Monday, June 26, 2006

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 25th June 2006 - 12th Sun B
Tel (090) 9674125
Fax (090) 9674267

Masses: Each day @ 10am, except Thurs - @ 7.30pm
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €429. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: A.Ryan, L.Turley, M.Mitchell
Eucharistic ministers: Group 4
Readers for next Weekend: D.Finnerty, C.Doolan
Altar Servers: Brian, Ruadhrí, Ailbhe, Tara, Mary Ann
Mass on next Sat for the late Edward & Elizabeth O'Connor

Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €244. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: M.Halligan, M.Kelly
Readers for next Sunday: A.Kelly
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group 1
Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: D.McEvoy

Congratulations & best wishes to Declan Rohan & Elaine Kenny, who were married last weekend in Meelick. Ad Multos annos!
Want to learn theology – from home?
“Here at the Priory Institute we are attempting to make theology available to people by the distance education method. Following the method made famous by the open university, we are assembling ‘packs’, each one dealing with an aspect of theology, and utilising a network of centres around the country where students can have the help of a resident tutor.
Participants may follow the programme either for an academic credit or simply for its own sake. Latest date for application for the Autumn course is 20th Sept.
For further information contact The Priory Institute, Tallaght Village, Dublin 24, or call 01-4048127, & ask for Joe Kavanagh, o.p.
Stroke Care Support Group
28th June, from 7 - 8pm, @ Health Centre Ballinasloe
Topic: 'Stroke Prevention.' Speaker: Mary Diskin
Freshstart Training Programme, Athlone
Has a limited number of vacancies for Sept. This is a Fás approved course for people with special needs, recovering from illness or unemployed, and aims to build confidence and skills and reach potential in the workplace. (No fees). Call Martin @ 6441260.
Pilgrim Walk to Clonmacnois - Sat 1st July
The walk will start from Shannonbridge Church @ 2pm, with prayers, continuing to Clonmacnois with stops for prayer at significant places, and onwards to Seven Churches. All are welcome to join the walk for the whole journey, or any part of it as the opportunity provides.
Focal Scoir
'Go dtuga Dia bia nuair a bhéas ocras orainn,
Deoch nuair a bhéas tart orainn,
Airgead nuair a bhéas sé de dhith orainn,
Agus Flaithiúnas in éis ár mbás.'

Shannonbridge Fishing Report …Dated 26th June 2006-06-26

Generally fine but overcast weather prevailed for the week with odd patches of sunshine.

The river level has continued to drop by a few inches from 2.36 Metres on last Monday to 2.27Metres today.

The power plant remained out of production all week but it started preparing to come on load last evening. It will be interesting to see what the Hot Water attracts.

Fred Flannery from Ballinasloe fished the River Suck on 15th June in overcast conditions and used dead bait to five pike in two hours fishing. All fish were returned alive.

Richard Reeves from Calne fished the Hot Water stretch, which was cold, on 14th June in bright conditions and used a feeder with caster and groundbait to catch 10.5 lbs of roach.

On June 20th Richard fished on the River Suck at Correen Ford in the rain and wind and used a feeder and a single red maggot on size 18 hook to catch 10 lbs of hybrids.

His comment ‘Not great fishing but my worst day fishing still beats my best day working. I will be back’.

Michael Lanny fished in the wind on 22nd June and used maggot and groundbait to catch 18 lbs of hybrids and perch. Fishing good.

Pat Kenny from Dudinfield fished the Hot Water stretch on 23rd June and used maggot and sweetcorn to catch 11 lbs of hybrids, rudd and perch. Fair fishing but no hot water.

Bill Clark from Essex fished on the River Suck on 24th June in fair weather and used a spoon bait to catch seven pike up to 15 lbs. Found them biting when weather was cloudy.

Michelle Basla Essex fished on the River Suck on 25th June on a good day and caught a 15 lbs pike using a yellow and green plug bait. Caught in bright sunshine.

John Ox also from Essex fished the River Suck on 25th June and he also used a yellow and green plug bait to catch a 12 lbs pike.

Coarse anglers are scarce but this week there are eight fishing in the area.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Local news from Conor Killeen

Senior Football League

Tullamore 3-11

Shannonbridge 1-11

Shannonbridge were over come by Tullamore on Sunday morning last by a strong Blues outfit.

