Monday, May 30, 2005

Fishing Report …Shannonbridge . Dated 30th May 2005.

Weather has been generally windy and wet for the week with sunshine and fine dry days on Saturday and today. The river levels which Brian from the Barge checks on the gauge at the village bridge have risen to 2.5 Metres on Thursday, 2.7 Metres on Friday and 2.75 Metres yesterday.

Again many anglers are not giving fish a chance to find their bait and would more than likely improve their catches if they fished the same swim for a number of days if not a week.

Keith Lilley from Halesowen, West Midlands pike fished on the River Shannon on May 26th and had many pike up to ten pounds or over. Boing Boing.

His friend “Robbo” from Smethwick had a 40 Lbs mixed bag and four pike. Best 12 Lbs while fishing the Hot Water on May 26th.

Mick Grainger from Yardley fished the River Suck on May 24th and caught 20 Lbs of hybrids and a pike that weighed 4 Lbs using red maggot.

Next day he fished Hollygrove Lake and caught 30 Lbs of roach and hybrid on red maggot.

Matthew Porter from Solihull fished Hollygrove Lake on 26th May in windy conditions and caught 40 Lbs of hybrid and roach again on red maggot.

George Stokes from Walsall was over on a short holiday celebrating his 65th birthday and had 42 Lbs of roach and hybrid while fishing the Brosna mouth using black caster.

Keith Davies , from Walsall fished the Hot Water on May 24th in calm conditions and using float and caster had 35 Lbs of roach and hybrid in a ninty minute challenge match.

The next two days Keith fished the River Shannon at Clonmacnois and using float and caster had 30 Lbs of roach to 1.5 Lbs and hybrid to 2.5 Lbs in a fish a bite experience.

The following day 26th May Keith again fished Clonmacnois and caught 50 Lbs of roach and hybrid.

Mick Daulman from Walsall fished the Hot Water on May 23rd and caught rudd, perch and two tench that weighed 4 Lb and 6 Lb. fishing with red maggot.

On May 26th Mick Daulman landed 8 Lb of hybrid at the Hot Water in one hour using red maggot.

Steve Jevens from Walsall fished the Hot Water stretch on May 23rd and using float and red maggot in windy conditions landed a 3 Lb and a 6 Lb tench with other fish.. Pike were plentiful and Steve lost five roach to pike in succession.

Una Corbett from Hertfordshire had a large pike on a red maggot while fishing in what she describes as bloody awful weather.

Regular visitor Ev Evendyngen from Holland had two pike measuring 80 Cm. and 60 Cm. while fishing the Shannon using maggot and worm. He also caught six roach and two dozen perch.

Colin Blake from York is pike fishing and yesterday he caught two pike weighing 6 Lb and 11 Lb while using dead bait on the River Shannon.

Malcolm Rafter from York was pleased with the sunshine and his first day’s catch of 26 Lbs of bream and skimmers using red maggot on the ledger.

Friday, May 27, 2005

On next Monday evening at 7.30 pm Shannonbridge Tidy Towns will have a Walkabout. Declan Manley from Ballycumber will be along to give ideas on wildlife.

Hopefully many people from Shannonbridge and area will join in the stroll and make suggestions on what might be done.

There has been a lot of rain during the past week but Brian says that the river level is holding at 2.5 metres.

Offaly and Laois play in football in Croke Park tomorrow.

Wishing Marieanne Kelly the best of luck in the Women’s Mini Marathon. Marieanne is running in aid of Breast Care at Saint James’s and contact Marieanne if you would like to sponsor her or look out for sponsor cards in the shops.

Steve Nell heard a Corncrake while fishing at Devenish Island on May 22nd.Steve was telling us about it on Wednesday night when Liz was celebrating her birthday. Liz is delighted with the two dogs they adopted and says that the sheepdog from Dolans is getting on fine with the dog that was left off in Shannonbridge about ten days ago.

Met a couple from Hamburg in Germany who have been cycling around Ireland for the past few weeks visiting Wicklow, Kilkenny, Cork, Birr and Shannonbridge.

Gabi and Helmut Jung used buses and trains for parts of their journey. They are visiting Clonmacnois at present and are staying overnight in Shannonbridge. They will then catch a train in Athlone tomorrow for Dublin and fly home. They promised to write an account of their travels and send it to Bord Failte.

An unusual group passed through Shannonbridge yesterday. Members of Cork Fishermen’s Rowing Club and Rushbrooke Rowing Club are doing what they call “The Shannon Challenge” rowing from the top end of Lough Allen to Limerick using one boat and two crews to complete the challenge in the fastest possible time. The boat allows four people to row together and there is a Cox on board. They stayed in Athlone on Thursday night and were planning on reaching Terryglass last night. What’s it all about ?

