michael Green forwarded an unusual picture of a bald eagle having captured a wild goose but Joe Burke our wildlife mentor doubts it is a wild goose.
Penny Tolchin sent a snap of a large trout with a baby trout in the center of his mouth with eyes looking out. Joe Burke claims that fish do not eat other fish head first.
Anyone interested in Clonmacnois will find lots of information using a search engine such as Yahoo. Put an e onto Clonmacnois for the search.
Congratulations to Philip and Siobhan Sheridan on the birth of their first baby boy which weighed in at 6 lbs 8 ounces.Siobhan's parents Declan and Rose Ryan tell us they are grand.
Guess what they are going to call him ?

Patrick Kenny believes that -
One man is as good as another
and maybe a damn sight better.

Remember the blckbird that laid a nest in the Christmas tree in Limerick about a month ago ?. The tree and nest remain in possition and yesterday the Irish Independent had a close up colour picture of the male blackbird about to feed one of the baby chicks.

Monday, January 26, 2004

The Parish Newsletter yesterday has a definition of True Love by Rose Sands

To prove his love for her,
he swam the deepest river,
crossed the widest desert,
and climbed the highest mountain.

She divorced him. He was never at home.
The Irish Times last Saturday caught my eye three times.
First with a 14 x7 inch colour picture of Clonmacnoise titled Rock of Ages at Clonmacnois taken from near the new restrooms with the sun shining from the south.Eileen Battersby writes about the monastery andrefers to Clonmacnoise Studies Volumes 1 and 2. Chase it on tour web. We are chasing the picture.
Then Michael Viney writes about Mushroom Stones which number about 60 for Ireland with a number in this area.Pipers Rock is well known but a number are to be seen in Clonburren at the top end of the back river.The wider flowing river after the Ice Age wore away rocks leaving a lean leg and a mushroom shaped head. Noel Keena tells us there are was a team of them near the Shannon below the Quarries at Clerhane. Theere is a new booklet out on Irelands Mushroom Stones which costs ten Euros.
Lastly Irishman's Diary tells of a performance of new music for a Mass in Irish called Aifreann Feirste by Patrick Davey. CD available from costs 10 Euro.
The opening hymn translates into ;
No fish in stream,
No bird on wing,
No shape on shore,
No star in sky,
No living thing
But is rich in Him
And Blessed in Him
And sings of him.
Patrick Kenny was on his way home from Athlone on Friday when he picked up a hitch hiker with a bag.He sat in the front seat and placed the bag on the backseat. As they drove along Patrick noticed the bag on the back seat move so he asked the man what was in the bag. He was told to mind his own business. Patrick asked him where he was going and was told Galway. Then he noticed the bag move so he asked him what was in the bag. Again Patrick was told to mind his own business.
After a few minutes Patrick again asked what was in the bag and was again told rather bluntly to mind his own business.
Patrick was sorry he had given him a lift and as they reached Connaughtons Pub Patrick swerved the car and pulled up.He told the man the car must have a puncture and if he would mind checking the tyres. The man got out to check and Patrick drove off leaving the hitchiker standing and waving his arms.
A party of six from Minnessota staying at Castledaly Manor called to Shannonbridge on their way to revisit Clonmacnois. Patrick Kenny the magician was in the shop so Mick asked one of the ladies if she would like to be Hypnotised ?. She was hesitant but agreed to come up and meet Patrick who greeted her with "Pleased to meet you" and the smile.
Patrick then explained to the lady that it was only fair to let her know before he hypnotised her that she might come out of it or again she might not.
She hightailed it back to the bar and missed what undoubtedly be one of the highlights of their holiday.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Anybody with problems please bear with us just a little bit longer as we await the return of Webmaster Mike from New York to prepare a fitting presentation of your problems and the advice and solutions offered by Aunt Fanny. Meanwhile you can e-mail your problem to this site.
Peter Coyne has been in St Brigid's Hospital for 57 years and has been working filling petrol and diesel at Kilmartins garage for 28 years.A popular man that smoked a pipe and kept exact records on each sale. While walking into Ballinasloe early this week Peter was unfortunate to be hit by a trailer that came off the hitch on a passing jeep and was killed on the footpath outside Cummins house in River Street. Friends have left a number of floral tributes at the place where he died.
