Friday, February 28, 2003

Its not all praying that goes on at Clonmacnois and so a new sewerage plant is to installed.
Heather King the archeoligist and her helpers are digging the ground at the side of the
visitor center and searching for any useful information.So far they have found an amount
of iron workings probably made with a sledge and anvil.
Aside from this they were surprized when a wounded vixen came along and made friends
with them accepting chocolate biscuits and other offerings.They called on some professional
advise and were advised to have it put down.Johnny Duffy carried out the needful and was
preparing to bury the poor creature in the bog when Heather remembered that Saint Ciaran
had a pet fox.So a place was found under the trees just in case there was a connection.
Heather promised to update us on how the dig goes on.
There was a good turnout for Marion Carroll in Ard Chiarain last night.Marion was one of
those lucky people cured in Knock Shrine about twenty years ago. She suffered from
Multiple Sclerosis and was on a diosecan pilgrimage strappedto a stretcher.
At Communion time our Bishop Colm O Reilly gave her a Host,
Normally she was only given a small fraction of the Host to help her swallow.
After Communion she felt pain in her heels and she asked her nurse attendant after
Mass to unbuckle her as she felt she would be able to walk.They did and she did.
Since then she has been telling the good news and last night the news came to
Michael Creggs was saying that the money raised for The Lodwar region
in Kenya at a recent table quiz was collected by a nun working in that
area and brought right to where it was intended for.Michael and Betty
explained that the money is used for a number of small projects.
Some of your money was spent in providing a shelter for mothers
waiting at a delivery / clinic where about 22 babies a day are born.
Before this they just stood outside. The table quiz proceeds were given to
the Ballinasloe / Lodwar (Kenya ) Partnership.Their Bank Account No
is 61600095 National Irish Bank if you feel like running an event
for the cause.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Penny Tolchin writes to tell us about Sid and herself planning on visiting Scotland
France and Ireland this time next year and wondering about the weather.
If she only knew that unlike California we spent nearly every day wondering
about the weather.These are the Tolchins who are offering a fly view of
California to Father Pete Kenny.Looking forward to seeing them in the Bridge.
A good weather forecast for Ireland is under
This has a variety of information.Have not got Scottish connection yet.
Father Frank Daly native of Ferbane aged 71 died in England and was buried
in Ferbane today,Brother of Doctor Eamon Daly Galway.Family once had pub.
There is a demand for self-catering accommodation in the area from workers
on the new power plant.Contact the site if interested.The area is taking on
a kind of United Nations look with people from Germany Poland Portugal
Turkey England and various parts of Ireland around.
Meanwhile from Pottstown Lorraine Mc Kenna tells us that the Kestrel is
quite beautiful but they DO prey on other birds and are quite nasty about it too.
Chasing them down to the ground,and into the brambles as the little ones
make an attempt to escape.She asks "are the people who are aiding the
kestrels the same people who chopped down the trees"?Answer yes.
Another Shannonbridge man heading for Australia.Doctor Aaron Brennan who is
presently working in Merlin Park Galway and is taking a short break after doing
locum in Headford was telling us last night at the table quiz that he plans to work
for a year in Australia going over in June and making Brisbane his base.
The local youth club got good support for their table quiz and raised 289 Euro.
Their leader Darren Finnerty got good response for raffle prizes from Morans
Fitzpatricks Killeens The Takeaway and Des and Anne Finnerty and Nick Nugent.
There is another table quiz next Wednesday which is Ash Wednesday.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Johnny Gaffey late of Moore North has died at the age of 84 years.A tall man with grey white
hair he attended many a funeral and in his spare time enjoyed a game of cards and an
occasional bottle of beer.Burial today in Moore New Cemetery after Mass.
Have a look at Maureen Thornhills photograph of the new floating jetty in our Photo Gallery.
The jetty is housed in the bay upstream from the bridge.
The news that Father Pete Kenny is going to California brought an immediate invitation
from Sid Tolchin to "bring him nearer to God" if he contacts Sid as he has a plane
ready to go.I recommend that he accepts the offer as some years back Doc and I
were lucky to fly along the California coastline with the good doctor.
The local power plant have a soft spot for birds.Today a hire-crane with a 70 Metre
jib has been hired to replace some windows and set up a nest for some kestrels
that have been seen around.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Last weekend about 45 players and supporters visited Ennis staying at The Temple Gate Hotel
This was a social weekend to formulate plans for the upcoming season.There were lots of
