Friday, November 28, 2003

Martin Heavey was telling about a man in Portarlington many years ago who owned a donkey and cart and was employed by the council to clean the streets. He had a man helping him of course and one day the donkey owner went into a shop and bought two apples. Naturally he ate one himself and gave one to the donkey.
Another story from Portarlington concerned a lady driver stopping her car and enquiring the road to Carlow. The man on the footpath told her to go to Portlaoise and turn left. "But isnt this Portlaoise" ? said the driver.
Well if it is said the man then I must be in the wrong town.
First Irish snow dropped on the Slieve Bloom Mountains during the week but the weather continues to be honky dorey. River level is like summer and the only wet patch is in Darcy / Reddy callow downstream across the bridge.
Annual Mass last evening for deceased members of the ESB power plant had a great attendace of retired staff and family representatives of deceased staff.Afterwards everyone was invited for a cup of tea to the Bog Oak.
Good news that my bridge partner has finished his five weeks of treatment and is coming home today just in time for the Regional Pairs event which takes place in Mullingar on Sunday and of course we are having a go.
Last Monday night GAA Lotto Jackpot of 17,200 Euro was shared by nine winners who had the winning numbers 3, 10, 17, 24. Unlucky for the organisers but in the block of 28 numbers on the entry sheet which are laid out in four rows of seven the winning numbers were in a direct line under each other and Frank Guinan the master seller was telling us that he knows if another regular buyer was home at the weekend there would be ten sharing. Only 23 people had three winning numbers and get 20 Euro.
Next week the new jackpot will start at 7000 Euro and as normal will increase by 200 Euro each week if not won.
Patient "Anything wrong with me Doctor" ?
Doctor - Well you have cancer and you have a week to live.
Patient " Anything else Doctor " ?
Doctor - Well yes you also have Alzeimers.
Patient " Suppose it might be worse if I had cancer "

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Shannonbridge GAA Notes

Conor Killeen Reports

Under 21 Football Championship



For the Second time in six days Jason Kelly defied the odds of scoring a fourteen yard free which he did against Clara. Kelly did the same, this time against Ballycumber/ Tubber on Saturday last in Pullough.

When Referee Noel Cooney indicated to Kelly it was the last kick of the game he had little option but to hit a sizzling shoot past the B/T men which was just too hot to handle.

This was a very exciting end to another wise poor game of football. B/T got off to a good start when Andrew Grennan ran through easily for two points. Shannongaels did respond in the first half with a fine goal from Pat Mac.

B/T were very dominant around the middle until Ger Rafferty was introduced. He made an immediate impact by winning ball and scoring a point.

Rafferty added great breeze to the Gaels attack at a time when the Gaels were getting muscled out of the game.

Shannongaels Manager Colm Crows said, “We are very lucky to be still in the Championship,” Crows added “we got out of Jail today”.

The Gaels Management will be concerned with the wasted possession and the lack of physical impute the Lads had on the day.

Team. M Hough, W Kenna, T Flatherty, A Clancy, K Flanaery, J rafferty, D Finn, E Kelly, P Egan, M Grogan, J Kelly,(1-4), P Mac (1-0), S Kelly, (0-1) C Horan, Pdeeley. Subs G Rafferty (0-1) and D Flatherty


Shannonbridge AGM on Sunday last and was reasonably well attended. Denis Loonam stepped down as Chairman after two years in the hot
Seat. Denis has done fantastic work for the Club throughout his time and the Club wishes to thank him for all his efforts.

In his time as Chairman the Club has updated their facilities and the club have built a Stand.

Officers for the coming year. Chairman Tom Moore, Secretary
Eamon Mahon, Treasurer Noel Roche, Vice Chairman Frank Guinan, Vice Secretary and P.R.O Conor Killeen, Vice Treasurer Kieran Coakley, Registrar Declan McEvoy.