Remember to say a prayer for Peter.
Nicola Hazelwood Tel 090 9673695 continues with music lessons each Wednesday from 4.30 to 7.00 in the Health Center. The members of the group keep attending which is an indication that they are enjoying themselves. Nicola is agreeable to start a beginners class if there is sufficient interest. Call in and see her at 7.00 on Wednesday. She will even teach adults a note or two.
Table Quiz for the Youth Club last night was successful with 234 Euro raised for their cause. The lucky teams in the grocery end even got Birthday Cake with Oliver Hilliard presenting his wife with a cake and flowers and a card and a kiss. Margaret shared the cake with the other people around and everyone sang Happy Birthday to Margaret.
Next Wednesday the Table Quiz is for the Community Library and teams start getting together at 9.30 PM. Give it a bash.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Some insulsators, paint tins and timber left in the field beside the old jetty have been reported to the ESB in Athlone and is being investigated today. Recent upgrading of the network lines were carried out in this area possibly by a contractor.
Monday night's Local Lotto Jackpot escaped. Winning numbers were 8, 21, 25, 28.
Pascal Foley and Tom Martin each had three numbers and get 100 Euro each.
Bad circulation ?. To help circulation in your legs just sit on a chair with legs spread straight out and wide on the ground. Gently revolve your feet .
Shannonbridge Community Youth Development Group host a Table Quiz in Killeens tonight assembling at 9.30 PM.
The group recording in New York ran into some technical problems on the first two days and it looks like they may not get time to visit friends in New Jersey. They should have brought Joe along for technical support.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The people in The Fort Restaurant who looked after everyone so well over the Christmas are now taking their Christmas break. Better to check with them if you are planning a night out. See their page on this site.
Fishing is in the air and a number of coarse fishing people have booked in to visit and stay in the locality this year including Mike Peake and Keith Moon, Ernie and Sue Callaghan. We also welcome them to the website and apologize that the fishing catches have been neglected on this web. Will try and improve the situation.
The Irish Golfers Guide for 2004 is being prepared and once again its author Oliver Hilliard from Shannonbridge is as busy as a bee collecting data from golf clubs all over Ireland and presenting their Open Days in a diary form. It means that golfers will be able to see at a glance the best value for golf on the day. Last year we had four golfers from England based in the village and they told us that they had saved a fortune using Oliver's Golfers Diary. Should be hitting the fairways around April this year.
Spoke to a couple of people to fill in a Golf Advice bit on our web so that if you feel like a game you will get the best directions on where to play, hire clubs and so on. Will keep you posted.
The gang in the long limo in New York this week might like to know that Pat got safely to the clinic in Harolds Cross yesterday and is having physio morning and afternoon. She is free for weekends and best time to call is after 5 PM.
Oliver Daly and I would suspect Mary have presented the Library with a wonderful box of books. So good that last evening Mick headed off to bed with a book on the musicals by Arthur J. Lowe and never appeared for the night. Oliver is a nephew of Joe Turley of Argus Car Rentals in Dublin and a son of the late Jimmy Daly Blackwater who was married to the late Annie Turley of Raghrabeg.
Temperature at present is in the high fifties. Martin Burke tells us that the blackbird that hatched in the Christmas Tree in Limerick is now a mother of five youngsters.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Shannonbridge GAA Notes

by Conor Killeen

Training Commences
Shannonbridge Senior and Junior teams will commence training this Friday night @ 8 pm. All players are expected to attend.

Shannonbridge GAA welcome back any players who may have not played with the club in recent years to start back training early in order to be fit for Championship battle come April.

Las Vagas in the hills of Donegal
"Viva Bundoran" will be the chant on Friday week as the Footballers of Shannonbridge head north to Bundoran, Co Donegal to take on teams from around the Country in a weekend tournament organised by Brian McEniff.