They are hoping to collect money by rowing the River Shannon for Children’s Cancer Charity with the donated money going to Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Dublin and to the Children’s Leukaemia Association at The Mercy University Hospital in Cork. For further information e-mail

A Kennedy man from Knock in County Clare with a good sense of humour revisited this area this week. Many years ago he worked in Cappaleitra and Moore carrying out building for The Land Commission. He remembered Mikeen Kenny from The Motte and thinks that he has a photograph of Mikeen. He met Martin Kenny in Cappaleitra and had his own comment on jeep drivers. Mr. Kennedy told Martin Burke about two men down in Clare who met after Mass one Sunday morning. One man remarked to the other that he had seen the fine wooden turf barrow that the other man had made and complemented him on his work .His friend was delighted and said that he made it out of his head.

The other looked at him closely and said “ And to me it looks like you have the makings of another one left.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The shannonbridge website can now also be viewed from the web address <>.
Shannonbridge Birdwatch.

Stephen Heery's book Birds in Central Ireland 2000 - 2003, will be in local shops very shortly. It can also be bought direct from Stephen Heery, Laurencetown, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. Direct purchase price is €8.00 plus €2.00 p&p. The first 10 direct purchasers will also get a copy of the previous report free.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Shannonbridge Fishing Report. Dated 23rd May 2005.

The Hot Water from the power plant was not flowing for a few days last week but is now flowing once more Many of the visiting coarse anglers were expecting instant results and were not giving the fish enough time to find their groundbait..

Simon Preece and John Phillips from South Wales completed their holiday during which they mostly fished for pike. For thirteen days they caught a total of 39 Pike and nine of these were in double figures and all returned alive. They used dead bait to catch these pike and fished Devenish Island on the River Shannon, Correen Ford on the River Suck and at Correen Ford on the River Suck. On 15th May they used maggot and worm on the pole and had 25 Lbs of bream.

Radoslals Podgorsui from Poland used a lure on the River Shannon to catch his first pike in his life that measured 73 Cm.

Steve Blatch and Paul Doughry from South Lincs fished the River Suck at Correen on the 15th May and Steve had 12 Lbs of roach and one bream using hemp and worm while Paul had 8 Lbs of roach and one bream. Hard work was their summing up.

Herrbon Naign from Austria fished the River Suck on the 16th May and caught a pike that weighed 24 Lbs and measured 111 Cm. while using dead bait.

Lock Groenwood from Amsterdam also used dead bait while fishing the River Suck to catch a pike that measured 104 Cm.

His friend Johan Bos also from Amsterdam also used dead bait while fishing the River Suck at Shannonbridge and caught three pike that measured 95 Cm. 85 Cm. and 65 Cm.

Young David Lennon fished the River Shannon on 17th May and caught a 5 Lb pike when using a spinner which he described as “easy”.

Martin Ousterbaan and Noud Dirks from the Netherlands fished the River Suck at Shannonbridge in windy conditions. Martin caught a Tench that measured 54 Cm and Noud used a dead roach to catch a pike that measured 118 Cm which was over the Irish Specimen weight of 20 Lbs.

Shirley Barker from Lincolnshire fished on the River Shannon using a lure and dead bait to catch five pike. The best weighed over seven pounds.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Shannonbridge Birdwatch.
Stephen Heery's book "Birds in Central Ireland, Third Mid-Shannon Bird Report, 2000 - 2003 has just been published. The book, which is the third such survey, is an account of bird species reliably recorded in the mid-Shannon area. This area includes large parts of Offaly, Galway, Tipperary, Roscommon, Westmeath and Longford. The book is illustrated by Gordon DArcy. It is published by Birdwatch Ireland, with sponsors ESB Shannonbridge, Bord na Mona and Offaly Co. Council and costs € 8.00 from your local bookshop.

Monday was a day for travelling. Colin and I set off in the middle of The Dawn Chorus for Shannon Airport to meet the brother John arriving in from America. For once we were too early and so took the advantage to have a Take Five breakfast in Shannon Airport. We were back in Shannonbridge before noon and heard that The Bargeman Brian O Meara was taking his barge up to Ballinasloe and John Mick, John Toher and I went along for the trip on a lovely sunny afternoon. We found that the barge moves along very smoothly with very little disturbance of the water. The River Suck is well marked for navigation and we only met about four boats between Shannonbridge and Ballinasloe. We were surprised at the number of anglers along the way and about five boats had been used to take them to their favoured location. There were five cars at Correen Ford.

Not a great deal of bird life apart from the Swallows flying low over the water Which Brian remarked was a sign of rain. Saw a few couples of Swans who look a bit confused as many of them were sitting on the bank side. Possibly the recent drop in the water level was the cause. At Reilly’s Ford a Crane flew up gracefully from the river side and a little further on it’s mate was sitting on a nest – again on the bank side.

There was a great view of the houses from the barge such as the new houses in Ragherabeg, Coughlan’s house on the Galway side and houses at Creggan and Correen. Coming near the Lock at Poolboy we met two Ballinasloe river people who had ran aground in their small cruiser. Brian showed his skill in manoeuvring the barge so that a rope was tied on to the smaller craft and he reversed the barge to get them afloat again.

Going through the Lock was a first time experience for me and at the inlet to the Lock the river has a bed of rock and the actual river was flowing fast there. There is a good view of The Pines and the two Churches in Ballinasloe from the Lock. Home by car for a nap.