The Club wishes to thank all committees for their work, the Club also plan to open the grounds in 2004

Lotto Results

There was no winner of last week’s lotto Jackpot that was €17,200. Congratulations to our match three Winners and good luck to all who take part.
Saint Martin magazine Question Box for December explains the meaning of The Twelve Days of Christmas.It was written in England during the period when Catholics were not allowed to practice their faith openly and it was intended as a catechism for young Catholics,to help them remember lessons in their faith. The "true love" refers to God; the "me" to every baptised person. The partridge refers to Jesus Christ. The meaning of the other symbols ;
Two turtle doves --- the Old and New Testaments.
Three French Hens ......Faith, Hope and Charity.
Four calling birds ...... the four gospels.
Five golden rings .... the first five books of the Old Testament.
Six geese ...... the six days of creation.
Seven swans ..... seven gifts of the Holy Ghost.
Eight maids ..... the eight beatitudes.
Nine ladies .... nine choirs of angels.
Ten lords .... the ten commandments;
Eleven pipers .... the eleven faithful Apostles.
Twelve drummers .... the twelve points of belief in the Apostles Creed.
Bridie Carry has one of the magazines and is learning the meanings in preparation for the weekly quiz on the Wednesday nights coming up to Christmas.
Saint Martin magazine ,42 Parnell Square, Dublin 1, have a email The December issue has on offer stained glass Christmas Candle Holder in three designs at 7.08 Euro each which includes p&p. Other items include Rosaries in eleven models.Priced 4.30 to 5.90 Euro plus p&p at 4.30Euro. A Bargain pack includes a prayer book, rosary, novena leaflet and a Saint Martin keyring at 12 Euro including p&p.
Art Calendar is 2 Euro including postage.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Would you believe that Shannon Gaels football team who took three draws and a win in the last kick of the ball in the last knockout round played Ballycumber on Saturday and were trailing by a goal when they were awarded a free in the last seconds. The referee told Jason Kelly who was to take the freekick that it was the last kick. Eleven Ballycumber players lined up across the goalline but to no avail. Jason like the previous week drove it straight and true and into the goal. Shannonbridge have eight players on this hybrid team.
Friday evening Mick and Mary were telling us that while in Chicago they took a trip to Wisconsin and found one of Rip Dwanny's hotels. Rip organizes week long trips to Ireland with a base in nearby Castledaly Manor.As it happened Rip was in Ireland but they met a man in the hotel who had just returned from an Ireland trip and had taken some photos in Shannonbridge. The first photograph Mary saw on his gigital camera was Price's Lane.
Later Friday evening John Price was in and we were telling him about it.
Then a couple from Livingston in Texas who were staying in Kajon House called in for sandwiches and a bowl of soup.While Colin was preparing the feast they told me they were Mike and Paula Price and Mike had been a chef for 38 years. They met John Price and were determined to take a photograph of Prices Lane the next morning. Mike Price gave us a couple of tongue twisters
Say fast three times-
Red Leather, Yellow Leather.
The other one was -
Im not a fig Plucker,
But a fig plucker's son,
But i'll pluck figs,
Till the fig plucker comes.
Noticed on their card which they presented that each had a seperate telephone number at the same address.
Remember Pat and Breda Boyle who passed this way following the route taken by Red Hugh O Donnell on his march from Donegal to Kinsale.? This morning on the morning show he talked to David Hanley from a pub in Dunmanway which is 30 miles from Kinsale. The walk is in aid of Children in Need and one of his comments this morning that on the entire walk they never saw a child playing outside. We noticed that on their way through Shannonbridge they never collected one farthing for the cause and they are coins.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Those northern lights were at it again last night and the sky had some remarkable shades of colour including green. Weather forecast for today is available on the website for the Irish Times and you can read this and the headlines free.
Mick and Mary arrived back from America into Dublin Airport and were met by Louise.That was the plan at least but they were not there when Lou arrived and she went back to bed.
Colin and David and a few pals are heading off to Scotland for the weekend courtesy of Ryan Air who on their latest giveaway give you free flight and a Euro as a bonusfor flying with them.
You pay the airport taxes. They might even see Frater and Gunn the Scottish pair of musicians that come over to Ireland and Shannonbridge regularly.
Shannonbridge Library opens on Thursday night from 7.00 to 9.00 p.m. and has a wide range of books waiting for you and your family if you live in the area.Rose and Pat have done a marvelous job in labeling and arranging the layout of the books in alphabetical order. What is needed is people to read the books and return them within a reasonable time.Visit the library soon and encourage more young people to discover the joy of reading. An AGM will be held shortly and you might consider helping to share the running of the library.Think about it ....two hours.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