The bus will leave Shannonbridge at 5pm. Further details will be given at training on Friday night.
Welcome to Ernie and Sue Callahan who are regular visitors to is staying with John and Vera in Ashbrook - see Accomodation connection.
Glad to hear the gang arrived in New York as Mike tells us below. Dont boast about the long white limo as Mary Burke tells us that on Friday last a long blue memo pulled up outside the pub and a group of about ten came in who were coming from a wedding in Kinnitty Castle. Mary said they were a crowd of nackers and she is a good judge.
Pat set off for Harolds Cross this morning hopefully to get sorted out with her arhritis and medicine. She expects to be there a couple of weeks but will not be confined to bed. Margaret Carty was giving us directions how to get to the clinic with a 16 bus from outside Clerys. The Carthys are close to that area and she promised she will call. She also promised a dance last night when Frankie Mc Donald was playing but her toes backed off. Lucky toes.
Patrick Kenny and Blaise were telling us that TG4 showed a film yesterday morning starring our own George Brent and Bette Davis called Dark Victory. Blaise recognized George from the pub photo so they watched it.Patrick said it was good which would put it high in normal ratings. Blaise noticed in the credits that George and Bette were the stars and Humprey Bogart also ran but down the field.
Thought it would be an idea to have a Festival of Brent in the village sometime. P.J.Kelly tells us he has The video of The Spiral Staircase. George Brent or Nolan was born in Nicky Nugent's premises.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Two new photos for you to enjoy. The first comes courtesy of Cathy Donahue from Connecticut, USA. Pictured outside the local church are (from left to right), Joe Fox, Jean Donahue, Cathy Donahue, Charlie Donahue and Mary Donahue. Go to the Photo Gallery to see it.
The second photo comes from Pat Power in Arklow, who I believe obtained it in London. Also thanks to Mick Killeen for passing it on. It's an old map of the fortifications around the bridge, from 1815 I think. Go to our page on the History of the Battlements to see it. It's on the right hand side of the page.
Hi to All in Shannonbridge, from Colin, Louise, Mike and Shana in NY. It's Sunday morning at 8am and we're all feeling a bit jetlagged from the flight. We arrived yesterday afternoon and after a spin from Newark airport to Manhattan in a loooonnngggg white stretch limo we are safely installed in Hotel Casablanca on Time Square (where everything looks familiar!). Passed over Shannonbridge on the flight from Dublin to Shannon and saw a view of the village that we never expected to see. Colin took some video footage of the village which we'll put on the web site in the future so you can see what your house looks like from 30000ft! We start recording tomorrow and are all very excited about the week ahead.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Table quiz next Wednesday night is for the Christmas Lights for Shannonbridge which got off to a fine start this year. The Quiz starts at 10.00 pm in Killeens with Quizmaster Ciaran Coakley calling out the question and Mary Kelly correcting your answer sheets.
The quiz last week raised 246.18 Euro for The Missionaries of The Sacred Heart based in Western Road, Cork. Failed to reach the optimistic target of 300 Euros.
Oliver Darcy's Goose and Gander in the photo gallery are no chickens. Oliver told us that the Goose is 44 years old and the Gander will be 40 years old next birthday. Many thanks to David and Colin for the studio photographic work and to our Laboratory Staff for running a DNA to check out their ages - on the geese.
Greetings to Gene Carty in New York and thanks for keeping Tom and Margaret updated with our website.
The Library reopened last night and Pat Keohane was kept right busy for the two hours 7 to 9 pm. Her first customers back were Carmel Kenny from Clonburren with her seven young children selecting two books each. Noticed that Carmel Moore from Ferbane had followed up her present of a box of books in December with another selection. Thank you Carmel.
Louise was home yesterday in time for her birthday and birthday cake. Last night there was a practise session with Colin and Ciara Finn and Mark Donegan joined in as well as Mick on the brass. Wishing Louise, Mike Colin and the gang all the best as they fly to New York tomorrow for recording. Hopefully they will keep us updated on progress either on this page or on Louise Killeen site.
The Michael that sent the two wedding photgraphs inserted by David below is Michael Green from Blackwater, a son of Gerry and Bridie and now living in Boston.
Morans Shop is presently undergoing some major changes with the area that was once the popular women's clothes area now a part of the shop. An attractive new tile floor is being laid and new shelving and aisles fitted.
River level has risen since Christmas and is almost into a high flood situation.
Last evening some very high winds and heavy rain occured for about two hours and this will increase the level.
Lily Fitzpatrick nee Coleman has returned to England and her sister Kathleen went along with her for a few days break. Barry was telling us that the two girls got a bus in Ballinasloe which takes them right to Dublin Airport and Lily's son John will collect them at the airport in Leeds.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Two new photos in the Photo Gallery. We're a bit late putting them up but we had some technical difficulties. Thanks to Michael (sorry, he didn't give us his second name) for the photos. They're from local girl Patricia Greene's wedding to John Bogan from Dublin.
Martin Heavey, who once played football for Offaly tells us that a neighbour of his in Rhode has a habit of saying in the middle of a discussion on any topic " Well I blame it all on the parents". Try it for yourself sometime and see the reaction.
In August 1955 The Westmeath Independent cost three pence. ?1 = 240 pence.
The issue dated 27th August had a snippet titled - "An Interesting Lecture".
On Friday, the 19th August, Mr. P.C. Molloy P.C. Clonmacnoise, while on a tour in the County Clare, met a party of Catholic German teachers with their chaplain at The Spa Hotel, Lisdoonvarna,and in the open square beside the hotel, he gave them a very interesting lecture on Saint Killeen -- the Patron Saint of Bavaria. He told them that Saint Killeen built a church at Clonmacnois in 648. He was called the Apostle of Franconia. He made his religious profession in Ionaand went to Rome in company with other holy men and was consecrated Bishop by Pope Conon, and sent to preach the Gospel to the peoples of South Germany. He founded the See of Wurzburg, where, after a fruitful apostolate, he was put to death with two other holy men, S.S. Colman and Totnan on the 8th day of July, 689. End.
For your information P.C. Molloy was a famous teacher in Clonmacnois at that time and lived where the Visitor Centre is now built. During the summer and in his spare time hefreely gave of his time telling visitors about Clonmacnois. His son Brendan wrote a book on Clonmacnois no doubt with parental guidance.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