Festival Fever

Shannonbridge/ Clonmacnois festival was held last weekend in the parish and was enjoyed by all. There was an outdoor concert Friday night which featured Louise Killeen and the Sullivan Brothers.

Saturday evening saw the Riverdance singers Anuna give a fantastic performance in Clonmacnoise. Sunday saw a traditional flair with the Clare Celts and High reel.

The Festival Committee which to thank all Sponsors, Offaly County Council arts department and west Offaly Partnership and indeed to all involved who helped out to make the weekend a very enjoyable success.

The Fisherman Behold the fisherman.

He riseth early in the morning and disturbeth the whole household.

Mighty are his preparations.

He goeth forth full of hope when the day is well spent.

He returneth late in the evening smelling of strong drink,

And the truth is not in him.

Good news for today is that Pat the sister is coming home from Saint James hospital in Dublin after a four week stint for a vein circulation problem. What will Margaret and Louise and ///Madeline and Elley and many others do next week now that she is gone home? They were pillars of support to her as well as all the other visitors and those that kept in touch with telephone and cards and letters and most importantly prayer. Thank you all.

Lyons Amusements which brought a fun fair atmosphere to the village last weekend for the musical weekend have now moved to Shannonharbour in time for the annual Barge Rally. Of course our barge man headed up to Lough Ree on Sunday and no river levels were taken as Brad Crawford has gone home to England. The river is still dropping slowly.

A coach load of Austrians on a pilgrimage to Ireland with their priest stayed in Knock on Wednesday night and called in to Shannonbridge on their way to Clonmacnois yesterday.

One of the ladies asked if we had any information on cruiser holiday hire and as luck would have it Oliver Hilliard had picked up a dozen brochures from Silverline Cruisers in Banagher on Monday. Will their next trip be a pilgrimage on the Shannon? Bord Failte Eireann should develop this idea. Another excuse to come to Ireland.

Met a group from Scariff in Clare yesterday who are on a cruising holiday on the Shannon. They won their trip on a Shannon Castle Line boat in a raffle during the winter and were having a great time. One of the couples was celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary and the husband told us that he played guitar with the Swing College Band from Nenagh for years.

I read on the paper yesterday that Father Dennis Faul has died. Also heard from Jim in Chicago that Seamus Mc Evoy from Clonfert and London has died in London and will be buried in England. His father was a teacher in Clonfert and their home was close to Saint Brendan’s church. May they rest in peace.

Welcome home to Brigid Carry or Bridie after her visit to her mother and family in England. She looks well after the rest.

There was a bit of panic yesterday when a couple on a cruising holiday had the misfortune to lose the ladies purse in Shannonbridge. They searched high low to no avail and set off upstream after lunch. The lady put the squeeze on Saint Anthony before leaving and even lit some candles in the Church. Something worked. Last evening around 5 pm Laura Keena was walking past the tennis court field and found the purse.

On Wednesday Doc and I went to Dublin and missed out on the weekly exercise hour. I also missed The Summer Concert which was presented by the music pupils on Wednesday evening.

Oliver Daly told me to tell Jimmy to try

Good to see Eamon Kelly home for the weekend from London looking fine and fit. He continues to play Gaelic Football with Tara Gaels in London.

The Irish Times had a snippet recently about a small increase in vocations in the Catholic Church in Ireland. Last year 19 priests were ordained, an increase of four on 2004.

In addition, a total of 14 nuns and brothers were finally professed last year, an increase of six on 2004.

The total of priests, nuns and brothers in Ireland last year was 16,322 down by 2.6 % on the 2004 figure.

Last year there were 90 applications to enter the priesthood and/or religious life, 56 of whom were accepted as entrants, the highest number of entrants in 10 years.

Weather this week has been mostly overcast with a bit of a northerly breeze on a few days to keep one awake.

Richard Reeves has been on a fishing visit and returned home yesterday and has forwarded The Angler to be shared.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Shannonbridge Fishing Report …Dated 19th June 2006.

The weather has been generally fine and warm last week with some light rain on Saturday night and more showers on Sunday.