The Active Retirement Group had about fifteen people at their Tea and Scone meeting after Mass on Tuesday morning. Sad news that Pamela Mc Dermott is in Tullamore Hospital with an ankle injury and the meeting wished her a speedy recovery.

Dates to keep in mind are the 29th May for a Eucharistic Procession after Mass. This is the first procession for a number of years and for this year will be held in the church grounds.

Sister Maura Moran reminded us that the annual procession to Clonmacnois takes place on Sunday 11th June.

The Active Retirements have set a provisional date of 14th June for their member’s outing.

Weather has been very good for the past ten days or more with not a drop of rain until today. Temperatures have been mainly 13C / 55F and even warmer at times.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 15th May 2005 - Pentecost Sun A
Tel (090) 9674125
Fax (090) 9674267

Masses: Each day @ 10am
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €478. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: J.Kelly, T.Goldie, A.Finnerty
Eucharistic ministers: Group 2
Readers for next Weekend: C.Mannion, C.Doolan
Altar Servers for this week: Shannen, Nicola, Brian, Kayleigh

Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €177. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: K.Norton, H.Darcy
Readers for next Sunday: I.McEvoy, C.Egan
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group 4
Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: P.Darcy

Useful Website:
Prayers from spiritual sources around the world

We welcome to the table of the Lord the children who received Jesus, the Bread of life, in their First Holy Communion last Sunday and this Saturday.
Amy Dunne, Dean Hogan, Sarah Byrnes, Megan Costello,
Niall Higgins, Michael O'Shea, Ronan McEvoy, Jack Egan,
Catherine Guinan, Sophie Downey, Tara Mannion.

Basic Internet & Email class
Crank House Banagher, Mondays, 7 - 9pm, for 3 nights, starting on 16th May. Contact West Offaly Training on 0509-52003.
Helplink South
Is in the process of submitting names of potential clients who qualify for a grant to have a personal pendant operated alarm installed in their homes under the Scheme for Community Support for Older People. To qualify for this grant you must be over 65.
'If you would like to have your name included please contact us at Unit 16, A.C.T., Ballalley Lane, Parnell Sq., Athlone.
You may also phone us at 090-6445080.
The Irish Wheelchair Association will hold a Church Gate Collection on next weekend. The funds raised will help to provide essential services for people with physical disabilities in Co Offaly.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Shannonbridge Fishing Report dated 14th May 2005

The weather has been fine for the past week with some wind blowing from changing directions and varying in strength. Over thirty visiting anglers from Britain chose to stay and fish the Shannonbridge area and most were quite pleased with the fishing

Again selecting a swim , baiting it and having patience paid dividends..

Peter Howes the Angling Correspondent led a party of twenty one anglers and has promised to share his report of the week’s trip with us later.

Her Glinsner from Austria used dead bait to catch a 6 Kg. Pike. Good fishing.

VInny Soane from Basingstoke fished the Hot Water with double red maggot and caught fifty roach and hybrid in the sun that weighed 33 Lbs.

Wesley Osborne from Basingstoke also fished the Hot Water on11th May and while trotting caster caught 30 roach and hybrid weighing 16 Lbs.

Adam Frauendenst from Austria fished the Shannon for pike on 12th May and used dead bait to catch 15 Pike. The biggest measured 91 Cm.

Young 15 year old Edwards from Basingstoke recorded three more catches after catching the specimen pike on his first day. On 9th May he used smelt to fish the Hot Water for pike and landed ten fish weighing from 6 Lbs to 10 Lbs. On 11th May he also fished the Hot Water and had 11 Pike using dead bait. Best fish was 17 Lbs. All pike were returned alive.On 13th May Edward went coarse fishing on the River Suck and caught 20 Lbs of roach and hybrid. Spot on was his comment.

Charles Kellett from Basingstoke fished Correen Ford on the 9th May and used caster and ground bait in changeable winds to catch 30 Lbs of roach and hybrid..Lots of bites and a good day.

Dave Elliott fished the River Suck on 13th May with stick float in windy and bright conditions and had a 50 Lb bag of roach and hybrid. Marvellous day.

Graham Shadmore from Tadloy fished the River Shannon on 12th May with the feeder in windy and bright conditions and had 56 Lbs of roach and hybrid.

Jim Broadburn from Northhampton fished the River Shannon on the 11th May and using red maggot and a feeder caught 34 Lbs of roach and hybrid.

Trevor Tarrant from Basingstoke fished the Shannon on the 10th May and had 36 Lbs of roach and hybrid using feeder and assorted hook bait.

Gary and Ron Steven from Yorkshire used a boat from Laurel Lodge to take them to their swim on Long Island just upstream from Shannonbridge and used red maggot and feeder to catch a mixed bag weighing 250 Lbs. Their advice is to pre-bait the night before and stick with it. While plying a hybrid on a 5 Lb line and a 12 hook a pike weighing 15.5 Lbs attacked Gary Stevens catch and he succeeded in landing the fish.They did not want the pike in their swim so they took it across to the other side of the island and released it safely in the Back River.