A photo of the elderly goose and gander is now in the photo gallery. Also pictured is their proud owner, Oliver Darcy.
Shannonbridge GAA notes

by Conor Killeen

Sincere sympathy
Shannonbridge GAA club wish to extend their sympathy to the Brennan Family who suffered a recent sudden loss.

Mike has helped out the club over the years, Mike is survived by wife Geraldine, sons Dathen and Aeron and daughter Michelle.

High Flyers
Louise and Colin Killeen will jet of to New york along with Mike Thornhill to record in an album in a Manhattan studio. The Trio were the Winners of the "open Mic" competition held in Mayo recently.
Reminder that Shannonbridge Library reopens on Thursday evening from 7 to 9.
Add it to your new years resolution list.
A meeting in Ferbane Heritage Cenre @ 8 tonight hosted by West Offaly Partnership interested in meeting local groups from West Offaly. They have a Santa bag of ?60,000 to give away.
Lorraine Mc Kenna writes lamenyting the Fitzpatricks move and their dogs. They are thinking of coming over next summer.Bridie Carry promises to show you Clontuskert and is even talking about writing to Lorraine. Bridie gave Lorraine a copy of "Clonmacnois,St.Ciaran's People which Lorraine is rereading and enjoying very much.
She asks for Bridget Kitt, Michael Cregg (he will answer your e-mail) Danny Edwards and all. Colin tells us that Louise and Mike and the Gang plan to visit St.Marys, Cherry Hill next week and he read Lorraines e-mail.So watch out. They are not bringing musical instruments with them and are unlikely to give a concert in St. Marys unless ?
Last night Lotto winning numbers were 17, 20; 26; 28.
Only two people Dave Terry and Brian Corcoran (Doon) had three numbers
and win 100 Euro each. Jackpot next week is 8,400 Euro.
Met Karl Rock last evening. Karl is from Shannonbridge and works at carpentry in London specializing in doors and stairs. During the Christmas break he went on holiday to Dubai and enjoyed temperatures of 80 degrees. Karl was full of praise for Dubai where he stayed in an apartment five minutes from the beach with a swimming pool on the roof. There are two languages but almost everybody speaks English.
Karl arrived back in London on Sunday and found out that Mike Brennan had died in Shannonbridge. He flew to Dublin yesterday, hired a car and was home in time for the removal last evening. Karl has been a friend of the Brennan Family for years and a true friend no doubt. Mike Brennan will be buried in Clonmacnois today.