The river levels recorded by substitute Brad Crawford and regular taker Brian O Meara

were Monday 12th June – 2.54 M, Tuesday – 2.52 M, Thursday – 2.46 M, Friday – 2.44M

Saturday – 2.40 M, Sunday – 2.37 M, and Monday 19th June – 2.36 M.

Andy Clarke from Gainsborough fished a backwater on 12th June on a mild windy day and used sweetcorn and red maggot to catch 3 tench to 5 lbs and many rudd to 1.5 lbs.

Comment “good fun, more to come”.

On 14th June Andy Clarke again fished the backwater on a mild day using worm and sweetcorn on the float. He landed one tench but lost eight more in the weeds. So when he finished Andy worked on clearing the swim of some weed.

Next day Andy used worm and sweetcorn on a 12 hook size and a float. He had a great day and was very happy to catch 8 tench to 5.5 lbs and lots of rudd and small bream.

Allen Harrison and Joan Foster from Golborne, Cheshire fished on the Grand Canal at Rahan on 11th June in sunshine and wind using red maggot for a 20 lbs catch of roach, rudd and skimmers, which was an improvement on last year.

On June 13th Joan and Allen fished below the point of the Brosna mouth in sunshine and used red maggot and caster to catch 35 lbs of roach, hybrid and skimmers which was their best catch for years from this swim.

On 14th June they fished the morning in cloud and wind near the canal lock above Shannonharbour and used red maggot to catch one large bream and a few small fish.

In the afternoon they fished the Grand Canal at Ferbane and used red maggot and caster for a good afternoon’s fishing catching 50 assorted fish in a short session.

On 15th June they visited Derrycahill to fish the River Suck. They tried everything and caught about 15 small fish which was their worst catch from this stretch in 15 years. Graham Ruck and Malcolm Swift from Sussex fished on the Grand Canal at Rahan on 15th June in cloudy and sunny conditions and used maggot and caster with float and feeder to catch 12 fish of various species. Disappointed the fish were not awaiting.

David Feeley and 11 year old Kathleen Feeley from Bedfordshire fished Holywell on June 18th in rain and strong winds. They used treble red maggot on a hook size 14 to catch 30 lbs of rudd varying between 6 oz and 1.5 lbs. Comment – fish a cast up until 2.00 pm, all taken on the drop.

Our website are hoping to add picture galleries that will let our viewers see catches, people, views of the rivers Shannon, Suck, Brosna and Blackwater, The Grand Canal and stocked bog lakes that anglers might fish. Approaches have been made for grants for this purpose and other items of interest in the area.

Anglers will be saddened to hear that the higher river levels in May drowned the first brood of about 14 families of the Corncrake birds that nest in the callow land between Athlone and Meelick. There is hope because they normally have two or three broods.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 18th June 2006 -Corpus Christi B
Tel (090) 9674125
Fax (090) 9674267

Masses: Each day @ 10am
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €409. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: G.Brennan, D.Deeley, C.Quinn
Eucharistic ministers: Group 3
Readers for next Weekend: M.Killeen, O.Costello
Altar Servers: Dean, Michael, Shannen, Nicola, Kayleigh
Mass on next Sat eve for the late Stephen Daly.
Mass on next Sun for the late Jimmy McManus

Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €285. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: J.Noble, D.Fitzgerald
Readers for next Sunday: I.McEvoy
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group 5
Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: B.Coughlan

Annual Mass for the P.T.A.A. -- Clonmacnois deanery
Will be celebrated in Clonmacnois on Thurs next @ 7.30pm.
This is the Vigil of the Feast of the Sacred Heart, and everybody is welcome.
Q. What is so special about devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus? Where did the devotion come from?
R. The heart is the centre of love, so this devotion is a way to focus on the love of God shown in Jesus Christ. The devotion was popularised by St Margaret Mary Alocoque in the 17th century. It counteracted the severe idea of God, then being spread by Calvinism. Margaret Mary was asked to draw people back to the love in Christ’s heart: his love for the Father, his mercy to sinners and his compassion to the sick.
‘Behold this heart which has loved people so much and is so little loved in return.’ (Fr O'Flynn - Intercom)