things to do and as well as the country and western music festival some played golf, visited
the Burren or went to the Clare V Offaly hurling match to see Clare win.
A Clare man was telling Noel Keena that the late Jack Lynch and Shannonbridge's own
John Ryan were the only dual players to win National Football League medals and
Senior Hurling Medals in the one year.Well done John.
Dick and Doc are very pleased with Lynset Kennels which is near The Dog and Duck pub
outside Athlone.They have a family of nine dogs at their kennels which were found straying
in the town and are now part of their family.
Word from Father Pete Kenny today .He is working in the bush outside Brisbane Australia.
In a few months time he is going to work with the Philipino people that have settled in
southern California.He has failed to get in Bribane. Bet those people
in California will tune him in.
Michael Finn tells us that his daughter Orla who is on a two month trip to New Zealand
sent photographs that show her well tanned already.Orla was up on one of those very
high restaurants and took a type of bungie jump.
Sarah Price has been in Paris since Sunday visiting Niabh Quinn from Shannonbridge.
Niabh is pursuing a two year course developing her French.Compredevous ?
The local Lotto was not won last night despite an easy set of numbers 1 - 4 - 12 - 18.
Rose Ryan, Leah Mc Evoy and Concepta Mc Manus each picked three numbers.
Next weeks jackpot is 9,600 Euro.Yours for two Euro chance.
There is a good chance that the grassed area embankment at the fortification will be
maintained this year by the Fas group from Moore led by Paddy Fehily.
This would improve the approach road to Shannonbridge and of course to our
neighbouring parish of Moore.Thanks to Brian Grenham for starting the ball.
Good news for Saint Ciarans Park is that gardening and lawn expert
John Joe Brereton from Bracknagh has arrived to revamp Tom and Margaret
Cartys garden for them and is talking about a fish pond and fountain.
He has also promised to manicure trees growing at the Health Center and
beside the steps.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Lorraine Mc Kenna writes to say she can't believe they cut down those lovely trees along
the road to the power station.She sends greetings to Mickie Mac and to everyone in
Shannonbridge.Lorraine believes she really did live in Shannonbridge in another life.
They are having rain in Pottstown that is melting the snow.Think I won't tell her about
the great weather we had for the weekend.
The Mass yesterday was about Christ forgiving the cripple.Fr John who was doing relief duty
went a bit further and reckoned that as Christ forgave sin we also should forgive sin.Fair enough.
But there is more.He reckons that when our sins are forgiven that we should forgive ourselves.
Think about it and take that weight off your shoulders
Another thing altogether. For those getting married there is a website named
An unknown angler on Saturday landed a 23 Lbs pike and returned it alive.
Steve and Liz Nell are on a visit from Sheffield and plan to fish the new harbour
in Ballinasloe tomorrow which has produced lots of roach over the winter.
Gerry Casey and his Tipperary pals attended a Fishing Fair in Dublin at the
weekend and were very impressed. However they were not so impressed
with talk about a license to fish on The River Suck.Must find out more.
Went to see Sean Mc Manus in Saint James Hospital in Dublin after attending Michael Moran's
removal.Sean suffered serious leg injuries some years ago and one of the leg bones is now
a problem.He has been there for four weeks now so any of you guys based in Dublin
consider giving him a shout if you are passing.
Sean will miss the chance to attend a special Holy Hour in Ard Chiarain the local retreat
and prayer centre on this Thursday evening at 8pm.All are welcome to hear Marian Carroll
who was cured of a serious illness in Knock.
Weekend birthdays included Vicky Kenny celebrating her 21st on Friday night in Simon
Lyons in Banagher.And the celebration continues with Vicky and her mother Mary flying
out to New York tomorrow to visit brother Damian and Emma.
Vicky was 21 on the 21.Howza bout dat.
Danny Farrelly celebated his 70th birthday on Saturday with his wife Joan and children
Maire, Donal, Connie and Louie along with extended family by going out to dinner in the
Fort Restaurant where they had a very enjoyable meal.
Tony Ellis from Square D in Ballinasloe recently won a trip with Irish Ferries to England
by entering a slogan connecting Irish Ferries with the dart thrower they sponsor.
Tony's entry was......wait for it........
He was disappointed that a Christmas slogan competition telling why you would like
to be a winner with An Post and Renault failed him.Tony's entry was....
Renault stamp of quality puts the winning post in sight.
Tony reckons he was beaten by a short head but we think he was
licked at the post.
Ray Walsh our mushroom man is off on a weeks skiing holiday this week with his wife
Angela and sons Rory and Lorcan.This is their fifth skiing holiday and Ray tells us that
the two boys are real whiz kids at the skiing.This time they are in Myrahaven in Austria.