Monday, January 12, 2004

How old is Oliver Darcy's Gander .? You would want to see it to know. OK hopefully we will have a full frontal of The Oldest Gander in Shannonbridge for you to see soon.
He is on a sabbatical presently but is back in business at the end of the month.
Stop Press. Sorry ladies but The Gander is the young one. The Goose is five years older than him. Photos taken yesterday 12 / Jan / 04.
Louise Killeen and her backing group had a rewarding practise session in Ballina at the weekend with Mike and Collie prior to heading off for a recording session in New York in a weeks time. Hope they keep us updated on her website. Check it out under Entertainment.
Problem Solving was handled in a special way in The Shannonbridge Star and at the weekend this website did a massive steal and have reached terms for the Problem Solver from Shannonbridge Star to give his time and talents to solving our problems.
What remains is to sign on our problem artist and negotiations are ongoing. Will keep you updated. Our webmasters are looking at the best way of presentation and may even show you the style by showing you some of their work from Shannonbridge Star.
Moby our West Highlander is going upgrade. On Saturday night Mary Craughwell was in town and was chatting with Bridie Carry and Kathleen Price at the counter. Mary asked for six slices of ham and when she got the sealed plastic bag she put it in her cot pocket which was hanging on the stool Mary was sitting on. At closing time when she went to put on her coat the ham bag was missing. The empty bag was lying on the floor and ham gone and dog gone.
A film group from BBC Scotland were around at the weekend shooting a documentary on the Bord Na Mona bogs and the Power Station. They were asking for a local input on the effect of the development of the bogs and the building of the Power Station had on the local community and Ian Mc Cauley their researcher phoned on Friday evening asking me to arrange a few people to interview.No problem I thought until I started asking.
In the end I hoofed through the few questions they asked. It will not be going for The Oscars this year I think but keep a lookout for it on Digital.
Good response to a number of businesses contacted at the weekend asking them to consider coming alive where they are listed on Shannonbridge Website. It would be a good idea if you find some service you require on the site to let them know where you picked it up.
Stephen Flannery married Maymie Egan many years ago and had a shop where the Post Office is now located.Stepen had an undertaking business and his wife was from the stonecutting Egan family. One of their sons Ciaran operates a pub near Golden Island shopping center in Athlone. Two other sons Mike and Brendan emigrated to America in the Fifties. This Christmas brother Jim and his wife Maureen spent Christmas with their son Eamon and wife Toni in Los angeles and made a trip to San Francisco to visit Maureen's sisters Beatrice and Una .They also looked up and met with Mike Flannery who is in good spirits.
Heard about a worker who was fond of bringing home bits of iron from his workplace and on one occasion he got fond of a machine called a Harrow.So one evening he loaded the Harrow onto the trailer,covered it with polythene and gave it a new home in his back yard. Some weeks later a man called to the house selling a framed aerial photograph of the man's home costing nearly 200 Euro. Our friend looked at the picture and said he was not interested. The salesman showed him a few views of the neighbour's homes including one of his supervisor who lived on the same road. The picture of his property had a yellow Harrow in the back yard so he quickly changed his mind and purchased the picture.
Our friend was out sick for a few weeks and on his return to work his workmates asked how he was and one asked what the Doctor said ?
"He told me to take lots of iron" said our friend.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Check out todays"Irish Daily Star" for an article on Louise Killeen and her recent competition success in Kiltimagh.
Sad news this morning with the sudden death last night of Michael Brennan living in Number 4, New Houses, Shannonbridge. Sympaties to his wife Geraldine and family.
February 6th is earmarked as a big day for Gabriel Mitchell from Clondelara and Katherine Cummins from Glenamaddy as that is the day chosen for their wedding.
Reception to be held in The Shamrock Lodge. Wishing them all the best and a fine day as well.
Eugene Nolan was telling us that when visiting his two sisters in America they brought him along to an entertainment complex where Bingo and Bridge and other games were played. They introduced him to two ladies and one of them asked him if he played Bridge. Naturally enough Eugene said he played a little.Then the two ladies started asking him what system he played and Eugene had to say he did not play.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

