Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Talked to Hugh Gough last night. Hugh worked with the Fishery Board and part of his work was producing helpful fishing maps for almost every fishing water of note in Ireland as regards coarse fishing. When he retired some years ago he wrote a book entitled Coarse Fishing in Ireland.
Hugh spent a lot of time in the Shannonbridge area testing out the water and gathering information for the maps for this area which are still much in use.
He now lives in Cavan and for the past year has had eye trouble resulting in double vision which prevents him reading and driving the car. Recently he got a machine that enlarges newspapers so that last week he paid his first visit to his newsagent in eight months.
He paid a visit to his specialist in Dublin recently and was told to come back in January.
Sorry about the Ballinasloe Horse Fair website number yesterday.
This should have been www.ballinasloe.com
Martin Burke was telling yesterday evening that he had noticed a horse running in the 3.15 race at Hamilton named Partners in Jazz and he thought about the late Mickie Mac. He was going to ring Mick Killeen but did'nt. Anyhow the horse won at 8 / 1 odds.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Michael Breannach from the Oat Gallery Bookstore and Picture Framing was on the river yesterday and was telling that this year's October Horse Fair Week in Ballinasloe has a website to let you know what is happening. Have a look at www.ballinasloe-arts.
The grass on the Callow beside the new jetty where the spoil from the bottom of the river was spread is growing well and looks good.
Ken and Betty Smith have left Shannonbridge and are on their way back to Santa Barbara. Looks like they might stay for two weeks next time.
Lorraine and Jim Mc Kenna know better and they are arriving next weekend from Pottstown for a three week stay.
Just remembered that the author of The Valley of The Squinting Windows was Brindsley Mc Namara. Mentioned under Pleasant surprize on Friday Sep 26.
Mr and Mrs Kieran Merrigan from Dublin were in Shannonbridge and Clonmacnois yesterday paying a visit to the graves. Kieran is son of the late Paddy who once had a shop in Clonmacnois later operated by the Moore Family.
Yesterday the death was announced of Prionncias Mac Aonaghasa whose father was Chriostoir Mc Guinness from Cloniff. Both were fluent Irish speakers and Chroistoir lived with his friends The Green Family in Blackwater in his latter days and is buried in Clonmacnois. His son was a frequent contributer to Irish programmes on radio and television and it was lovely to see father and son sitting over a pint and talking away in the Irish Language. May God have mercy on their souls.
Yesterday's All Ireland football championship final was won by Tyrone beating Armagh.
The score was 0 - 12 to 0 - 9.
In the minor final Dublin and Laois drew.
Information like that is available on The Irish Times website at www.//ireland.com/

Friday, September 26, 2003

This sounds ridiculous but when Ryan Air offered 50,000 or a half million free seats recently Colin Killeen decided to go to Oslo and trace his roots if he can find any old Danes.He only had to pay for airport taxes and sure he will find some long lost cousin in the four day adventure. Maybe next week he will write a few lines on what happened.
Talking to Brigie Kitt last evening and she told me that in the house now replaced by Murrays beside The Shannonside Diner a family lived and one of the daughters was the Greatgrandmother of Cork's famous hurler Christy Ring. She was married to a soldier based in The Fort. She was a beautiful lady and a forefather of Oliver and Saran Daly (possibly a great grand father ) wrote a song about her.
Pleasant surprize last evening meeting Charlie Donoghue visiting from Hartford with his three daughters and two son in laws - Joe and Mary Logiudice, Joe and Catherine Fox and Jean Donoghue.Charlie is an only child of Charlie and Bridget nee Rigney.Rigneys lived in the house now belonging to Michael and Brid Fitzpatrick direcly across from Killeens Pub. Going back over 100 years the Mr Rigney was a builder and his wife (nee Casey from Kilbeggan ) was a teacher in Shannonbridge.They had six children. Matt was a teacher in High Street school. Michael was a priest in the Diocese. Julia was a nun. Josie was a teacher in England for years. Then in Delvin County Westmeath where she taught with the author of "The Valley of the Squinting Windows" a controversial book for its time and later she taught in High Street school.
Thomas followed the buiding trade and worked with Eoin Larkin building Creagh Church and putting a corridor upstairs in Killeens bar. Another sister died young.