Friday, February 21, 2003

A photograph of the new jetty on the north side of the bridge can be seen in the Photo Gallery. Go to the Shannonbridge Home Page and click on Photo Gallery on the left hand side.
Greetings to Mary Rock and William in Holland and start preparing for a visit from the
brother Kieran on the 19th March.Kieran is in great form and looking well.
Kiran and Mickie Mac (yes Lorraine the donkey man) are off to Longford on 28th Feb.
to see Hello Dolly the musical.
More news from the Rock family is that John and Patricia (nee Rock ) Egan now living in
London enjoyed The London Annual Feis. And why not seeing their eight year old
twin daughters Ciara and Katie Egan take first and fourth positions in the step
dancing competitions. When you are over again ask Grandad and Mickie Mac
to bring you dancing.
Today the local football team set out for their annual weekend get together.
This year they have got a very attractive deal with a hotel in Ennis Co,Clare
that offers them two nights B.and B. with dinner for 119Euros each.
Wait for report of the training next week.
They couted the money and the Quiz night for the Ballinasloe Social Services held on
Wednesday night raised 840 Euros which aint bad for a good cause.
Patricia Kenny was one of the ticket sellers and the first five tickets in her two books
were bought by Maureen Thornhill who won two prizes.Good for her.There was a wide
variety of donated prizes on offer.
The posters are up for Oklahoma the musical which runs all next week in Ballinasloe
commencing with a matinee on Sunday.If it is half as good as the first production
of many years ago then it will be very good.That other production had a marked
effect on the people of Ballinasloe and for years there was a herd of cowboys
around wearing cowboy boots and hats and coloured hankies tied round their
necks.We won;t mention the cowgals.

Sad news that Michael (Mick) Moran died last night in hospital in Blancherdstown
where he has been ill for a time.Please pray for his soul.Arrangements later.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Patricia Carry of the or p.carry tells us that on her upcoming trip to Australia
that she and her present husband and two boys will only be using a camper for two weeks
and unlike F n G as she describes Frater and Gunn they will not have little dogs and
musical instruments and fishing tackle and sketch pads and costumes n paint with them.
She will be visiting Perth and Sydney and Adelaide on her trip. So if you want to meet
them contact her at
Think that Father Pete Kenny is about to leave Australia and head for California.
Dont tell Danny Farrelly about the surprize birthday party planned for him by his family
this Saturday night in the Village Tavern.
Should be an interesting night as there is also a hen party there on the same night.
Me feels the twain shall meet.
Shannonbridge GAA football club's weekly Lotto is getting more interesting with the
Jackpot reaching 9,400 Euros for next Monday nights draw.Local promoter
Frank Guinan has less trouble selling the entries as the prize gets higher.
Today is Graduation Day for Sean Murray from The Takeaway as he passes out down in
Templemore Garda Training Center to join the police force.Congratulations to Sean.
Many family and friends are making the journey to Templemore to celebrate with Sean.
Great turnout at the table quiz for Ballinasloe Community Services last night with over
twenty tables taking part.The Priests still have the power as an all priests team won
with Bridget Carry's team second.They claim they had more marks than the winners
but they were not worried as they donated their prizemoney to the cause.
Sister Alocoque was well pleased with the night and a final tally is not yet available.
To remind you that next Wednesday night's quiz will be in aid of the local Youth Club.
A Fly in the tea canister was a foolproof method used by an old man across the river years
ago.The man had married a girl much younger than himself and he was a skinflint at heart.
When he had to go away for a day he suspected that his wife entertained.
To keep a check on what was going on while he was away he used to put a fly in the tea
caddy and if the fly escaped he knew that tea had been brewed.Interested in a fly ?