The feast of the Sacred Heart has also been designated as a world-wide day of prayer for priests.
Drum Heritage Group, Athlone
Annual concelebrated open - air Mass at Drum Monastic Site, on Sunday 18th June, starting with a Rosary Procession from St Brigid's Well @ 3.45pm. Everybody welcome.
Helplink South, Athlone
Provides telephone alarms designed to help the elderly and disabled. This enables people to live independent lives in their own homes, and eliminate fear, isolation and loneliness.
If you are 65 or over and would like your name to be submitted for a grant please contact Helplink South on 090 -6445081.
Pilgrimage to Fatima - departing 19th September
7 nights, Full Board / en Suite, Hotel Avenida, Guided Tours.
Fare: €699.00 plus Insurance €25, if required.
Spiritual Director, Fr John Naughton, Eyrecourt
With Lauri Duffy Travel, specialists in Pilgrim Tours to Fatima.
For more details phone Nuala on 090-9674158
Focal Scoir
'A Íosa a cheannaigh mé, A Íosa a bheannaigh mé,
Le saol na Saol go raibh leat I bhFleatheas mé.'
(Alan Mac Eochagáin)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Glad to see that the cost of the local train trip around the bog is being reduced to 5 Euro for this Saturday and Sunday which will be of benefit to everyone attending the Music Weekend in Shannonbridge and Clonmacnois.

A man from the Continent was in the bar last night examining all the sayings and puzzles. Then he told of a young Scottish Lad that was away from home and was short of cash. So he decided to send a telegram to his father. The post office told him that it was more expensive for numbers than letters. So the youth decided to save money and sent the following –


+ M O R E


He said that it was a sum and that all the answers in each row were the same number.

I feel like writing HELP in huge letters. Over to you.

Our reader of the daily river level Brian O Meara is still away on his barge but Barry Crawford or BRAD as he is known has become an able deputy and at 09.40 this morning the level was down to 2.44 Metres.

The new Corncrake inspector was around this week with a poster about Corncrake Evening 2006 in Crank House Banagher on Saturday 17th June at 9.30 p.m. A slide show on the Corncrake and Barn Owl followed by walk on Tower Callow where, weather permitting the Corncrake may be heard. Phone 057 9151676.

The inspector told that 14 birds were estimated to have laid eggs and due to the flood level in May all the first brood were lost. Normally the corncrake has two or even three broods so there is hope yet. He reckoned that some of the females may have been drowned as they answered the call of the male and landed in flooded water.

Pat Gleeson Mullaghature aged 93 years who lived with his sister Mrs Michael Ryan died on Thursday and was buried in Clonmacnois yesterday. After the funeral the Ryan Family invited everyone at the graveside back to their home in Mullaghature for refreshments and a chat about Pat.

One of the tales told was that Pat Gleeson was in Banagher one night and had a few jars. Rather than cycle home Pat got into a horse box attached to Bill Mulvey the Vet. Next morning Bill set off for Longford to collect a horse and near Ballymahon he heard strange noises from the trailer. On investigating he found the bold Pat.

The local curate Father Pierre Pepper visited Pat on the First Friday and on his last visit Pat said to him that he would sing him a song. Father Pierre is a Wexfordman so he requested Boolavogue. Pat said that he did not know all the words but on his next visit he would sing it for him. Before he left Pat offered the priest some money but he said no that he would see him the next time. As Father Pierre put it now he has neither Boolavogue nor the money.

For a number of years Pat collected his pension in Shannonbridge and afterwards went into the pub for a chat and to sing a song or two. He got in conversation with another regular at the bar and one day Pat Gleeson asked Mick when the other man went to the toilet “Tell me what nationality is my friend.”?

Yesterday I got a lift to the graveyard and was two hours early. The new working cemetery is high in grass and weed and is a disgrace compared to the Winged Foot like greens in the old Clonmacnois adjoining it. No wonder the guide’s just point in the general direction of The Nun’s Church and let the visitors into Safari Land next door.

Today Charles J. Haughey was laid to rest in Donnycarney cemetery in a state funeral.

May they both rest in peace.

Glad to meet a daughter of the late Nora Mc Evilly who is home on a holiday from Australia.

A good friend Noel Daly travelled down from Dublin on Thursday to visit Pat Killeen as he had heard she had been discharged from hospital. Latest news on Pat is that the Physiotherapist will not discharge her just yet. She is in great form.