Bridget married Charlie Donoghue from around Bloomhill in c 1929 and went to America. Many years later Charlie and Bridget returned to live with Josie in Shannonbridge and both are buried in Clonmacnois. Bridget was the only one of the Rigney family to follow the marriage route The gang from Hartford plan to visit Clonmacnois and the Bog Rail Tour today.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Mickie Mac was buried yesterday and at the offetory procession his dickie Bow and pioneer pin were two of the items offered.Father Hanlon gave a fitting homily outlining Mickie Mac's life and hobbies including two poems one was "I see his blood upon the Rose" The choir turned out in force for a last farewell.
The schoolchildren formed a guard of honour outside the school as the funeral passed
his home and school. And his wish came true in Clonmacnois as his remains were carried down the hill to his final resting place five friends on trumpet, saxaphone, drums, guitar and accordeon played some music for the journey.
Afterwards family and friends had a meal in his honour in Hayden's Hotel.
Ken and Betty Smith are on holiday in Creggs at present and set off to visit Shannonharbour,Meelik Church, and the three churches at Clonfert on Tuesday. It was disappointing to hear that they failed to find Meelick, Saint Brendans and The Emmanuel House on the first attempt. But they were determined to find them and this they did yesterday and had enough energy left to take Pat and self out for a very enjoyable meal in The Fort.
Met two couples from Michigan last evening who were cruising on the Shannon for a week before returning to Shannon Airport and hiring a car for a week touring the country. Peter and Kathleen Mc Caffrey and William and Nancy Flynn were enjoying the river. Kathleen and Nancy took Moby on a walk around the village with Moby leading the way to his favorite piddling posts. They went to have a meal out and I later met them in The Fort restaurant after enjoying a meal.
A Rita O'Byrne writing to the Midland Tribune this week is trying to source information on her ancestors who lived in Shannonbridge in the early 19th Century. Her greatgrandmother was Mary Bracken married to Patrick Kilday / Gildea. They lived in Shannonbridge.They had two daughters. Margaret born in 1826 and Catherine born in 1838 and had one son Kieran. Her greatgrandfather was born in 1821.
Rita seeks any information on Mary, Patrick,Margaret, Catherine or their families.
On first enquiry my sister Pat thinks that Kildea lived in Reid's house now Cora Kellys.
The address is 57 Ottawa Avenue, Box 113, Southampton, Ontario, NOH 2LO. Canada.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Last night Shannonbridge / Doon Lotto had an easy set of numbers - 1, 10, 15, 20.
Eleven people had three of the winning numbers. Jackpot next week goes to 15600 Euro and the draw will be in Shannonbridge.
Mickie Mac had some wild dreams and a love for music.He often mentioned to friends that when he died he would love to have trumpets playing at his graveside in Clonmacnois.Now it looks as though his dream will come true on Wednesday as a number of his trumpet playing friends such as Joe Byrne, Frankie Mc Donald and others plan to escort Mickie Mac to his final resting place in a quiet watered land, a land of roses Saint Ciaran's City fair. Bet Mac will enjoy the day.
Lorraine Mc Kenna from Pottstown USA on hearing the news writes-
"Oh,good lod Mickey Mac. God love him. What a nice way to go, no time spentsuffering or being a burden to others. I was looking forward to meeting him again." Lorraine.
PS. Lorraine comes to Shannonbridge for three weeks in Creggs house starting October 4th.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Ken and Betty Smith from Santa Barbara arrived in Shannonbridge for a weeks holiday staying at Creggs Self Catering. Betty is a sister to the late Paddy Connolly who was a butcher in Ballinasloe. The couple have used Creggs on a number of occasions and this year their luggage included an American Barbeque outfit so keep an nose out for the smells that will be on the village this week. Ken's people emigrated from Cavan at the time of the Famine 1841 ? and he is on a mission to trace family tree papers for his brother who wants to join the Irish brigade.
Saturday evening and Mickie Mac was not at Mass. On enquiry friends and neighbours agreed that they had not seen him for a few days.There was no answer to doorknocks and so the Gardai were called and they forced entry to find Michael Mc Evoy's body dead in bed.The body was removed by the undertaker to the Tullamore hospital and it looks like the removal will be tomorrow evening with burial in Clonmacnois on Wednesday.