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Meant to mention that the first people have arrived to prepare for the start of building the
new chimney at the power station.Presently they are erecting the Lanesboro chimney.
With the modern methods it will have a continuous pour of concrete and steel fixing
and be erected in about three weeks.
The first steel on the new power staion was erected about ten days ago.
Work on the new West Offaly Power Plant being built beside the present station moves on.
The road leading from the Church to the statin is presently being widenened from 4.5 Metres
to 7.0 Metres.This has meant that 76 trees had to be removed from the roadside.
The old carriage road to Dublin north of the station has also been given a wide birth as it were
to allow lorry transport carry peat to the new station.This road always had the potential for a
safe pleasant walk and hopefully this will be borne in mind.Some years ago I counted ten
different varieties of flowers in bloom including a hedgeful of bluebells that dated back to
when Lyons lived in the big derelict house alongside.A little field on the southside of this
roadway was once used as a type of filling station when The Bianconi Family ran a regular
horse dran carriage service from Dublin to The West with horse changes at Edenderry
Shannonbridge and Tuam.The horse were fed and looked after and kept in this field
behind the power station.The little house belonging to the horse carer was in ruins and was
removed in the recent road widening.Maybe some day a sign might be erected.
Bianconi had houses along the way where his customers might stay overnight and Lukers
Pub and Darcys House were two of these.Bianconi's trademark was a half wheel shaped
fanlight over the doorways.
Doc and Dick took Pat along to Dublin for the weekend.
The purpose of the trip was the christening of Robert and Susan's
baby girl Etna on Sunday but Doc and Dick joined up with about
100,000 other people to march against war. Good to hear that
Bishop John Kirby Loughrea say that there should be a local march
as well.
Pat tells us that Mikey Cunney was at the christening and looks
right well after his recent sojorn in New Zealand.
Funny postcard arrived from Carla Whiteley from Upwey Australia.
Carla and her husband and son were on a visit to Ireland last year
and she had a quest in Ireland to find the best Irish Coffee,
She wrote to say the one she had in the Village Tavern was the best.
Lorraine has not got it all her own way and lots of the bits and pieces of news are passed on by friends and neighbours.Shannonbridge Brass Monkeys have got that worried look on their faces this past few days with a cold wind blowing from the east.The land is drying up well but there is still a small amount of flood around.While going to Mass in Clonfinlough on Sunday morning(10.30)
the flood looked worse on the field before Clonmacnois.Timmy Devery from Glebe was at the Mass.Tim of course was a famous accordeon player in his
day guesting with Paudge Bennett regularly.He looks wonderful.
The priest was telling about the history of the Lepers (not high jumpers)
and how they went around ringing a bell and shouting unclean.
He reckoned that there is a modern type of Leper, the one that has fallen out with a neighbour over mearings or whatever and has not talked to the neighbour for years.Anyone want to buy a bell ?
Mearings is a descriptive word for fencing Lorraine.
Remember Lorraine Mc Kenna who holidayed for three weeks last August in Creggs S.C.? Well this week she writes from Pottstown Pennysylvania and this is what she says.....
You know I read this Jesuit stuff every day.( )
It makes me a little sad because I realize I'm not smart enough to understand all they have to say.That won't stop me from reading it every day though.
I liked the part where they said that God gets there before you.
By the way ,its snowing like mad here,we're supposed to have blizzard conditions tomorrow.A blizzard is an awesome thing(that is,if you don't have to go outdoors) the wind blows the snow into drifts across the roads,and sometimes across your doorstep.Now that Jim and I are retired we can look out the windows and marvel at it,not having to worry about driving to work.
I keep up with the Shannonbridge news, and wonder that nobody but good old DDermot has anything to add.How is the birdman? Our cardinals(funny that,about the pope)are looking good against the white of the snow,and all the other birds seem to be fairing well this winter,due,mostly to Jim's keeping their feeders filled with their favourite seeds.
Our besrt to all,Lorraine.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