Steve Grant and five of his English golfing friends again used Shannonbridge as their base for a week golfing holiday and never saw a drop of rain for the seven days while they played golf at Mount Temple, Esker Hills, Birr, Ballinasloe, Tullamore and Glasson.

They hit on an Open Day at Birr and were surprised at the low green fees which were 12 Euro for the day. They had a good look at Oliver Hilliard’s “Irish Golfer’s Diary to Open Fixtures and said that next time they will make better use of this diary.

Brendan Mc Williams writes a daily column in the Irish Times called Weather Eye which has some connection to the weather. Today he tells about the Bats in Ashford Castle boiler house. Seems the man in charge of the boiler house studied the formation of the bats and their varying layout depending on the weather.Well worth reading.

Brendan and Eileen Killeen and their two boys Colin and Kevin visited Clonmacnois yesterday travelling up the river on the cruiser with Colin and myself. There was a good breeze blowing in our path and we got various views of a bog fire near Cloonshask which is now in its second day. On the way we saw the fishermen fishing on Long Island in a bay and well sheltered by the trees. Brendan Eileen and the kid sat out on deck for a while but found it a bit too cold. We saw the mouth of Cappaleitra backwater and the old canal loading point for the quarried stone opposite Devenish Island. Swallows, swans, the odd duck and a solitary Crane were the birds we saw. At Clonmacnois we had a coffee outdoors at Clonmacnois and two Blackbirds came out of the brush looking for food. They just collected the pieces of bread and scurried back into the brush and presumably a nest. The highlight for young Colin and Kevin at Clonmacnois was rolling down the hill and they were not happy until the other four took a roll as well.

The river level continues to drop and was 2.53 M on Friday and 2.5 Metres this morning as recorded by Brian on the Barge who has moved his moorings to The Cut.

Brian heard the Corncrake in Borannagh Callow on 12th May down near The Cut. Bird Watch Ireland tell us that 14 birds were reported before Brian’s including one from Clonmacnois.Contact Bird Watch at 0509-51676.

Today is First Communion Day in Clonfinlough Church and some children from this area that attend Clonmacnois are included. No doubt Father Frank will have all their names listed on the weekend Parish Newsletter.

Heard on the Mooney Goes Wild radio all night program last night that a Swallow ringed in Edenderry in 2000 has returned for a fifth time this year. It is estimated that the swallow travelled about 9,500 miles each year. Noticed on Friday that a number of what we call swallows nests have been built under the eveshoot of Mc Donagh’s house beside the bridge. They are round mud finished houses with a small opening. Perhaps they are Mudlarks. My sister Doc and hubby Dick travelled to County Clare to hear the Dawn Chorus this morning and she tells us that she heard twelve of the Irish singing birds. No news on how the Dawn Chorus went in Clonfert this morning.

Pauric Turley, Joe Claffey’s nephew turned up trumps at the weekend with a large consignment of books for Shannonbridge Library. Remember Thursdays 7 to 9 pm.

Walked around the edge of the new jetty on Friday and found the ground very uneven. A visiting angler suggested that most anglers have trolleys and if there was a proper pathway laid down then they would be able to fish the good swims just up from the jetty.

This weekend Shannonbridge had a visit from an amusement arcade which was set up in The Grove or Oliver Darcy’s field at Clonmacnois turn. Bumpers were all the go and their timing was perfect as nine kids had their First Communion on Saturday and many older kids joined the fun.

For people that find it hard to get comfortable shoes to fit they might consider visiting Tony Murphy, off Main Street Ballinasloe at 43 Riverview. Tony takes a cast of your feet and makes shoes to fit the cast. Tel 090-9643214.

Came across two information leaflets on two courses which will take place in Ard Na Ri, Clonmacnois. This was formerly the home of the late John and Nan Molloy.

On 24th May What God Wants is described as a compelling workshop exploring humanity’s biggest question. The workshop will be guided by Neale Donald Walsch, author of “Conversations With God” Cost €150

Another workshop over two days May 28-29 is titled Working and Playing with Nature Spirits. The course is based on the leader’s (Tanis Helliwell) book, “Summer with the Leprechauns” and gives information on fairies, elves and people of the mist. Cost: €350.

Information and registration at www.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Last Sunday was a special day for Aimee Dunne and Dean Hogan as they celebrated their First Communion in Shannonbridge. Being the only two for First Communion this year the whole ceremony took on more the appearance of a wedding and the congregation had got to know them well as they had presented the gifts at several Masses during the year in preparation. They even enacted The Lord’s Prayer and sang a duet with Kaley Goldie doing the backing music. God was good as the sun shone all day for them.

The river level continues to drop from three metres last week to 2.9 M on Sunday, 2.8 on Monday and 2.7M this morning as noted by Brian on the Barge.

On Sunday a fine Salmon leaped from the Shannon at Shannonbridge. Hopefully it will be allowed to increase and multiply.