The ongoing saga that is the under 21 championship continues this Saturday in Pollagh. Shannonbridge Gaels take on Tubber at 2:30 in what is sure to be an epic encounter. We would like to wish a speedy recovery to Ger Rafferty, Enda Corcoran and David Corbett who are all carrying injuries from previous fixtures. 'Iron Crow' medals for bravery are being arranged.
Next weeks quiz on Wednesday night in Killeens will be in aid of the homeless and is being organized by a Ballinasloe man who is preparing to climb Kilimanjaro for the cause.The Moore ladies quiz team will be short of Mrs Blke next week as she is away on holiday to North Georgia and South Carolina. Mrs Blake told us that typing and preparation work is going well for a reprint of the History of Moore book by John Joe Grenham which is being reprinted and is expected to be available after Christmas. This is welcome news indeed and will keep you updated on progress.
The winning Lotto numbers on Monday night for the Shannonbridge / Doon Lotto draw were 1, 7, 24, 25.
Congratulations to Sarah Price and Collette Quinn on passing their car driving test this week with flying colours. On Tuesday night I found out that our dog Moby loves to be taken for a drive if the two girls are interested.
Marie Mulholland reviews music for GCN Magazine in Dublin and in the November issue she has a review of Louise Killeen Starstruck CD.Marie heard Louise at a gig in Dublin and was impressed with what she heard. Louise will be putting a copy of the review on her website where the CD is for sale and you can have a samle listen in. Link on to

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Walkways.It would be nice to share walkways with each other and with our visitors.The idea was put forward at the meeting on the waterways corridor last week.
Will add to this another time.Have you a walk to share ?? Go on and share it.
Had a surprize packet of used stamps from Joan Grady from Harmony Pa USA. She saw the sign requesting stamps when visiting the pub.The idea at the time was to make up little packets of these stamps and sell them as souveniers to raise funds for the local Tourist Office.Everyone thought it a mad idea and I am awaiting certification.Stamps nowadays are a storybook of Ireland and her history.
Joan Grady may be interested to know that a Pat Grady once lived in Shannonbridge in the house beside Morans shop where Coakleys now live. Pat had a donkey and cart and did the odd jobs for Mrs Flannery who then owned Morans shop.He was a great IRA man and his house was a famous rambling house.Owner of an old comb containing just a few teeth on it that was always getting lost.Pat Grady always blamed the Fairies for taking his comb.Pat had a sister Nellie who was married and lived as Mrs Larkin where Stevie Kenny now lives.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Here's the weeks GAA news thanks to Conor Killeen.

Shannonbridge GAA Notes 17th Nov

Under 21 Football Championship

Jayo’s Bullet sinks Clara

Shannongaels 2-7
Clara 1-9

When Jason Kelly took the ball into his hands on the fourteen yard line few would have believed he would put the ball past several Clara Men standing on the goal line.

This was the third replay between the two sides, surely one for the history books. The Sides met in Tubber on Sunday last for the final Showdown. Shannongaels got off to a good start when Cathal Horan opened the scoring for the Gaels with a Goal, followed shortly afterwards by points from Shane and Jason Kelly. Clara then responded with a Goal and two points to leave the Teams level at the Break.

The restart saw Paul Deeley, reopen the hoops account with a fine point following a long solo run. Clara always looked dangerous with John Reynolds doing most of the damage up front. After Five hours of football the teams still remained level which in turn pushed the game into extra time once again.