sad news that Seamus Grennan's brother Austin died while on a visit to America.
The body is being brought home and funeral arrangements will be published on the
newspapers when the details are available.
Seamus and Celine operated The Bungalow guesthouse in Shannonbridge.
Austin lived in Edenderry.
Three liner from Colin Killeen letting us know he is alive and well and surfing in Nagara
thats's in Bali. Hi to all his surfing friends.Says he is surfing for Breakfast, dinner and
tea.Complains that the internet access is not the best and promises to write from Kuda
when he gets back there in about four days time. And so he goes.
The weekly table quiz in Killeens last night was held in aid of The Banagher Sub-Agua
group and was well supported raising about 252 Euros for their fund.A highlight of the
raffle was an underwater picture taken by local member Kevin Duffy.
Next Wednesdays quiz is being held for The Social Service group in Ballinasloe
who bring in older citizens from around for a day and provide a variety of services
to them incuding meals,bathing,dancing,cards,nail care and chat.
Hoping for a 9.30 P.M. start.Of course we are hoping that Mary Kelly gets back
in time to correct the answers.
The mother tells us that Patricia Carry is heading off to the wonders of Australia
in two weeks time and is planning to do a Frater and Gunn job on the place
by hiring a camper and driving around.Sydney and Perth are two places on the
tour.She has plans for a six week stay.God help the Kangaroos.
Shannonbridge's newest citizen Katie Maura Moran has arrived home from Portiuncula.
A mother that knows says she is just like Fergal even has short hair.
Meanwhile Mags Doolin the village hairdresser had a baby girl Ella yesterday morning
and both are doing well in Portiuncula.

Monday, February 10, 2003

A better understanding of your faith is the way The Dominicans are offering in their five-month
course on the Gospel of Mark.This module begins in March.Study at home.
The Tallagh Priory e-mail is
or you can telephone their Dublin office 01 - 4048132
Visitors to Shannonbridge on Sunday included Dessie Dolan and Mary his wife from
Enniskillen.The Dolans were regular visitors on the Shannon along with their friend
James Brady who alas is now deceased.Des had a hire-cruiser operation on the
River Erne but has now decided to retire and he has a number of cruisers on hand.
The Dolans called to see Sean Fitzsimons of Seans Bar in Athlone to hear that he
is in Dublin recuperating from sickness.We wish him well.
Weather news from Lorraine in Pottstown Pennsyvania is that they got six inches of snow
at the weekend.She must have been expecting The Pope but when she looked out there
were sixteen Cardinals outside on the lawn.
On the other side of the river in New Jersey they got ten inches of snow and were expecting
more on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Hope that Jim and Maureen Killeen coming home from Chicago mid week do'nt pack snow
for their three weeks holiday including one week in France.
There was an Anniversary Mass on Friday night last for Eric Luker at the request of
Jim Brady. Jim Brady once worked for Lukers and he is now in a nursing home in
England.Every year Eric faithfully sent him a card and a present and last Christmas
when nothing arrived Jim made enquires and found that Eric had passed away 02/02/02.
How about that for a date.And so the Mass which got an added dimension with many
of The Adult Choir who were friends of Erics coming along to sing the Mass.
Shannonbridger Michael Devine is the most senior member of The Buckaneer rugby squad.
The squad is the combination of Athlone and Ballinasloe Rugby teams some years ago.
At present the side are fourth in The All Ireland League.
Saint Sarans in Ferbane are now in the semi-final of the Connacht Schoolboys Rugby Cup
and face Garbally College Ballinasloe in the next game.
Shannonbridge Gaelic Footballers had a challenge match against Rathcline from Longford
under their new floodlights on Saturday night and won 2 - 12 to 1 - 9.
Fancy a Mushroom.? Local producer Ray Walshe Clonlyon told us that over the weekend
his tunnels had produced 1000 punnets each weighing six pounds. It was a busy couple
of days for Jennie Robinson and the other pickers harvesting the crop and then Ray had
the job of trying to sell the lot.
Fifty Years of Marriage for John and Eileen Mc Manus (nee Kilduff ) celebrated
the event with an extended family of seventy friends yesterday with a meal and
remembrances in the Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone.
By the way the owners of The Hodson Bay have just recently bought
The Royal (Hoey) Hotel in Athlone Town.
Birthday time for Bridie Carry last week with a quiet celebration with her friends.
Local boys Colin Kenny and Dara Moran shared the same birthdate and had a night
out in The Bog Oak. Dara still has his arm in a sling after that skiing accident
a few weeks ago.
Frances Walsh of Tullamore and late of Clonfinlough celebrated her 85th birthday
at the weekend with no fuss.Good on ya girl.
Great news at the weekend was the arrival of Katie Maura Moran into the world.
The baby was delivered in Portiuncula Hospital on Saturday morning and everything
went well .Congratulations to Linda and Fergal and of course Alo and Maura and
the rest of the family.
Damian and Catherine Green Glebe had their first child christened yesterday.
Adam Patrick Green was sponsored by Declan Green and Catherine Corcoran
who were bestman and bridesmaid at the wedding.
Greetings to Gene Carty in Boston. Your nephew John D told us you log in now and again.
Your brother Tom and his wife Margaret continue to make good use of the house they
bought in Saint Ciarans Park and are about on the weekends.The John D tells us he is
working with the Dept. of Agriculture which have a base on the Kilkenny Castle estate
which has about 3000 acres in total.
Good to see John Coughlan Kilcummin Belmont out and about again after two months of sickness
Mick Coakley from Shannonbridge has returned home after
a month in Portiuncula and looks a new man.Seen during
the week lifting in bales of briquettes from the front door.
Mick Moran who is in Blancherdstown Hospital visited
the village last week.
Bridget Helen Daly (nee Green) now living in Coolfin had to
have her left leg removed recently in Tullamore Hospital.
Paulien tells us that she is well and doing fine in the
nursing home in Tullamore.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