The Table Quiz in Killeens next Wednesday night is being help in aid of charity. Proceeds will be given to The Missionaries of The Sacred Heart. You can support by forming a team of four or by buying some raffle tickets or by donating a prize for the raffle or by saying a prayer for the mission. The target is to raise 300 Euro on the night. Quiz kicks off at 10.00 pm.
Congatulations to Laura Donoghue ( nee Price ) who delivered a whopping 9 lbs 12 Oz baby girl yesterday. Laura is daughter of Kathleen and the late Leslie Price and Laura's mother and sister Sarah were celebrating with The Bubbly last night while taking part in the weekly table quiz. Sarah tells us that the baby will be called
Rianach Ashling Ni Donnuchu as the parents speak a fair bit of Irish.
There is a branch of the weather people located in Birr, about 16 miles from Shannonbridge. They tell the Offaly Independent that they experienced one of the driest summers since records began there in 1874. Rainfall was 74 % of usual rainfall of just 800mm. Sunniest year for at least 35 years.
The afternoon TV program Open House yesterday featured ladies fashion from Lynches of Banagher with lots of wedding outfits in the 10 to 18 size.
Mary tells us that one Mother of The Bride outfit sold for 1000 Euro by phone while the program was running.
It appears there were some bargains picked up in other premises in Banagher last night when thieves broke into about three or four different buildings including The Post Office and Flynns.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Head on over to the Photo Gallery to have a look at your new local Post Master. Richard Browne(on the left) today took over the running of the village Post Office, but will have the steady hand of Liam Fitzpatrick(on the right) to guide him for the next few weeks. Congratulations and good luck to Richard and welcome to the village. We would also like to wish all the best to Liam and Kaye as they move to the sunny climes of the Cloghan Road, and thank you for all the years of dedicated service.
In case you missed it, click here to get to the new page for Killeen's. Alternatively, at the homepage click on entertainment in the left hand sidebar, and then Killeen's on the next page. Once there, click What's on to get the latest news from Killeen's and upcoming music. Add it to your favourites!
Petra and Klaus Woskat from Germany have visited Shannonbridge several times for their summer holiday appearing about every third year. Their Christmas card told of their plans to return for three weeks in July or August. Good to hear they will be back again.
The girls in the Library have worked hard through the year and deserve a bonus.
So they are taking an extra week off at Christmas and the Library will reopen on Thursday 15th January from 7 to 9 pm in The Health Center. Rose and Pat wrote to Santa asking for more adult and young readers for 2004 and sure Santa will not let them down. Remember if you would like to share some of the work you would be very welcome. Contact Pat Keohane or Rose Ryan.
Enjoyable music session took place on Sunday evening when Robert Cunney and Frank Kelly arrived from Dublin and were joined by Pat Corbett , Colin Killeen, Louise Killeen and Johnny Johnson for a feast of music that went on for about seven hours
with piano flute guitar bodhran and mandolin and bazookie.
Frank Kelly was home for a break from Canada and his flute playing has improved greatly. Highlight of the session was Johnny Johnson doing a parody of The Green Fields of France or Willy Mc Bride.Class act.
Martin and Mary Burke have returned from a Christmas break in Birmingham visitin Michael and Dermot;s families. Martin tells us they had snow and frost and there was tight security at the airports.
Also home from Birmingham is John Fitzpatrick, son of Lily Coleman who spent Little Christmas in Shannonbridge.
Bill Dolan has a great head for dates. Last night we were talking about the length of time Fitzpatricks were in Shannonbridge. Bill said out of the blue that the Killeens arrived in Shannonbridge on 29th September 1929.
Historic Day today. Some 52 years ago John and Ellen Fitzpatrick arrived in Shannonbridge from Mountmellick and set up business. Two years later the this business incorporated the Post Office for the village and has remained there since.
John and Helen's son Liam and his wife Kaye returned from working in England in 1978 to take over the business and have been there since.Last year the business was put up for sale and Richard Brown from Drumraney purchased it. Today Richie officially takes over the business from Liam and Kaye.
Wishing Liam Kaye and Richard best wishes for the future. Don not worry Lorraine - Liam and Kaye will be still helping Richie settle in and get to know people for the next few weeks and will then live in their home on the Cloghan Road.
The Shannonbridge / Doon weekly Lotto draw took place on Monday and the winning numbers were 12, 24, 26, 27. Only two had three numbers correct - next door neighbours in Saint Kierans Park Shannonbridge Eileen Quinn and Margaret Carty who share the consolation prize of 200 Euro.Good for them.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Shannonbridge GAA Notes

Conor Killeen Reports

Sincere sympathy
Shannonbridge GAA club wish to extend their sincere Sympathy to the Kelly Family, Clonfanlough for the loss of Michael, known to friends as Mickey.