Clara always looked in control in extra time; the all Whites were two points up with seconds to go until Jason Kelly buried the Ball to the back of the net to win the game for the Gaels. The Gaels were best served in the backline with James Rafferty doing well. Midfield must improve on this performance in order to secure a County Final place.

Shannongaels hope the Supporters will rally behind them once again in the Semi Final when the Gaels face Ballycumber/ Tubber this weekend.

Shannonbridge AGM
Shannonbridge GAA Club holds their annual general meeting this Sunday the 23rd of November in the Club house at 3 pm. All Members are asked to attend, new Members are welcome. If you have anything you wish to suggest regarding the GAA next Sunday is the time to do it. Remember the GAA is a democratic organisation and any change can come from the bottom up.

Lotto Results (last Weeks Jackpot €17,000)
There was no Winner of last week’s jackpot. There were ten match three Winners. Good luck to all who take part.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Congratulations to Shannon Gaels on reaching the under twenty-one football county semi-final. After four matches against Clara and several periods of extra time Shannon Gaels won by a single point, thanks to a goal in the last minute of extra time by Jason Kelly. Shannon Gaels are a combination of the Shannonbridge and St. Rynaghs GAA Clubs. They play Ballycumber next Saturday in the semi-final. Rhode have already reached the final and await the winners.
Did you notice that almost 10,000 have linked on to the Shannonbridge website.It would make it more interesting if some of the local services listed were to come alive and maybe visitors might use them. Some more bits of Local News would be welcome if there are some volunteers out there contact the link for information.
Greetings to the Kelly J. O Grady quartet from Virginia who visited Clonmacnois recently and caught my eye with their Grace before Meals. Had a few words from them since they returned telling how they enjoyed Clonmacnois and Kajon House. They mention that not everyone in America no more than Ireland say Grace.
Good to see Patrick Kenny in fine form yesterday on a brief visit to Shannonbridge.
He is now off the cigarettes and on the patch and is getting along fine with the patch. True to form he caught out Paddy Kavanagh with his questions about the deafman, the blindman and the dumbman going shopping.
Good news for The Fort Restaurant with an excellent review in Georgina Campbell's Guide 2004 which is now in Easons and other bookstores. Fergal and Linda told us that somebody had suggested to Ms Campbell to have a look at The Fort. They paid a secret visit last August and have now put in print how pleased they were. Congratulations to everyone involved in getting this welcome review. Have a peep at what they said when you buy the book at Easons.
West Offaly Community Transport have a menu of seven different bus routes starting to bring people into Athlone Birr Tullamore and Ballycumber. The bus taking peole from our area goes from Belmont to Athlone via Shannonbridge.Booking is essential for all services a day in advance. Tel 09064 54956. Fare Adults 6euro return Students 3euro
Shannonbridge had seven or eight footballers playing yesterday in the fourth meeting of our Shannongaels playing Clara. This match also went to extra time and in the last minute Jason Kelly scored a goal from a free to win the game. Ballycumber are the next for a battle and that takes place next Sunday.
Did you notice the invitation from the Minister for the Environment to view the document on Clonmacnois, Co.Offaly Draft Management Plan and send on any comments on its contents to his Department.Copy of the Plan are available at the Clonmacnois Visitor Centre and there are a couple of copies in Shannonbridge Library on Thursday night 7 - 9.00 P.M.
Yesterdays bulletin would give the impression that things have started to move already with the notice of a new burial ground needed as Offaly County Council are seeking land in the Clonmacnois-Shannonbridge-Clonfinlough area for use as an additional burial ground.
Last Thursday evening there was a disappointing turnout for an invitation to discuss a ten year plan for the future of The Suck from Ballinasloe to Shannonbridge and The Shannon upstream to Lanesboro. Some items mentioned at previous meetings were circulated and mentioned water quality, increase in river traffic, access to Clonfert and Glasson from the river and problems with high speed craft effecting banksides, wildlife habitat, angling ,sailing. If you have any comments contact Lisa Grainger at 091-539805

