Monday, January 31, 2005

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 30th Jan 2005 - 4th Sun A
Tel (090) 9674125
Fax (090) 9674267
(Today is Catechetical Sunday - We celebrate Jesus the Teacher)
Masses: Each day @ 10am; Tues is Feast of St Brigid;
Wed is Candlemas Day, with blessing of candles;
Thurs is feast of St Blaise - Mass also @ 8pm, & blessing of throats
Adoration on First Fri until 6pm. In this 'Year of the Eucharist' we are encouraged to renew devotion to this great gift of Our Lord.
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €665. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: A.Ryan, L.Turley, M.Mitchell
Eucharistic ministers: Group 3
Readers for next Weekend: C.Mannion, P.Corbett
Altar Servers for this week: Shannen, Nicola, Brian
Mass on next eve for the late Bridgie & Pat Flannery

Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €203. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: B.Kilduff, E.Kilduff
Readers for next Sunday: Cliodhna Norton
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group 1
Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: B.Coughlan
Mass on the First Fri @ 7pm, with the blessing of candles, and the blessing of throats through the intercession of St Blaise.
This Mass will be said for the late Mary Margaret O'Shea.
Mass on next Sun for the late Tommy & Rose Rohan.

A short meeting will be held in Clonfanlough Hall after Mass on Fri eve to form a Social Group for the good of the area.
Anyone interested is invited to come along.

Q. I find it hard to agree with the Beatitudes. How could people be happy if they are mourning or persecuted or poor?
A. Your problem stems from a poor English translation of the gospel. The word happy was used instead of blessed. Recent translations have gone back to using the word blessed. Happy refers to how one is feeling, and, as you say, it would not be true of people in mourning or persecution. The word blessed indicates one's standing in the eyes of God. Jesus is telling people that even when their present lot is difficult, still they are deeply loved by God and will receive consolation in the future. (Fr O'Flynn - Intercom)
West Offaly Training - Adult Education
Introduction to Computers x 8 weeks Ongoing
Intermediate Computers x 8 weeks 3rd Feb
ECDL x 18 weeks 1st Feb
Receptionist Skills x 1 morning 22nd Feb
Manual & Computerised Accounts x 23 weeks 4th Feb
For people in receipt of social welfare, free training may be offered in 2005.
For more info contact Crank House Banagher, 0509-52003.
Shannonbridge Active Retirement Group will meet on Tues next @ 10.30am
Remembrance Service in Portiuncula Hospital Chapel
For parents who have suffered a bereavement through the death of their children, miscarriage or stillbirth, on Wed 2nd Feb @ 7.30pm

Recently found as a lining to a wardrobe was an election poster on behalf of John G. King, from Ballylin, Ferbane printed on a 20 X 30 inch yellow poster. Electors and King's County stood out in bold as did Gentlemen and John G. King at the bottom. This is the wording.Note date.