Mickey Kelly was the last surviving member of the 1942 Shannonbridge Football team and was a well regarded footballer in his time.

Well Done
The Shannonbridge GAA club wishes to congratulate Paul Deeley, Alan Gunning and Kieran Flannery on making the County Minor Football panel and to Jason Kelly who made the shortlist for the County under 21 panel.
Also John Ryan has answered the call to rejoin Offaly’s senior Hurlers for the coming year.
The Parish Newsletter this week tells us that the Priory Institute, Tallagh Village, Dublin 24 are offering 14-week course, Introduction to Christian Spirituality starting Feb 4th 2004.They follow the method of the Open University - participants receive a 'Pack' with the full text, and are linked with one of their nine centres around the ciountry. For further information phone 01-4048124 or email;
Confirmation the provisionally date set by the Bishop is 4th May 2004.
Some old newspapers unearthed recently included a Westmeath Offaly Independent 1955 which featured a photograph of Captain Patrick Kennedy with Bishop Philbin. Patsy Kennedy was a member of the Galway 1939 winning football team and was in charge of the Ballinasloe FCA - (local defence force.)
CIE were operating a selection of Shannon Cruises with two hour trip from Athlone to Clonmacnois costing 6shillings.
The Clipper Carlton band were playing for Kilbeggan Race Night. Adm 7/6.
Coosan Comments were by Harry Rice featuring a 26 lb pike.
Large equipment was arriving for Ferbane Power Station from Germany, France, Belgium England and Switzerland.
Local Peugeot and Daihatsu Dealer Tom Raftery has a selection of catchy new calendars. He tells us that 15 new cars were sold on the first two days they were open this year. A brand new showroom is being built at present at his place of business near the road to Correen Ford. Visitors are catered for with self drive cars.
Fax or Tel 09096 - 42686 and email
Good to hear that Shannonbridge man Simon Hynes is planning to return to Tom Raftery soon to work in sales and parts.
Congratulations to Tom and Lena Turley who celebrated 25 years of marriage with their family and friends in The Bog Oak at the weekend.
Good to hear that Kay Coffee,a sister of Eileen Dunican is planning to build a house near Guinan's bridge.This stretch from Guinan's bridge to the Split Hills has become a popular building location with about five other houses built or in the process.
We were asking Maura Guckian (see below) if she ever saw Nora Quinn who once taught in Shannonbridge and is now married to Mark Mc Govern in Drumshambo. Maura said she saw her on the street last week and was looking well. An hour later Maura phoned to say that Mark Mc Govern's death announcement was on the paper.
Pat Mick and I headed for the removal last evening in Drumshambo and met Nora and her two daughters Emer and Anne. Please say a prayer for Mark.
Mrs Keena's daughter Maura Guckian from Drumshambo was visiting over the weekend and was telling us her family are well with her eldest boy an engineer working with Ward and Burke in Galway.Emir is doing Agriculture Science in Dublin. Kieran is an engineer in Castlerea.Paul is studying Agriculture Science in Waterford and Edel is studying Health and Safety in Sligo.

Friday, January 02, 2004

Received New Year Greetings to all in Shannonbridge from Mary Smith from Leicester who was over for a flying visit last year. Greetings to Mary Kelly in Millers Pub who looks in now and again we are told.
Sean and Frances O Shea are on a Christmas / New Year break at the moment.
Sad to hear that money for candles and a charity box in Shannonbridge Church were interfered with over the Christmas period.Looks like a recurrence of an incident a few years ago. Heard that monies in Clonfad Church were also targeted.
Good news for the parish is notice of planning applications for three new houses.
Ollie Daly tells us that six new houses are being built on the road between Mullaghtore Hill and High Street Church. Births in the High Street end of the parish totalled eighteen for the year 2003.
The Irish Catholic notes that Gerry Adams will not be allowed to advertise his book on the National Radio just like The Irish Catholic are not allowed to advertise their paper.