His last words to me last week were "I'm soaked all over" and well he might as he had danced as only Mickie Mac danced for hours to the Two Johnnies who make up The Shamrock group.Please say a prayer for his soul and may he rest in peace in Clonmacnois.
A visitor from Vienna Austria Robert Furst who is holidaying on a Shannon Cruiser for ten days after working in Ireland for two weeks was telling us that he visits Ireland frequently and was in Shannonbridge last March when he attended one of the weekly table quizzes.After a visit to the Takeaway he got back to his B+B at 1.00 a.m.
Robert closed the car door but left his thumb in the door.Not recommended as he still has the mark on his thumb.
The Offaly county football final was played yesterday with Clara defeating Rhode by two points. It was interesting to hear some Shannonbridge supporters remembering how they had beaten both Clara and Rhode in matches during the year but alas.
The Pattern went off well with a good crowd enjoying the outdoor Mass in Clonmacnois with fine sunny weather right up to Communion time when a little light rain paid a visit. Our Bishop Colm O'Reilly celebrated the Mass and the Papal Nuncio gave the homily and a Papal Blessing.Father O Hanlon presented the Nuncio with a Celtic Cross and he also presented a gift from the parish to Father Mc Gauley who has been attending the Pattern for 50 years and leading the special Station after the ceremonies. Maybe next year the collectors on the gates might count the number attending.

Friday, September 19, 2003

The choir and stage are set for the annual pattern to take place this Sunday in Clonmacnois starting at 3.00 p.m. This year the Papal Nuncio will attend and preach the sermon.
The Parish Bulletin this week tells of a successful businessman Dr. Norman Vincent Peale who carries a business card that reads : The way to happiness -- to keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expect little, give much. Fill your life with love. Scatter sunshine. Forget self, think of others. Do as you would be done by.
Try this for a week and you will be surprized.
As you read these words you may say "There is nothing new in that". Indeed there is nothing new if you've never tried it.
Ougherard meant we were away for the Circus in Shannonbridge last evening.The tent was erected on the green area across from the church and there was a good attendance for the performance from 7.00 to 9.00 p.m. Our reporter tells us it was very enjoyable and he was happy to see the good support but there might have been more.
When in Oughterard I saw a book "Don't Shoot Its Only Me" written by Bob Hope among Doc and Dick's shelves.They were telling us that Bob Hope's daughter has a house in Oughterard. And while having a walk one evening they pointed out a house belonging to the owner of Rolls Royce who happens to be married to the owner of Nestles.
Oughterard is a place you might meet anyone.Coming back from the island in Dick and Doc's boat we had just got ashore when another boat came up the river anwith Pat Loughnane from Culliagh who gave us a greeting and a trout fresh from the lake.
Went to Oughterard for four days with Sid and Penny to visit the sister. Met Donal Connolly from Ferbane and now living near The Hill of Doon with his wife Connie Farrelly.
Doc was telling us they are whiz kids at the old fly fishing and Doc's daughter Eley and husband Ciaran have both taken very enjoyable lessons with they. So spoil yourself and stay in their guesthouse and learn to fly.....................fish.
On Tuesday we had a very pleasant boat trip out to Inchnagill which is an island on Lough Corrib a few miles out from Oughterard.A nephew of Saint Patrick was working there and there are some very interesting remains of churches.A very good dual boat service operates from Ashford Castle and Ougterard with two boats in service and meeting on Inchagill twice a day giving passengers the option of staying for a few hours on the 22 acre island.
On Wednesday we went for tea and scones to the Cashel House Hotel near Maam.This is highly recommended and a delightful experience but mind the teapot handle.Afterwards we set off to climb Cashel hill which is just behind the hotel.The hill had a holy look about it with a mist around the summit so I took a prayer break midway up and watched Sid, Penny, Doc and Dick follow the sheep lanes to the top.
Yesterday we explored the O Flaherty castle located near the golf course and had a guided tour which was very enjoyable.Had a bite to eat in the Golf Club before a spot of shopping in the town and setting off for Shannonbridge. Sid and Penny headed off for California this morning.
Monday night last was Lttoo GAA night and tihs tmie
teehr wree 16 poelpe wtih trehe nmuerbs.
3, 8, 16, 18.
Nxet wekes pirze is for 15,400 Euros.
Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh
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waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny
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frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The
rset can be a toatl mses
and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is
bcuseae we do not raed
ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe.
Saturday evening 13th saw the arrival of Sid and Penny Tolchin in Shannonbridge after visiting the south west. They went for a meal in The Fort Restaurant on Saturday night and were very impressed with the food and layout and atmosphere of the place.
Sunday we took them on a visit to Shannon-harbour, Banagher, where the annual street fair was in progress and on to Meelick, Clonfert of Our Lady, Brendan and the Emmanuel House.On the retiurn journey we visited Silverline and Carrick cruisers and bypassed Banagher town on our way to Birr.We had hoped to visit Birr Castle but had only 35 minutes opening time left.Lord Ross came alog and was telling us of his plant potting three week trip to Georgia.He recommended we return on the Monday but alas Oughterard was calling.We had someting to eat in Dooleys;Coachouse and returned home after a chat with Eddie Enright who was sitting out relaxing on his front steps.
Bruno and Maria who now own John Walshe's house in Clonfinlough are over on a three weeks visit and are looking right well. Maria was telling us that her brother Peter had an accident digging a hole and broke his knee.Hope it will not upset plans for his 60th birthday on 27th October.
The Winning Streak T.V.programme last week had five contestants including our own Brigie Rigney who won 19,500 Euros just like that. Well done Brigie.
Good to hear that dual star hurler / footballer John Ryan is looking for planning permission to build a house in Woodbank or Cillaport as it says on the paper.
At the wedding someone was telling about a road that was once propsed to build that would cross the Blackwater nearer theShannon and cross into Galway around Cillaport.
Daly's house in Blackwater was about to be built and the front of the house was built facing the new road. Plans were changed and the bridge at Shannonbridge was built.
The road was laid as itis today laving Daly's old house with it;s back to the present road.
In more recent years there were plans to bypass the present bridge in Shannonbridge crossing the callows behind the post office.The Council were building Kitts and Rocks houses and they were built facing the new road. Then a change in plan meant the present bridge was strengthened and the new road idea put aside.
The wedding of Patricia Green and John Bogan took place in Shannonbridge Church on Friday 12th September with Father Hanlon officiating.Pastricia arrived in a stretch white limo with sisters Pauline and Breda.Gerry her father gave her away.
After the wedding Mass the bridal party went to the riverside for photographs and then on to The County Arms Hotel for a great reception and wonderful music by a showband from Enfield and a disco into the early hours. Patricia's brother Michael had a digital and movie camera in operation and has promised to send a shot of John and Patricia to this
website.Wishing them all the very best in their married life.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

There is a yearly Mass in Cloniffeen this evening at 6.30 p.m. Last evening Jimmy Mooney was telling us about the new altar that has been erected there. Some years ago when turning the old church into a community hall a remains and tombstone were removed from in front of the altar and the dead priests remains interred in Clonmacnois. The tombstone has remined around and measures about 6 x 3 foot and almost a foot in depth. Curleys the monumental stonecutters from Ballydangan have turned this stone into an altar and have produced legs and a plaque to go with it. The field is beside the road leading to the Hot Water fishing stretch at the power plant and to the left of the gate leading to the fishing.
The Green Family are gathering in numbers for the wedding tomorrow of Patricia one of
ten children of Gerry and Bridie Green from Blackwater. Rory was telling us last night that she is the first girl to get married from Blackwater in 50 years.For those who dont know the area Blackwater has very few families.
Michael her brother is home from Boston and was practising using his Digital camera last evening using Martin Burke and John Loughnane as subject matter. John Loughnane
is enjoying a trip on a cruiser and meeting up with old friends from the time he lived in Culliagh.
Shannonbridge Tidy Town report has arrived and this year from a total mark of 300
Shannonbridge were awarded 222 marks which was an increase of three on 2002.
Keadue won the overall winner prize with 270 Marks out of 300 Marks.
We gained a mark in each of the categories - Overall Development Approach 50 / 30,
- The Built Environment 40 / 34, - Landscaping 40 / 34, Residential Areas 30 / 25.
We lost a mark in Litter Control 40 / 30.
Same marking as last year for - Wildlife and Natural Amenities 30 / 20, -Tidiness 20 / 15,
- Roads, Streets and Back Areas 40 / 27, General Impression 10 / 7.