To the
Of the
As no candidate, connected by residence or property, with your County, has come forward to seek nomination, I venture to solicit the honour of your support at the approaching Election.
The Law of Landlord and Tenant will be one of the first questions for consideration in the next Parliament.
As Landlord, I feel it would be a great injustice to appropriate to myself the increased value which may be added to my …. Tenant's labour, skill, and capital, without giving him full compensation. The fair value of these improvements should be the right of the Tenant, and I will support any measure which may have the effect of securing it to him.
The present condition of Ireland, the continued drain upon her population, the great decrease of her material wealth, demand the earnest attention of every one who has a stake in the country.
I am most anxious to join in the formation of, and to co-operate with an Irish party in Parliament, whose object will be - the prosperity of Ireland and the preservation of her people.
I will be found the uncompromising advocate of civil and religious liberty, and of perfect political equality amongst all classes.
The interests of this, my native County, with which my almost constant residence has, I may venture to say, made me intimately acquainted, shall command my most careful attention.
Independent of all Political parties, and having no personal advantage to gain from any Government, I would endeavour, if Elected as your Representative, faithfully to discharge the trust reposed in me, irrespective of any consideration, but the welfare of our common country.
I hope the time between this and the Election will permit me to have the pleasure of personally soliciting your support.
I have the honour to be, Gentlemen,
Your faithful and obedient Servant,
Ballylin, Ferbane, July 3rd 1865
Printed at Printing House Building, Parsonstown
FLOODING and bad surfaces on the R357 from Shannonbridge to Ballinasloe were the subject of discussion by councillors at a recent meeting of Roscommon County Council.
Cllr. John Naughten noted that Bord na Mona will be drawing peat to the new ESB station in Shannonbridge via Dysart. He said that the section of R357 from Shannonbridge to Ballinasloe was particularly bad.
In reply, Director of ServicesMs. Majella Hunt said that ?l million has been invested on that route to date, on a section of the Ballinasloe to Shannonbridge road. She also noted that the section of the road at Cloonfad will be part of the 2005 scheme.
On Friday evening Shannonbridge footballers set off to play Tubber in a challenge game under lights.
Thirty players attended and it was decided to play fifteen for the first half and the other fifteen for the second half. It worked out fine and Shannonbridge won.
Friday night Jim Kilduff (81) and his son arrived in Shannonbridge. They were availing of a weekend offer in Haydens Hotel in Ballinasloe. Jim is a native of Moore but spend a long time working for the Guinness Brewery in Dublin. He recounted his early life when he used to cut turf by slane which he sold to Saint Brigid's hospital in Ballinasloe. One year he sold 47 lorry load. Jim was recounting dancing in Moran's Hall, which is now The Fort Resturant. Admission was 4d and one night he remembers drinking the few pence in his pocket and putting a goat into the dance hall through a window to distract the attention of Frank Moran whom was in charge. Jim told us that he keeps in touch with what is happening in the area as he orders The Galway Tribune, The Roscommon Herald and The Westmeath Independent weekly from his newsagent in Dublin.
Heard that Mrs Glennon (Peter's mother) from Camcloon is looking forward to celebrating her 100 Birthday next week. She will become one of three people over 100 years living in County Roscommon. She plays cards in Moore Hall every week. Hope she has a wonderful birthday.
There was a special birthday for Mary Kelly on Saturday night. Mary now teaches in Castlesampson and lives in Saint Ciaran's Park. Quiz people will know her well as she gives of her time on Wednesday nights to correct the quiz answers.
Sad news at the weekend that The Maltings in Banagher is to close with the loss of c 30 jobs. Will the Guinness taste the same without the Banagher Malting.
The remains of Mark Anthony Sweeney, Earlspark were on view in his parent's house last evening and the remains will be taken to Moore Church this morning for the Funeral Mass and burial afterwards.
Anthony died in London last week when he fell from a bridge while crossing a motorway and fell onto the road. Son of Christy and Joan Sweeney he had five brothers and one sister. Before going to England Anthony served his time with Bord na Mona at the Blackwater Works. May he rest in peace.
Death occurred on Friday of Peter Guinan, Ballyclare, Ferbane who leaves a widow and a brother Johnny. Peter worked for many years in Ferbane Power Plant. May he rest in peace.
Spotted it too late that another George Brent film The Golden Arrow was shown on TCM Sunday at 9.20 AM. Bette Davis was his co-star.
The table quiz this week is being run to raise flowers for Shannonbridge Church and the quiz on the following week is in aid of Tidy Town funds.
Weather forecast is mostly cloudy and dry until Thursday with an occasional light shower and temperatures of 10 C or 50 F. To turn colder at the weekend with a mix of sunny spells and scattered wintry showers.
The Fort Restaurant in Shannonbridge reopens on Wednesday night 2nd February having being closed to allow staff take a break after the Christmas. See their advert on this web site.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ciaran Rock recently found the menu used for the Bord Na Mona Blackwater and Garryduff Works for their First Annual Dinner Dance on Wednesday 13th December 1961 in Hayden's Hotel Ballinasloe.
The "take your pick" Menu commenced with -

Soup Consomme La Diesel Clear or
Cream of Spragnum Cuspidatum
Fish Poached Shannonbridge Salmon and Clonmacnois Sauce.