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Eileen Henry was telling us about the great success of the Ballinahown Monster Auction held recently that raised about 7,000 Euros for their Development Association which has brought Ballinahown very much up the rankings in the Tidy Towns nationwide competition. The organisers were pleased with the help given in donations from the local community and the business community.
Lotto Jackpot last night escaped once again with 17 people having three of the four winning numbers which were 2, 9, 17, 20. Jackpot for next week has reached 17000 E.
The funeral takes place today of Father Eddie Kelly a native of Clonfad. Father Eddie worked most of his life in London where he was well known and helpful to emigrants. Some years ago he returned to stay in a retirement home in Kiltormer. He was a brother to the late Paddy Kelly and was related to the Kelly and Reid families in Shannonbridge.
May the Lord have mercy on his soul.
Tomorrow the funeral takes place of Edward (Tony ) Foley after Mass in St.Marks Church Tallagh.Tony was a regular visitor to Shannonbridge in recent years and it was good to get to know our first cousin that bit more. Tony's mother was Mary Killeen from Toher our late aunt. Remember Tony in your prayers.
Last evening about twenty areas from West Offaly attended a very enjoyable function attented a Celebration of Community Achievement hosted by West Offaly Partnership in the Teach Lea, Boora between Cloghan and Tullamore and near Boora church. There were displays around the wall and on freestanding display boards with photographs of a wide range of projects where West Offaly Partnership had helped. Shannonbridge had two items - The Library and The Tourist Office. Rose Ryan, Pat Keohane and Eamon Mc Manus were some Shannonbridge faces attending.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Here's the local GAA news, thanks to Conor Killeen.

Under 21 Football Championship

The Gaels Face a Fourth Storm

Shannongaels 2-13
Clara 1-16

Shannongaels must met Clara for a fourth time to decide this epic saga, after the sides finished level for the third time in four weeks. After Four hours of Football both these sides still remain in deadlock. This was a very entertaining game with plenty of good football from both sides played in Tubber on Saturday last.

Shannongaels started well with points from Jason Kelly and James Rafferty. The first goal came thirteen Minutes into the game when Ger Rafferty won the ball at close range to finish to the net. The scores came thick and fast, with Clara matching the Gaels score for a score.

However Shannongaels always lead on the score board throughout normal time until Clara scored a goal followed shortly after wards by a point to bring the game into extra time.

With Day light fading the Gaels started well by getting on top but could just not put away this Clara side. There were good performers in the backline from Eamon Kelly. The Gaels Midfield pairing of Ger Rafferty and Philip Egan broke even around the middle, while up front Jason and Shane Kelly and Cathal horan all did well.

The two will meet again this weekend,the Gaels did improve their Shooting last Saturday week, but must improve their Passing in order to ensure a semi final place. Please check fixtures for details of this weekendĂ‚’s replay. Come out and support your Team. Extra support would be a huge boost to the Gaels.

Team M Hough, W Kenna, T Flatherty, D Finn, K Flannery, E Kelly, J Rafferty(0-1)
,G Rafferty(1-0), P Egan, M Grogan(0-1), J Kelly(0-6) 1 Sideline, P Mac,
S Kelly(0-4), C Horan, C Duffy(0-1), Subs P Deeley (1-0) A Clancy, S Flannery

Speedy Recovery
The Shannonbridge GAA Club wish David Corbett a Speedy recovery after David seriously injured his ankle while training. David has shown great promise this year and no doubt he will bounce back from this injury for next season.

Ladies Football
Shannonbridge/ Doon 2-8
St Josephs 2-2
Congratulations to the Shannonbridge/ Doon Ladies who brought home the Junior C Ladies title When they beat ST Joseph's in Banagher on Sunday last. Top Scorer on the Day Miriam Kearns got S/D of to a winning start by scoring all in the first half.