In recent years there has been an open invitation to join The Dawn Chorus at Clonfert. This year the event takes place on next Sunday 15th May. Meet at Clonfert Cathedral at 04.15 AM. Further information available from Bird Watch Ireland Tel. 0509-51676.

See on today’s paper that a Great Tit has nested successfully in a Smoking Room attached to a pub and all are in fine fettle.

Frank “The Tank” Seal told us that he heard and saw The Cuckoo while fishing the Grand Canal near Ferbane.

While attending the funeral of Derek Russell last evening the neighbour directing traffic into the car parking field told us that he had just heard The Cuckoo in the field. Derek Russell worked at the building of the old power plant at Shannonbridge and was a brother in law of Johnny Finnegan. Both were married to Reamsbottoms from Ferbane.On the way to the funeral we stopped at Mannion’s of The Well in Clonfinlough and Mrs Mannion was telling us that she had just got word that her sister had died in England.

We then headed for Portiuncula to visit our cousin Pat Butler who is in great form but has some trouble with an ankle since he had a hip replacement. He is supposed to walk to exercise the hip and to rest the ankle at the same time. Pat went through a great page of history during our stay mentioning that the Murray home at Currawinna has not a stone left standing now. He told us about a man from his area that worked on the roads. Near Christmas one night he went into the local pub and ordered a hot whiskey. The woman boiled the kettle and made a hot whiskey which had a short life. She made another as a Christmas treat for him and by way of conversation said “’Tis a terrible dark night tonight”

Our friend replied “It is not so bad, at least you can see a light”.

Brian from the Barge has a conundrum for you that goes like this….

What They Caught

They Threw Away.

What They Could Not Catch

They Kept.

Bridie Carry is busily preparing for a visit from her mother Mrs Brennan and her sister Helen Harris Brennan who are coming on holidays from England this week.

We are looking forward to a visit from Brendan and Eileen Killeen and their children Colin and Kevin who are arriving from America tomorrow.

Saw on the papers that the cottage on the Cloghan Road known as Hollerans and later as George Hynes and presently Gills is for sale. The three bedroom cottage on an acre has a guide price of 175,000 Euros and Rothwell Ballinasloe has the sale. See and it is listed under Shannonbridge, Offaly.

There has been a welcome renewed interest in Tidy Towns by a group of local people who want to improve the presentation and look of the village and surrounds to enjoy for locals and visitors. They have made a start by entering this years Tidy Town Competition.

Mary Kelly who has been doing the entry work for Tidy Towns for many years has welcomed this help and Dara Moran has agreed to complete the forms and act as correspondent. Hopefully many people will continue or renew their efforts for Tidy Towns 2005. Closing date for entry is today.

Met two couples from Canada who are visiting Ireland who told me that they have a number of Irish family lines. One of them was Hendrick from Wexford who went to Canada after the 1798 rebellion. Told them about Ned Hendrick living in Shannonbridge who also hailed from Wexford. They were heading to Cavan to seek information on O’Reilly as that was another branch of the tree.

Pat and Mary attended Mass in Our Lady of Clonfert Church last evening where a different invited priest celebrates the Mass each evening during the month of May.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Shannonbridge Fishing Report from May 1st.2005

Mick Wykes from Bury fished the River Brosna using maggot on a stick float and on May 1st he caught 20 Lbs of roach and hybrids .Mixed bag and good fishing. The next day he fished the same swim and had over 100 Lbs of roach hybrids for his best ever catch.

Dave Ashton from Boston also fished the Brosna on the same days using red maggot and caster and had a bag of 30 Lbs of roach and hybrids on the first day and 52

Lbs of roach and cracker hybrids on the next day using stick float.

Brother Phil Ashton recorded bags of 25 Lbs and 56 Lbs of roach and hybrid for his two days using red maggot and float. Fish were in a bay of the river.

Larry Pebworth from Bristol fished the canal and had 21 Lbs of roach and hybrids.

Jon Barnes from York fished the River Suck with feeder and red maggot on 3rd May and caught three bream. Comment – slow / levels high.

On 4th May Tony Stockdale from Malton fished the Hot Water stretch and had one tench weighing 4’5 Lbs and twelve roach to a pound. Fairly slow going

.Dave Howarth from Sheffield fished the Hot Water on May 1st in wind and rain and used stick float and red maggot to catch 60 Lbs of roach hybrids. Dave says not to be afraid to fish the turbulent water.

Dennis Crossland from Sheffield his friend also fished the Hot Water and used red maggot on the waggler from the rocks and had 23 Lbs of roach and hybrids.

Frank “The Tank” Seal from Sheffield has just finished a ten day break from making Fish Tanks and fished the Grand Canal using red maggot and the pole in the wind to catch 60 Lbs of roach bream and one pike “which broke me pole the B****.

Frank fished Lough Derg with red maggot and the feeder to catch 62 Lbs of roach to 1.5 Lbs, and hybrids to 2 Lbs that caused him to leave his mug and a saucepan on the shore.

Frank fished the Brosna also using the feeder and red maggots and had 65 Lbs of roach and skimmers.