The Turley Family from Raghrabeg and Dublin operate a popular self drive car rental in Dublin and worldwide. They trade as with Phone 01-4904444. I always liked their phone number which for many years was 01-44444. Nice one Joe.

Alan Harrison and Jo Foster have returned to Shannonbridge on a fishing holiday. Both are keen followers of music with Bill having thousands of classical records and CD’s. while Jo has an equal amount of folk and country and western. When Paudge Bennett played “It’s a long way to Tipperary” last Wednesday they asked me if I knew how the song was written. Of course I did but they told me anyway. Two men met in a bar in England one night. One man said to the other called Anon. “I bet you a pint that you will not be able to write a song tomorrow about a place that I will tell you its name. Right says Anon. Write a song about Tipperary said the challenger.

The next evening the two friends met in the pub and Anon. had written Tipperary and won the bet of a pint. Cheers.

Monday, June 12, 2006

At the weekend Eileen and Chuck Gunn from Ohio stopped by with their daughter Barbara Killeen from Cleveland Ohio. They were on a tour of Ireland by car and had found Killeen’s Bar mentioned in their Frommer Guide Book 2006 and decided to stop by. When I heard of Killeen from Ohio I thought that they might be connected to Sheila Killeen from Avon Ohio who came to Shannonbridge many years ago tracing family tree. They were not related and never heard of Clonmacnois. So we headed for Saint Ciaran’s City fair and hopefully they enjoyed the visit.

The normal Castledaly Manor group of American visitors usually live in Wisconsin, where the organiser of the trips Rip Dwayne has a few hotels. This Sunday I was a bit surprised when they all started saying San Diego when I asked them where they were from. One of them told me that they were a group of fifty on a Pilgrimage to Ireland. They had been to Knock and were on their way to Clonmacnois. When I asked if they knew Father Sheehan in San Diego nobody knew him so they are a doubtful lot of pilgrims. This week they were staying in the Radisson Hotel in Athlone instead of Castledaly Manor.

Gerry Lyons was home for a visit from Los Angeles this week and was down in Shannonbridge for a few days after visiting his mother Mary Anne.

Father Frank has been having a bit of bother getting the Parish Newsletter on this website but he is going to keep trying so look out for it.

I missed the programme on RTE radio one on Friday night at 11.00 PM which featured extracts from Flann O Brian’s At Swim Two Birds. This fable was based on happenings at Devenish Island between Shannonbridge and Clonmacnois. It is probably in the archives of

Finally For Sale 2 male pure bred border pups. Three months old. Telephone them at 090-9674197. Not yet named.

Congratulations to Bill Dolan, Creggan who celebrated his 90th birthday on Friday. Bill looks really well and enjoys a visit to Shannonbridge most evenings of the week.

Kieran Pat Devery and his brother Sean from the Bronx called again after visiting Clonmacnois. Sean is a good friend of Terry Connaughton from The Riverdale Steak House in the Bronx. Terry is related to our family as my grandmother was Connaughton. I must call in for a steak the next time I am in the Bronx.

Good to see Oliver and Patricia Keenaghan in Shannonbridge last week. Oliver worked in the local power plant and lived in Saint Ciaran’s Park before moving to Tarbert in 1970. They have recently bought a house in Delvin Park, Ferbane and plan to move home very soon.

Mick Doherty’s friend Ian Sparrow from Spain and England was in Shannonbridge last week and of course I asked him if he was fishing. He told me he was and had caught a big pike. Then he produced his mobile phone / camera and showed the picture of a really big pike. He reckoned it was over 40 Lbs weight so I hurried along to fetch the anglers log book to make the entry. I was had. The previous night Ian and Mick had photographed a picture of the new Irish record pike caught last year from an article in the anglers log book and there it was on his camera phone.

Thanks to Ken Smith from Santa Barbara for locating the website that covers the four people Louis and Nora Brennan and Norman and Bernie Quinn on their cycle trip from Salthill to Sydney. It is

Met Sigurd Soedring who lives in Hogarty’s house in Cloneish and works with Nexans Ireland in Athlone.

A visitor at the weekend was looking for a book of information on the Shannonbridge area. He was an Egan and the Mc Egan website is under

One of the group - Michael Egan Dublin is a son of James Egan from Clondelara and Dublin.