The maximum marks for each category are shown folloed by Shannonbridge's mark.
For example out of a possible 40 for The Built Environment Shannonbridge was
awarded 34.
The report has comments under each heading and under the report will be available.
Copy on Library noticeboard tonight between 7.00 and 9.00 p.m.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

The results of this years Tidy Town competition were published on the paper yesterday
and this years winner was Keadue in North Roscommon who won it ten years ago.
That village has a population of 150 people and almost half are directly involved in the
effort of tidy towns. The report on Shannonbridge should be available in a few days.
Mass for Saint Ciaran's feastday September 9th was held in Clonmacnois last evening
and a light rain produced about 80 umbrellas which were shared around. Ireland were
playing Turkey in a soccer friendly in Dublin last evening Score 2 goals each and may have
kept some people away.
Michael Green home from America for his sister's wedding was at the Mass.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

In The Sun newspaper last Friday Nick Parry has a photograph and story about
Dublin angler Nigel Scully fishing at The Hot Water outlet from the Power Plant.
Nigel caught a best personal best perch which weighed 2 Lbs 7 Ounces.
Very good but a short time later he hooked and landed another whopper which
weighed in at 3 Lb. 4 oz. Nigel was using a quiver tip and a bunch of lively red
maggots on his hook.
The fishing authoruties class a perch weighing 3 lb as a specimen and the Irish
record for perch is 5 lb - 8 oz which was caught on Lough Erne in 1946 by an
angler named S.Drum.
The Lotto escaped once again last night with seven people selecting three of the
four numbers which were 12, 18, 23, 27. Johnny Flannery the runner from Falty
and the Duffy Syndicate of May Pat and Nicola were two of the winners.
Our friend from Pottstown Lorraine may be here to scoop the prize which next week
is for 15,200 Euro.
Good to meet the Mc Donnells from Trenton New Jersey who are on a family tree
mission holiday and stayed over the weekend in Shannonbridge.Frank and his son
Brian know that their family emigrated from Mayo and they wish to become Irish
Citizens. Brian will be coming to work in Dublin with his accounting firm next year
and was getting a taste of the country.
The www.irishtimes.net have an Irish Ancestors on their website which says that
in the Census in 1848 - 1864 there were 389 McDonnell families listed.
Dave and Paulien Kemp from Bradford arrived at the weekend for a two weeks visit.
Paulien is fond of walking and will have plenty of practise as they are staying about
six miles from the village. They tell us their son Michael is now working in Christchurch
New Zealand. Wonder will he meet up with Kerrill Thornhill who set off for Sydney in
Australia yesterday. Hope Kerrill meets up with Tammy Bennett daughter of Paudge
who is in those parts.
And an early warning that Shannonbridge girls Sarah Price and Ciara Finn are going
to do a round the world trip starting next April.
Met the two Kenny sisters from Clondelara last evening. Ita Kenny was down from
Dublin with her sister Agnes who is now Agnes Piggott and lives in Cheshire.
Met a group of ten people from Israel last evening who were spending four weeks in
Ireland and were now on two cruisers on the Shannon having travelled around the
country for three weeks. Paudge Bennett went down well with them and they are
strongly considering coming along tomorrow night to hear him once again. Last night
Micky Mac was in a sweat dancing and he had stiff opposition from a group of Polish
workers on the new power plant construction. Mac won by a short head..
In football Rhode beat Doon at the weekend and qualify to meet Clara in the
Offaly County Final. Our local under age teams had good results with the
Shannonbridge Junior B' footballers beating Saint Rynaghs to qualify for the final.
In the Girls under 16 Final Shannonbridge beat Ferbane by one point with a score
of 2 - 8 to 2 - 7. Congratulations to all.

Friday, September 05, 2003

Cruising on the Shannon can vary a lot in price.Last night a couple from the
south of the country told us they were really enjoying a three days cruise
on a self drive cruiser which cost them 900 Euro for three nights plus fuel.
They agreed they found it a bit pricey especially as they had met six people
from England who had rented a cruiser out of Athlone which cost them
1400 Euro for ELEVEN NIGHTS. Aint that something else.
Missed out on a family of American Killeens who are over on holiday and
seems that they originated from Moore. Pat had a long chat with them
about the various members and the cemeteries.