The new floating jetty upstream from the bridge seems to be coming into shape.Viewing from the Bridge it looks like a long finger across the mouth of the bay.It will have lighting and water and is designed to cater for 16 cruisers.Local lake boat owners are wondering what accommodation will be provided for their boats which now total nearly forty.General consensus is that it will look well when finished.
The weekly Table Quiz on Wednesday nights in The Village Tavern continues and monies raised are used by various groups.The recent quiz for The Lodwar project in Kenya raised 650 Euros.
The Library funds got a boost of 140 Euro from last weeks quiz and a new fund aimed at Christmas lighting also raised over 100 Euros.Last nights quiz was in aid of Alive which is a free paper available in the Churches.Produced with the aid of voluntary subscriptions.
On Wednesday 19th February the quiz will be in aid of the Social Center Ballinasloe.
Shannonbridge Village Library continues to operate on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7.00 P.M. to 9.00 P.M. in the Health Center.Rose Ryan and Pat Keohane estimate that since opening on the 26th.June last year some 2000 books have been taken out on loan.Some 1200 books have been borrowed by young children.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

News from New Zealand is that Shannonbridge lass Orla Finn and her Grandmother Vera O Sullivan arrived safely and are enjoying temperatures of 30 degrees.
First comments are that it is a lovely place and her Aunts home is near a beech.The drivers move very fast.At the airport Orlas walking boots were washed as a standard prevention against foot and mouth disease.

Monday, February 03, 2003

Tony Ellis told us that he had no luck yesterday while fishing Shannonharbour
for pike in cold conditions. A local told him that somebody fishing there on
Saturday had a beautiful 24 Pounder which was set free again which has
become normal practice and is the law.

Two well known brothers in the area died last week.Colm Hanniffy from Moystown died midweek and was buried on Friday which was the day that his brother Kieran Hanniffy from Lusmagh died in Tullamore hospital.May God rest their souls.
Good news from Mick Coakley is that he will be coming home from Portiuncula tomorrow.
He has been five weeks in hospital.
Also good news from Gerry Green Blackwater who is home and doing well after his recent operatation.
Gerry's sister Josie Kenny Clondelara is also well after her recent operation.
Friends of Eric Luker whose anniversary occured yesterday have organized a memorial Mass to be said for his soul on next Friday evening.
The famous Patrick Kenny from local America was displaying a printout of an internet photograph and information on the first Irishman to be Governor of California.
He was Governor John Downey and he originated in Castlesamson Taughmaconnell.
Further information from Patrick or look at governors of california-sources and credits.
The local Youth Club had a fun raising car-wash organized after Mass yesterday and it turned out to be one of the coldest days of the winter.But they went on with the job.Rumour that the funds are to be used for an old folks party at Easter.
The Post Office roof looks well after being treated to a power hose wash on Saturday.
Maura Morans is running a 65 % off sale on clothes in preparation for new stock arriving and lots of ladies are seen carrying black and gold bags showing that things are moving.
Nancy Ward celebrated her birthday with her husband Jimmy last Saturday by having dinner in The Fort restaurant and afterwards she was persuaded to sing a few songs in The Village Tavern.Dara Moran also celebrated his 30th birthday on Saturday.Dara still wears a sling after his accident on the skiing holiday.
And on birthdays Bridie Carry is celebrating her birthday on tomorrow night.Not Saturday night as some people were inclined to think.
Orla Finn left for Auckland New Zealand for two months last Wednesday travelling with her Grandmother Vera O Sullivan.The trip went well and they are staying with Orlas aunt Siobhan.