Tommy Kenny from Coole Ferbane died last week. Tommy was married to Brigid Mc Guinness from Cloniff and they had four children Breda, Andrew, Thomas and Gerard.

Alan Rock works with one of the Kenny boys in London and came home for the funeral. Alan is in great form and told us that another Shannonbridger Eamon Kelly is working with him at the tiling business.

Margaret Egan nee Nurse Noone from Athlone died on Thursday and was buried today alongside her husband Martin in Clonmacnois. Her daughter Aisling and her husband and three children were home for the funeral.

May they rest in peace.

Aisling was remembering some of the things about her Dad Martin who used to love to visit Shannonbridge. He told Margaret that he had to go out to Shannonbridge to meet a man that wanted to buy his tractor. So he set off. Aisling found the tractor still in the shed when Martin died about eleven years ago. Once Martin met the Darcy Brother on their way home from the mart. They and others played for a box of chops that Oliver Darcy had brought from Ballinasloe and as luck would have it Martin won them and brought them home to Margaret later that night. When she opened the parcel it turned out to be a box of bones. Another occasion the telephone rang in the bar and Mick asked Martin to answer the phone. It was Margaret asking if Martin Egan had gone home yet. Martin assured her that Martin Egan had left for home a half hour ago.

A book entitled “A History of Gaelic Games in Garbally College, Ballinasloe 1925 – 2006” has been published. Cost 10 Euros. Omitted from its pages was my contribution to hurling development at the college. My classmate Sam Stanley was a member of the Galway Minor Hurling Team and he was assigned the duty of taking sideline pucks. That is when the opposing team hit the ball across the sideline then the other team are entitled to a free puck using the hurley with the ball on the ground. Sam wanted to do some practise and asked yours truly to hit the balls back to him. Most of the balls went into the air as planned but some went at pace along the ground. So I got a hurley and swiped at these sliothars. (That’s balls to you ) One was passing on my right side and I made a great swipe at it. My leg work was not in pitch and I hit myself a mighty belt on the shin which left me in bed for two days. And it never got a mention. Must see the editor John Noonan.

On schooling it was a bit sad to read that the Christian Brothers are to end their direct involvement in schools in the 32 counties. Their schools will now be run by a separate trust.

More praise for Glebe Caravan Park, Clonfinlough. An English couple were telling that they bring their mobile caravan to Ireland regularly on holiday and have stayed at caravan parks all around the country. They reckon that The Glebe is the best that they have used on their journey. Well done Glebe Park.

Shannonbridge Fishing Report … Dated 12th June 2006.

The weather was fine and sunny all week with a bit of a breeze Saturday and Sunday instead of the thunder showers forecast. The river level has continued to fall about four inches per day. On Tuesday it was 3.16Metres, Wednesday 3.1M, Thursday 3.0M, Friday 2.9M, Saturday 2.75Metres. My source Brian has gone away on his barge for a week but the level continues to drop.

Lesley Howard from Belmont fished near the Hot Water on 5th June and caught two medium pike using mackerel bait.

Fred Flannery from Ballinasloe fished on the River Suck on 6th June in warm weather and caught a pike over 10 lbs while using a dead roach as bait. Fred reported catching a 22 lbs pike while fishing the River Suck using a dead perch on 28th May on a cloudy day.

Garry Moreland from Antrim went pike fishing on the River Shannon near the power plant on 5 to 7th June. On the 5th he used a smelt to catch a 14 lbs pike at 9pm. Next day Garry caught a 10.5 lbs pike at 8.00 am when fishing with a dead trout. On his last day he used a dead perch and hooked a 17 lbs pike at 7.00 am. Warm weather throughout.

Italian tackle dealer Foroni Luga fished on the River Shannon on 7th June in warm weather and used a Martin lure to spin for pike. Hr caught two pike 80Cm and 90 Cm. Comment “fantastic Ireland”.

Bill Reeves from Bath fished the Grand Canal at Belmont on 6th June at Belmont and used red maggot and caster to catch 20 lbs of tench. Best 5 lb.

Bill Reeves fished Belmont on 7th June in the heat and caught two tench and two big eels to 4 lbs.