Looks like they are scattered around the USA with some in Florida and
California.Suppose it was OK to let them have a look at Shannonbridge website.
Birdwatch Ireland contact Brian Caffrey gave me the whereabouts of the
Corncrakes identified in our area.There was only one calling male recorded
in Shannonbridge this year on Boranagh. After that the nearest recorded
calling males were at Fahns (1) Co.Roscommon, Brackagh (1) Co.Offaly and
Bishops Islands (3) Co.Galway, which are near Banagher.
Brian is hoping to hear 30 calling male corncrake next year or even more.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Ray Collins the well known singer from Athlone arrived early last night to tell
us that he had spent a number of hours out on Lough Ree with a T.V. film group.
The lake must have done him good as he sang several songs with Paudge Bennett.
There was competition as Paudge's daughter Sarah Anne was with her father for
the first time in months due to her working in Dublin for her holidays.
Joe Hann on Bodhran and the brother Mick on trombone joined in to give the
Polish dancers something to work on.
The two Norfolk couples on the cruiser survived the eggs and decided to stay
another night before setting off for Carrick on Shannon early this morning.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Thankful to Mary Ryan for a poem / prayer to Saint Therese known as
"The Little Flower" Whenever you pray for a miracle, she will send you a rose
in one form or another when the miracle has been granted. You may smell roses,
receive a rose by visual means etc.
Ready ..... make a wish before you read the poem

May today there be peace within.
May you trust your highest power that you are exactly where you are meant to be
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that you are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been
given to you.
May you be content knowing you are a child of God.
Let this presence settle into your bones,and allow your soul the freedom to sing,dance,
and to bask in the sun....It is there for each and every one of you....When the door of
happiness closes, another opens. But sometimes we look so long at the closed door
that we don't see the one that has been opened for us.
National schools reopened this week and an early school outing today visited
Shannonbridge power plant, Bord na Mona, Bog Rail tour, Clonmacnois etc.
Tony Samson the principal of Clonfert National School led his brood to see us
on the far bank of the river. The school is four miles from the power plant and
80 pupils are on roll. Beats the corncrake numbers for sure.
Birdwatch Ireland Midlands Branch based in Crank House Banagher tell us
that this year there were 22 calling males recorded in the Shannon Callows.
In 2002 there were 20 calling males and in 2001 there were 57 calling males.
This shows the drastic effect on our Corncrake visitors caused by last years
This years last brood were very late and some quite young chicks are still in
the Callows. They expect they will leave for warmer climes towards the end of
Looking forward to seeing Michael Greene and family when they come home for
Patricia's wedding on the 15th September Pauline tells us.
Dave and Paulien Kemp from Bradford are planning a forthnights visit commencing
on Saturday.
Jim and Lorraine Mc Kenna have been tempted by US Air special of 288 dollars and
are returning to stay in Creggs S.C. for three weeks from 4th October. They were
here last year for three weeks in August and are looking forward to renewing old
friendships. Note the air fare does not include the house rental
Sad to hear that tools and material were stolen from the site of Pat Gaffeys new
home being built mid way between Shannonbridge and Clonmacnois last weekend.
Met a lively group from Finland calling themselves Vikings cruising on the Shannon
last evening who had very good English and were really enjoying themselves.
Two English couples called in having travelled from Carrick on Shannon to Banagher.
A fuel top up in Banagher cost £70 sterling. They had been in Ciaran Flannery's Pub
in Athlone and were intrigued with the collections on display. They were surprized to
learn that Ciaran was from the Shannonbridge area. Bridie Carry advised them on
what to buy for their breakfast including Tullamore rashers, Denny white pudding,
Tullamore sausages and she tested the eggs they bought for freshness. Bridie claims
that a fresh egg will keep rotating when spun.
Lotto news and the Jackpot for next Monday night is for 15,000 Euro.
Only three people from Doon had three of the winning numbers
which were 3, 14, 15, and 18. For the past two draws nobody from the
Shannonbridge area has succeeded in picking even three numbers.
The Library is open on Thursday nights from 7.00 to 9.00 p.m.
If you want to help come along and learn how the system operates.
John Coughlan presented another bunch of books this week.