The Second half saw St Joseph's launch attack after attack on the
S /D defence but the pressure was met with stiff ressistance from Ailbhe Ryan, Siobhan Kenny and Siobhan Quinn kept St Joseph's at bay. Player of the match Louise Rohan also turned in a fine performance in the middle by winning plenty of posession to ensure victory for the Ladies
Team Rachel kearns, Siobhan Quinn, Ailbhe Ryan,Siobhan Quinn, Maura Cocoran, Josephine Egan, Deirdre Norton, Michelle Claffey, Louise Rohan, Orla Maloney, Merium Kearns, Ciara Mannion, Aine Kearns, Christine Claffey, Siobhan Larkin.

Lottto Results
There was no Winner of Jackpot which was E16,600. There were 10 Match three Winners. The numbers were 7,13,21 and 26. Good luck to all who take part.
Surfing in Offaly is alive and well. The Offaly surf team (Colin Killeen, Michael Cunney and Michael Thornhill) advanced to the second round of the intercounty surfing championship at the weekend by defeating Westmeath in the preliminary heats. The event was staged in a new format with counties going head to head rather than individual scores being added up. Unfortunately the event had to be cancelled on Sunday (No waves). However this was Offaly's best result in the competition to date, advancing in to the top ten teams in the competition (previous best was 11th place). The winner of the event was Sligo as they posted the best scores in the first round.

Friday, November 07, 2003

Four people from Fredericksburg Virginia USA visited Clonmacnois on Wednesday and stayed B+B with Kay and John in Kajon House.They stopped off for soup and sandwich
and they told us they were impressed with Clonmacnois and the display indoors. Earlier they had visited Monisterboice. Tried to get them to visit the bridge, Clonfert, Meelick and Clontuskert but they had a schedule. Seemed to be an older couple and a younger couple and the younger man was a park historian called Kelly J. O'Grady.
When their food was served the four bowed their heads and in unison said -
"Bless us O Lord, and these Thy gifts, which we are about to receive,
through Christ Our Lord . Amen"
On Wednesday two walkers Pat and Breda Boyce from Donegal stopped off in Shannonbridge on a commeration walk remembering Red Hugh O'Donnell's march in 1607 when his army marched from Donegal town to Kinsale following the route of the original march passing through Bundoran,Sligo,Colloney,Ballymote,Ballinafad,Boyle,Roscommon,Taughmaconnell, Ballinasloe,Shannonbridge,Cloghan,Kinnitty,Roscrea to Clonmore where they stayed for one month awaiting the arrival of Owen Roe O Neill's army that came from Dungannon.
On then through the Slieve Bloom Mountains,Rearcross,Abbington,Croom,Newcastle West,Mill Street,Dunmanway,Bandon,to Innishannon where they met O Neill's army.
The total army camped at Belgooly about 15 miles from Kinsale and the battle took place at My Waterford where they were badly defeated.
After the battle Red Hugh O Donnell went to Spain while Eoghain Roe O Neill went back home to Dungannon where they completely destroyed the O Neill Castle stone from stone.
Pat Boyle told us that the battle marked the end of the Brehon Laws and the old Chieftain System in Ireland and led to the country being Anglacised and to The Plantation of Ulster.
The Boyces are walking about 15 miles a day and camping on the trail to help raise funds for the Children with Special Needs Charity and it is intended to use whatever money is raised locally in each county.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Sid Tolchin forwarde 36 slides of the fires in California and the ones of the smoke were most impressive.
Speaking of smoking Johnny Owens from Ferbane was telling me last night that he is 11 yearsretired and has been a heavy smoker all his life. Recently he noticed he was losing weight and went to his doctor who told him to give up the cigarettes.After three weeks he feels good and his appetite has improved.He even has got a taste for the Guinness. Johnny was a well known fitter in Ferbane Power Station and often came to help out in Shannonbridge.
This week the Shannonbridge / Doon Lotto attracted great interest and once more nobody was successful in picking the winning four numbers which were -
7, 13, 21, 26. About sixteen people had three numbers. Next week the Jackpot will be 16,800 Euro and the draw will be held in The Bog Oak on Monday night.It is still possible to join on a yearly or half yearly basis.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Good to see Siobhan Ryan home for a visit from Sligo. Enquired about Hubert Kearns and she told us that Hubert was staying on as County Manager for another period of nine years. Hubert was once a tireless worker for The National Coarse Fishing Federation when he served as a member for many years.
Ken and Betty Smith who holiday in Creggs self catering told us today that their daughter Laura and family had to flee their home near La Mesa in California recently as the fire came within a half a mile of their home. Sid Tolchien told us yesterday that about 750,000 acres of land were destroyed by the fires in California. Told Martin Burke about the fire and late last evening John Price and himself rescued his remaining turf from the bog.
Mick and Mary headed off for a couple of weeks to the USA last evening.They stay with Michael and Aine and Neal and fly out on Wednesday.Heard Mary asking him a few times if he had packed the white jacket so maybe he plans to give the trombone a blast or two in New Jersey and Chicago.
A sure sign of winter last evening when a number of badminton racquets appeared and got their first airing in the village hall. And of course tomorrow night sees the first of the Table Quizzes in Shannonbridge and that is serious stuff. Glad to hear that this year contestants will not be allowed to leave the premises to get an answer or two from friends in The Bog Oak or to use their mobiles to phone their children in London Paris or Rome.It kicks off at 9.30 PM.
About four years ago a four piece band from Koln in Germany holidayed in Ireland and played some music during their stopover in Shannonbridge. This year one of the group Helmut Laske returned with his wife Gisela and their talented son Alex. Lucky enough they took along a camcorder and went home with about seven hours of footage.
Yesterday the postman brought an edited version of their stop off in Shannonbridge which features Paudge Bennett, Alex on piano and singing with a group while the camera cathes lots of well known shots including Mickie Mac and some of our Polish dancers from the new power plant site.Mick is blowing into the trombone and Colin has a few close ups in the grocery.Bridie Carry is on film in her usual spot and is recorded on the track. The session finishes off with a track from Louise's new album Never About You which you can hear on
The No Name band have an internet site at