Mary Reeves fished the canal at Belmont on 7th June and also used red maggot and caster to catch tench, eel, rudd and roach.

Malcolm Bailey and Gerry Wheeler from Maidenhead finished a week fishing the River Suck, Shannon and Grand Canal in hot weather and used red maggot and worm on the feeder with hook size 16.Best bags were 50 lbs of roach on the River Suck, 30 lbs of tench on the River Shannon and 40 lbs of roach from the canal. The best tench was 6 lbs 1 Ounce; roach to 1.5 lbs. Fishing was very good when river level dropped. They witnessed a Fairy Wind at work while fishing on the canal on 5th June at 2.00 pm. The weather was dead calm and hot when a whirlwind lifted Malcolm’s Landing Net and Keep net and threw them into the canal. A minute later all was calm again. Now they believe in the power of the Fairies.

Terry Norris from Bathampton fished alongside The Reeves on the canal on 7th June and used maggot to catch tench and one bream of 5 lbs along with plenty of small fish.

Aine Connaughton, aged 6, from Ballydangan fished for the first time ever on 10th June. On a hot and breezy day Aine used worm and float to catch 3 perch which she returned alive. The wind caused her to lose her coat in the River Shannon at Shannonbridge.

Andy Clarke from Gainsborough arrived in Shannonbridge on Saturday night. On Sunday he went to prebait his favourite swim. While there he used a spinner to catch a 12 lbs pike. Then he used maggot to catch half a dozen rudd to a pound. Watch this space.

Newly arrived regular visitors Graham Ruck from West Sussex and Murry Swift from Kent on Sunday visited Devenish and Correen Ford but were bothered with the windy breeze. They found a sheltered place on the canal and enjoyed a nice days fishing, catching 6 tench, rudd, roach and bream. Guess where they are fishing on Monday? The same swims of course.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Shannonbridge Fishing Report …Dated 6th June 2007

A fine week weather-wise turning into welcome sunshine for the latter half meant that the river levels dropped down from a mini flood conditions to much more acceptable levels for farmers, fishermen and the wild birds such as the corncrake.

Phil Lloyd from Chester fished the Grand Canal at Pullagh on 29th May in fine weather and used red and caster to catch 18 lbs of fish including bream to 3 lbs and hybrids to 2 lbs on a pre-baited swim. His friend Alan Taylor fished alongside and used casters to catch 7lbs of bream and hybrids.

Cliff Greening from Guildford fished the River Shannon at Shannonbridge on 31st May in sunshine for pike. He was unable to buy dead bait and would not kill a small fish for dead bait. So he went to Nicky Nugent, the village butcher and purchased a white colly vegetable. From this he selected a length and added hooks and cast out. Soon a 12 lbs pike fancied the offering and was hooked and landed after a very good fight. Of course Cliff returned it alive.

Local angler William Kelly used his boat to go trolling for pike using spinners / lures between Clonburren and Clonmacnois on Sunday and caught 18 pike ranging in weight from 3 to 12 Lbs.

Paul Weaving from Gloucester was coarse fishing on the Shannon on 31st May and lost a lot of swim feeders. He used a spinner and caught a 20 lbs pike which Paul reckons had eaten his feeders earlier.

Ralf Behnken from Bremen fished the Shannon on 1st June and used a dead fish as bait to catch a pike that measured 80 cm.

His friend Sasisa Siemer caught a 54 cm pike when fishing in cloudy conditions on 29th May.

Pieter Jacob from Berlin fished Lough Ree on 30th May in windy conditions and used a blinker to catch a fine brown trout that measured 65 cm. He promised to send a photo to the Shannon fishery report. George Stokes and party favoured fishing on the Grand Canal because of the river levels. On his last day 2nd June he fished at Clonmacnois for four hours in sunshine and used feeder and casters to land 80 lbs of fish. This included one fine slab bream, roach to 3.5 lbs, hybrids to 3 lbs and all fish caught were over a pound weight. A belated birthday present for George as he always tries to be on holiday in Shannonbridge to celebrate his birthday on 22nd May. This year the self catering he uses was booked for that week but in 2007 George plans to be fishing and celebrating his birthday in Shannonbridge and has already booked his accommodation.