The youngest of Peter Howes party of 21 Anglers Edward Rawlings ( 15 ) from Basing Stoke fished the Hot Water on the 5th May and in sunny conditions Edward used dead bait to catch land and release a beautiful pike weighing 20.5 Lbs. Edward also caught a 17 Lb pike in the same session.

Christian Neyries from Berlin and is fishing the Shannon on a cruiser. In a session at Clonmacnois he had three pike measuring 48 Cm, 51 Cm, and 65 Cm. Christian is hoping for a meter size like Edward Rowlings caught

John Phillips from South Wales arrived with a present of Walsh Cakes and was rewarded for his good deed when he fished the Hot Water using Lamprey sections in a strong North West wind catching four pike weighing 18 Lbs, 10 Lbs, 8 Lb and 7 Lb. Cakes were lovely.

Simon Preece is a friend of John Phillips and he fished Devenish Island on the 6th May and using sprat he landed a 12 Lb pike and thee small ones.

Next day they returned to the Hot Water and John Phillips had two pike in the ten pound range using Lamprey and Sprat.

Terry and Brenda Archibald from Doncaster fished the canal at Shannonharbour for two days using feeder and maggot. Terry had bags of 42 Lbs and 26 Lbs of hybrids which he comments he has not seen here before.

Wife Brenda had a bag of hybrids that weighed 17 Lbs. They noted that the bites were very light and easily missed if you were not on the ball.

Dave Gallivan from Swansea and his friend Tony West from Caerphilly are no newcomers to fishing the area and they baited up the same swims for two nights on the Shannon Backwater and it paid off on the third day when Dave using worm and maggot with a feeder had a mixed bag of lovely bream to 6 Lbs’ tench and big hybrid that weighed over 100 Lbs.

Tony West had a mixed bag weighing 56 Lbs that included bream and a 5 Lb tench .

River Levels have been dropping well in the past few days and dropped about four inches on Saturday and another two inches yesterday. River is flowing strong and many anglers are fishing off the flow in bays and backwaters.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 8th May 2005 - Ascension Sun A
Tel (090) 9674125
Fax (090) 9674267

Masses: Each day @ 10am
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €560. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: A.Ryan, L.Turley, M.Mitchell
Eucharistic ministers: Group 1
Readers for next Weekend: S.Grennan, S.Quinn
Altar Servers for this week: Katie, Mary-Anne, Tara
Mass on next Sun for the late Dessie Keena
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €234. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: Parents of F.H.C. children
Readers for next Sunday: A.Loonam, P.Guinan
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group 3
Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: N.Egan

First Holy Communion Mass on next Sat @ 12 noon
Helplink South
Is in the process of submitting names of potential clients who qualify for a grant to have a socially monitored alarm installed in their homes under the Scheme for Community Support for Older People. To qualify for this grant you must be over 65.
'If you would like to have your name included please contact us at Unit 16, A.C.T., Ballalley Lane, Parnell Sq., Athlone.
You may also phone us at 090-6445080.
Ballinasloe Flower & Garden Club
Presents 'A Gardening Talk' by Mary Waldron in Haydens Hotel,
Wed 11th May @ 8pm. Adm for non-members: €5.
Basic Internet & Email class
Crank House Banagher, Mondays, 7 - 9pm, for 3 nights, starting on 16th May. Contact West Offaly Training on 0509-52003.
Bulletin Bloopers (from
These are ACTUAL announcements from church bulletins:

? Evening Massage—6 p.m.
? The pastor would appreciate it if the ladies of the congregation would lend him their electric girdles for the pancake breakfast next Sunday morning.
? The audience is asked to remain seated until the end of the recession.
? Low Self-Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7 to 8:30 p.m. Please use the back door.
? Ushers will eat latecomers.
? The third verse of Blessed Assurance will be sung without musical accomplishment.
? For those of you who have children and don’t know it, we have a nursery downstairs.
? The Rev. Merriwether spoke briefly, much to the delight of the audience.
? The pastor will preach his farewell message, after which the choir will sing, “Break Forth Into Joy.”

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Irish Golfer’s Guide to Open Fixtures which has been compiled by Oliver Hilliard is now being circulated to various golf clubs and outlets and is a must for any visiting golfers or for the home golfers that like to play around. By listing the open fixtures from golf clubs all over the country in a diary order a golfer is given a choice each day that will save a substantial amount of money.

Some recent deaths include Martin “Doc” Carroll who was the lead singer with The Royal Blues Showband at one time and later came to live in Athlone.

Ellen Mulvey, Cloniff, Ballydangan whose funeral took place yesterday after 11.00 AM Mass in Moore. The funeral Mass was broadcast on the Moore Parish radio which can be found on 102 FM.

Laurie Ward, nee Blundell Ballinasloe, relic of the late Kevin Ward has died and her funeral takes place today.

Tom Tumulty, Tanvey, Moore has died and his funeral is tomorrow in Moore.

May they all rest in peace.