Monday, November 03, 2003

Here's a message on the matches in Australia last weekend from our roving reporter, Kerrill Thornhill

Greetings from Melbourne in Australia, Irish rugby
fever has taken over over here for the last few weeks,
with thousands of Irish people swamping Adelaide for
the Argentina match last weekend and then moving on to
Melbourne for the match against Australia, brilliant
craic in Adelaide and the fans were in great voice,
they also managed to drink a lot of the pubs in
Adelaide dry and we won a very close match so the
celebrations went on all week, with thousands making
the road trip over to Melbourne along the coast road
of this very big and beautiful country. Following the
famous great ocean road which was built by returning
Australian soldiers from the first world war.
Melbourne was buzzing ahead of the Ireland-Australia
game and nobody was disappointed as the game was
fantastic and the atmosphere was electric, the Irish
fans kept the noise levels high and sang for the whole
match without much opposition from the huskies,
however it wasn't enough and Ireland were very unlucky
not too win and went down by a single point. No one
was too devastated though as we now play France next
weekend in Melbourne and get to spend a further week
in the area. Melbourne is a very young and lively
city, a lot of the Irish team were out in the casino
mingling with the fans till the small hours, they got
a great reception and there were a lot of hoarse
throats and sore heads this morning.
Forgot to mention the compromise rules game on Friday
which was played in the Melbourne cricket ground, also
an epic encounter, the Irish won the match but were
very disappointed not to win the series against a
professional and very committed Australian team.
Ciaran McManus from Tubber had a very good game and
the team did Ireland proud and weren't intimidated by
the more physical Australians. Next up in Melbourne
is the famous Melbourne gold cup race meeting on
Tuesday which is likely to be a great day too. Bring
on the French next Sunday.
The annual Irish intercounties surfing competition is being held this weekend in Donegal.. Half of the Offaly team is made up of Shannonbridgers so if you are around Rossnowlagh or Bundoran this weekend stop by to join the party.