George’s friend Bill Aspbury from Walsall fished alongside George at Clonmacnois on 2nd June and used ledger and caster to catch four fine bream with one slab weighing 8 lbs.

Seventeen year old Daniel Devery from Ballinahowen reported that on 6th May while fishing with a spinner at Clonmacnois he caught a 23 lbs pike which he returned alive.

Bill Reeves from Bath fished at Shannon harbour on 3rd June on a hot day and used red maggot to catch tench to 3 lbs. Too hot for fishing. His wife Mary Reeves fished alongside using red maggot and caught plenty of roach and hybrids in the sunshine.

Their friend Terry Norris also fished with the Reeves at Shannonharbour and had a good evening catching roach perch and tench with red maggot as bait.

Colin Tear from Windmill A/C Birmingham fished on the Shannon on 5th June in very sunny weather and used a combination of corn and red maggot to catch a 43 lbs bag of roach/bream hybrids to 3 lbs.

Pete Price his fishing friend fished alongside and used the same tactics to catch 25 lbs of roach/bream hybrids.

Good news for the tench in the area. The hot sunny weather has raised the temperature of the rivers and for the past two nights smoke has been coming from the local power plant stack. Hopefully hot water will soon be flowing from the outlet into the River Shannon. .

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Congratulations to Cara Fox who celebrated her 21st with a great party in Dublin last weekend. Cara is the daughter of Jimmy and Marie Fox and her granny Joan Farrelly enjoyed the break in Dublin.

On Friday 2nd June a painting exhibition opened in Brigit’s Gardens, Roscahill which is between Moycullen and Oughterard. All the exhibits were crafted by the Art Class in Oughterard and the sister Doc has a few of her works on display. The exhibition runs until the 11th June during the opening times of the gardens.

At the weekend two couples on bicycles made a stop at Shannonbridge and after a chat we found out that the four of them had just started out on a cycle trip that hopefully will take them to Sydney in time for Christmas Day on Bondi Beech. They intend to camp at night and for once they are not doing the trip for sponsorship or whatever. One of the men was once a Garda stationed in Abbeyleix and he said he made a made a habit of calling in to Shannonbridge on his way home to the west. He always had a notion to do something different and his friend said ‘right, when you retire, the four of us will do it’.

Find out more about what they plan to do at their website

There will be a lot of cycling and acking joints but they agreed to take a bottle of The Rub along with them. We noticed that they were wearing snazzy socks and it turned out that one of the men owns Connemara Socks. Wishing them all the best on their journey and sorry I mislaid the paper scrap with their names attached and when I tried to get their website nothing appeared so it must be a different carrier. Maybe you will have better luck in the search. The salthill2sydney part is correct. Try connemara socks as they may be using the same carrier.

The Midland Tribune has a weekly column titled ‘From The Pages Of The Past’ and part of it this weekend 3rd June deals with Lord Ashbrooke’s Estate. In the House of Commons on Thursday last, Mr Reddy MP asked the Chief Secretary whether he could state the number of evictions which had taken place on the estate of Lord Ashbrooke in King’s County since 1903.

In another section Mr Reddy MP from Shannonbridge had a question on the welfare of his constituents in the Birr Division of the King’s County (now County Offaly). Remember from the school days that Offaly and Laois were the first two counties planted and were renamed King’s County and Queen’s County (for Laois).

The weather has been glorious for the June Bank Holiday so far with lots of sunshine and plenty of burnt skin. The fine weather has meant that the river level has dropped from 3.7 Metres on Tuesday to 3.5 Metres on Friday and then my reader of levels Brian of the Barge took off up the river for a visit to Lecarrow for the weekend.

Glad to see Ken Gunning home on a visit from the island of Jersey where he has been living for ten years now.

An attractive looking girl asked about The Ladies and Gents Habits box on Friday night and said she wanted to buy a blue one for herself as she was a Child of Mary. She promised to come back on Saturday to have a look at them. When I checked the box on Saturday morning there was no blue habit, but there was one there at 6pm that evening. Still awaiting the return of The Lady.

George Stokes party of four enjoyed their week and George finished on a high. See Fishing report. He regretted that he was not here for his birthday on May 22nd as the house was booked but he plans to be here for the Happy Birthday bit next year and has already booked the house.