Good to see Peter Howes and his merry fishermen over for a fishing holiday. This year Peter leads a party of 21 anglers who will stay with Vera Carty, Nancy O’Hara and Dympna O Carroll. Last evening one of the younger members of the group caught a pike at the Hot Water Stretch that weighed just over 20 Lbs.

Many years ago some German friends purchased the former home of John Walsh the teacher in Clonfinlough / Clonmacnois. The house is near Clonfinlough Church and has been advertised for sale this week by O’Meara auctioneers with a price guide of 325,000 Euros. The Winkel family assure us that they will continue to holiday in this area.

Weather today is forecast to have sunny intervals with temperature reaching 13C / 55F.

Martin Burke was telling us that he saw a Jay Bird on Tuesday looking lovely with blue and black feathers.

The Shannonbridge Active Retirement Group were part of a large crowd that turned up at Kinnity Castle yesterday on invitation to spend an afternoon at the Castle. The group meet every Tuesday morning after Mass at 10.00 AM in the Community Center housed in the Old Church, Shannonbridge.

No sign of the Corncrake as yet but we did receive a poem about The Corncrake from a local man.

The Corncrake

It is that time of the year again

When I up and leave

To live down by The Shannon

And enjoy its grassy fields.

I love Boranna Callow

I go there every year

To hatch my clutch

To sing my song

It is there I have no fear.

Dear Farmer, spare me as before

And instruction does take heed

As my call is getting weaker

I am a dying breed.

Please open down the middle

And give me a chance to run

To someone else’s meadow

Where we can have our fun.

To locals and to visitors

You all may come along

Just bring your tapes and cameras

To hear me sing my song.

Like the Cuckoo and the Swallow

I will return again

To that village by the river

With all my feathered friends.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Met a couple from Wales who were taking a ten day holiday cruising on the River Shannon. They had got their hire cruiser in Carrick-on-Shannon and took five days to reach Shannonbridge, The River is flowing strong at present and they were taking this into account on their return journey. He likes working in wood and he told us that he has a friend that likes puzzles. So after solving the T Puzzle he made some notes and intends to make one for his friend.

Attended the funeral of Theresa Robinson in High Street last Thursday and got a lift as far as Moystown. It is a short and lovely walk over to High Street. The old church in the Church of Ireland cemetery looks sad. Seems the roof was removed to avoid rates or whatever taxes were in vogue. Wonder will it ever be re- roofed.? The houses are well presented and a few new houses have been built. Noticed that one house had a lovely display of wild primrose and another had bluebells and what looked like a white bluebell on display. I was early arriving at the Church and spent some time in the well kept cemetery along side. Was not impressed with the ludramawn who seems to be using this link road as their practise track revving the racing car and haring up and down.

Work on David Fitzpatrick’s new house has really started with two of our local block layers putting a lorry load of blocks into position on the first day.

The Month of May is a special month in Our Lady of Clonfert Church and every day for the month some devotion or other has been arranged.. Many people make a number of private visits there during the month. If only Paulien Kemp were here she would lead us all on a walking pilgrimage across the Shannon.

Punchestown Racing Festival took place over four days last week and enjoyed good weather and large attendances every day. Was glad to see Kicking King win his race but there were many fine races. Sorry to see Moscow Flyer beaten by a whisker for the first time in nineteen outings. Still on racing and over in Newmarket a few days ago the 2000 and 1000 Guineas were run. Kieran Fallon rode the winner of the 2000 Guineas on the first day and completed a great double for trainer Aiden O' Brien on the next day by winning the 1000 Guineas on a second choice horse as the favoured O Brien entry had to be withdrawn.

The weather kept good and fine for the bank holiday weekend. There was a lot of movement on the river with many people hiring out cruisers.

The papers recently had maps and details of the part of the new motorway from Athlone to past Ballinasloe. Seems it will cross the Dublin / Galway road near Naughton’s Garage

And will cross a number of Moore roadways before crossing the Shannonbridge / Ballinasloe road near Lally’s Corner.

Some people visiting Shannonbridge over the weekend included the people that now own Coughlan’s house on the mouth of the Suck, Tommie and Mairead Cunney from Athlone, Jimmy and Nancy Ward and Joe and Bernie Grenham who were returning from Kerry where they had spent a week with the Ballinasloe Active Retirement Group.

Shannonbridge Active Retirement people are travelling to Kinnity Castle for the day this Wednesday. Unfortunately Oliver Hilliard has to cry off as his Irish Golfer’s Diary has just been printed and he is up to his eyes trying to distribute copies to outlets all over Ireland.

Shannonbridge played Doon in a league match yesterday and won by a small margin. A mentor said that they were capable of winning by eight or ten points but there is a mad notion to win every match by one point. Fine if it works out but too many draws and defeats result.

Hopefully the work on the footpath at Guinan’s Hill will be completed shortly and stones replaced on the wall beside the foot path.