Patrick Kenny was here yesterday with Paddy Hardiman's brother who was telling
some history of America where Patrick lives about four miles from Shannonbridge.
At one time there were 32 families living in America including Killeens who were
my ancestors. The landlord wished to make one big estate so he evicted families
including a group from America on New Years Eve. Some members of the families
went to work in America so as to support the brethren back home and that was
how it was called America.One family Mathers were meat distributers and lived in
Jim White's house. Killeens, Curleys and Knights were some of the families evicted.
Colin Wollaston a yearly visiting angler from Willenhall arrived on Monday and was
very pleased to catch 25 pounds of hybrids ( cross bred ) in about 90 minutes.
Yesterday it took him almost all day to catch the same amount.
Was in Clonmacnois on Monday for a walkaround with Father Frank Gaffney
from Arigna and home on holiday from New Jersey. It was a lovely evening and
he was accompanied by his sister and brother in law. All were making their first
visit. Last night I met a teacher from America who is doing a cycling trip around
Ireland visiting old monasteries. He was enquiring the way to Rahan but had never
heard of Clonmacnois, Clonfert, Clontuskert or even Teampaill. After a chat we
rerouted him and he will even visit the Nunnery today.
In Clonmacnois they had a supply of Heritage Week ( 7 to 14 Sept ) event books
on a county basis. Apart from Clonmacnois Offaly has a look at Bat ecology in Birr,
lecture and display on The Book of Birr and "Water as a Heritage" in Banagher on
Tuesday 9th. See their website www.heritageireland.ie

Monday, September 01, 2003

A new sport is born. The high octane thrills of Trawl Surfing are sweeping through the village. This reporter was lucky enough, through the right connections and a few astute backhanders, to obtain the first exclusive photos of this incredible new buzz thang. Check out three special limited edition images in the photo gallery right now. Discussions are ongoing for a live coverage package with Sky Sports, deferred coverage with RTE/TV3 and a late night highlights package with BBC/ITV. Lobbying of the International Olympic Committee requires YOUR support. Let's get it included in time for the 2008 Olympics.
Good news from Lorraine and Jim Mc Kenna in Pottstown Philadelphia
that they are considering taking advantage of a cheap air flight and
visiting Shannonbridge for two or three weeks in October. They were
here for three weeks in August 2002. Hope their friend Debbie comes along.
Yesterday afternoon Father Benny Flanagan took me on a pleasant trip to
Banagher on his small cruiser. On the way we passed a number of swan
families all with either two or three and not the expected numbers of seven
eight nine or ten. What has happened. Three speedboats with skiers were
along the way and I noticed a cruiser going slowly alongside the bank.
When I heard shots today for the first day of the wild ? duck shooting the
penny clicked and I reckon he was eyeing out where the ducks were lying.
The Parish Newsletter is full of news bits this week.Annual pilgrimage to Knock
is next Sunday with a bus laving Shannonbridge at 11.00 a.m. Fee 10 Euro.
Mass in Clonmacnois on 9th September at 7.00 p.m. St. Ciarans feastday.
Pattern Sunday is 21st September with Mass at 3.00 p.m. celebrated by
the Papal Nuncio. The Pope celebrates his 25th this year and this is it for us.
Read the rest in the Newsletter.
Antrim defeated Donegal yesterday in football to qualify for the All Ireland
against Tyrone in three weeks time.The score was 2 - 10 to 1 - 9.
The free family paper Alive this week has a story on the trophy they will be
playing for - The Sam Maguire Cup. The trophy was modelled on the Ardagh
Chalice, one of Ireland's greatest treasurers now housed in the National Museum.
Found by potato pickers in Ardagh , County Limerick in 1868, the chalice was
probably made in the 800s, possibly in Clonmacnois, and it may have been one
of the treasures stolen from Clonmacnois in 1125 by a Limerick Dane who was
later hanged.
The Ardagh Chalice stands 7 inches high and 9.5 inches in diameter, with two
handles, it was made by a master craftsman using many metals, and has 354 parts.
Engraved on a beautiful band running round the outside of the bowl are the names
of the twelve apostles.
Sam Maguire was an Anglican born in Dunmanway, Cork in 1879. He was very
involved with London Hibernian club in London and was involved with Michael Collins
about 1908 and returned to Dublin. He died from T.B. in Dunmanway in 1927.