Attended a lovely surprise Birthday Party for Mai Craughwell in Shine’s Bar on Saturday night last. Shannonbridge was well represented with Barry and Kathleen Quinn, Des and Ann Finnerty and Bridie Carry and Peggy Byrnes and Bridget Carry attending. Mai is a well known visitor to Shannonbridge on Saturday nights. She had nine children and they were all present along with many grand- children friends and neighbours. I met a Mr and Mrs Grenham at the function. Mr Grenham told that he once drove a lorry for Mike Naughton, Bolivor and dropped names like Father O’Donoghue, Mickie Joe Reid like confetti. The Runner John Flannery did not know what Grenham he was but aims to find out.

Weather is forecast for overcast today but it is pleasant with a temperature of 58 F. Our man on the river Brian went off on his barge to Athlone for a couple of days but is back again and tells us that the river level at the bridge is 3 Metres..

Fishing around Shannonbridge

Gunter Nauwelaers and Frans De Meudler from Belgium fished the River Shannon for pike using dead eel and one day they caught two pike that weighed 22 Lbs and 23 Lbs which they described as nice fish and which they returned alive.

Elga Nagel from Germany also fished the Shannon and fishing with lures they caught five pike measuring 50, 60, 80 and 90 Centimetre and one that measured one metre which is about a twenty pounds weight.. Comment – “very fine fish and all returned alive”.

Anthony Price from Wolverhampton was fishing for coarse fish and baited a swim that he fished for a week. Using red maggot as bait he found that the fishing improved as the week went on and he caught 46 Lbs, 64 Lbs and 112 Lbs of roach for his best days.

Ray Jones a friend of Anthony Price had a best bag of 84 Lbs of roach and he said he had one fish that weighed 3.5 Lbs

Brian Fallon from Athlone used legered worm to catch a brown trout that weighed 3 Lbs while fishing the Cross River in sunny conditions. It was a good fighter.

Alan Wrigley from Norwich fished for two days at Correen Ford on the River Suck and caught 30 Lbs and 33 Lbs of roach that weighed up to two pounds. He enjoyed the lovely surroundings and hospitality. His bait was red maggot and caster.

Ken Wrigley his brother also fished at Correen Ford on the River Suck and in sunny weather he caught 20 Lbs of roach and one bream on Day 1 and had 40 Lbs of roach on the second day.

Peter Lawlor from Bray fished the Hot Water outlet at Shannonbridge on Friday and caught two tench and a quantity of roach while fishing with maggot and caster.

Mark Pearson from London was here for the May weekend and yesterday he fished a legered lure while fishing from a rowboat and caught a 22 Lbs pike at the end of Long Island upstream of Shannonbridge.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 1st May 2005 - 6thSun Easter A
Tel (090) 9674125
Fax (090) 9674267

Masses: Each day @ 10am
Adoration on First Fri until 6pm - then Rosary & Benediction.
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €491. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: M.O'Duffy, M.Corbett, M.Moran
Eucharistic ministers: Group 4
Readers for next Weekend: E.Quinn, P.Corbett
Altar Servers for this week: Darragh, RuaidhrĂ­, Michael, Graham
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €233. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: M.Kelly, K.Kelly
Readers for next Sunday: S.Coughlan
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group 2
Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: D.McEvoy
Mass on next Sun for the late Kieran Higgins
Mass on First Fri in the Hall @ 7pm, followed by a Social, which will include tea & light refreshments, and Music.
The Social Group will meet in the Hall on Tues 3rd May @ 8.30pm

We celebrate the feast of the Ascension on next Sunday.
First Holy Communion
In Shannonbridge on Sun 8th May @ 12 noon Parish Mass;
In Clonfanlough on Sat 14th May @12 noon.
Helplink South
Is in the process of submitting names of potential clients who qualify for a grant to have a socially monitored alarm installed in their homes under the Scheme for Community Support for Older People. To qualify for this grant you must be over 65.
'If you would like to have your name included please contact us at Unit 16, A.C.T., Ballalley Lane, Parnell Sq., Athlone.
You may also phone us at 090-6445080.
Alzheimer Society of Ireland – National Tea Day, Thurs 5th May
Could you host a Tea Break with your friends, at home or in the office? And give your support to the 22,000 Carers?
There are30, 000 people in Ireland with Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementia. If you would like to hold a tea break, contact our national office on 1850-931931 on how you can get your free tea pack, or e mail:
Lough Derg - One-day Retreats begin on 30th April & continue on selected days. Cost: €25. Three-day Pilgrimages begin on 1st June to 13th August. For more info call 071-9861518
Irish Cancer Society
Will hold an Information Evening on Colorectal Cancer in the Tullamore Court Hotel @ 7.30pm on Wed 11th May.
Light refreshments will be served.
M.E. Awareness Week Meeting
In Gullanes Hotel, Ballinasloe on Mon 9th May @ 4pm.
Guest speaker: Dr Vance Spence, biologist & researcher of M.E
Clonfert May Novena: begins Sun 1st May with Devotions @ 8pm.
'Mission Awareness' on Wed @ 8pm; Reflection on legacy of Pope John Paul on Thurs 5th May, @ 8pm.

Novelty Auction in High Street Hall on Fri next, 6th May @ 9.30pm