Entrée Grilled Culliagh Steak, Marchand de Drainwater.
Sweetbreads a La Lawrenstown Ram.

Roast Garryduff Beef and Rodgerstown Pudding
Callow Duck with Silt Sauce

Vegetables Ballydangan Peas, Moore Sprouts and Clondelara Spuds.

Dessert Blackwater Trifle and Gowlan Cream.
Leitra Cheese and Jacob's Biscuits.

( False Teeth may not be removed for servicing )

Wines Claret 1390 - Vin Rouge 710

Intervals during Dancing for Lubrication and Filling-up.


Open all taps - Do not Force or Wrench
Let Hayden's Hall be gay to-night,
The company is grand
With lots of lovely ladies,
And Pat Shine's melodious Band.

Engineers and Gangers and
Machine Men one and all
And hardy, sturdy stalwarts,
Of drain and deep outfall.

The Surveyors and the Workshop,
And the Office personnel,
All devoted workers - and
Old Ireland loves them well.

All gathered here in concord,
To enjoy a pleasant time,
At this our Annual Dinner Dance,
The first of a long line.

So raise your glasses one and all,
And drink a toast we must,
For though the peat is valuable,
We must wash down the dust.
"Good Health Blackwater / Garryduff,
Your best you always give,
Through your noble efforts,
We’ll have a better life to live.
German shovels to be handed in at Reception Desk.
Note the music was provided by Pat Shine's Band.
Good to read on the local papers that Kate Thornhill is one of the people nominated for The Offaly Person of the Year recognising her voluntary work in the Uganda Orphanage last year.
As a keep in touch with that same orphanage last nights table quiz was held for their cause and some 225 Euro was raised.
The fine weather is having an effect on the flood and river levels have eased back a little but are still high. Noticed the River Blackwater has dropped over a foot in a week.
Shannonbridge Potteries took part in a trade show in the RDS in Dublin this week and Mick Killeen and Tom Mc Evoy visited the show yesterday and were impressed with the variety and size of what was on offer. They reckon one would need two days to get a good look at everything.
See on the papers that U2 are starting their American tour in San Diego and after a few weeks touring will continue touring Europe. Two concerts have been scheduled for Croke Park.
Weather forecast for today and next three days is for dry cloudy conditions with temperatures reaching 10 C or 50 F during the day. Some light frost at night where skies are clear.
Reminder that the Library is open tonight from 7 to 9 pm.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Der - your birds don't need fat at temps of 50 f. We've been having wind chills of minus 9 with a foot of snow over the weekend and an inch yesterday. Jim shoveled a path to the feeders as our birds are in a feeding frenzy. Six goldfinches at once on the finch feeder. with such deep snow the birds can't get to any seeds that are on the ground. We saw a little mouse peek his head out from under the snow and grab a nut. Supposed to warm up later this week. Keep well. Lorraine
Death has occured of Stevie Keane, Delvin Park Ferbane and a native of Claregalway.
Removal on Thursday evening with burial on Friday in his native Galway.
May he rest in peace.
Noticed some hedge cutting along the road to Cloghan last week and the machine also cut the grass verge which looked very well.
Now Lorraine Mc Kenna tells us that with our temperatures the birds will not require suet cakes.
Today is dry and cloudy with temperatures reaching 11 C or 52 F. Mostly dry and settled for the weekend.
Patrick Kenny has invented a new mouse trap. It consists of a frame that holds a razor blade with edge up. A piece of cheese is placed on the other side. This is located near the mouse hole.
The mouse comes out and comes up to the blade, looks across and sees the cheese. He nips around the side and eats the cheese.
Next night the trap is reloaded. The mouse comes along and puts his head across the blade and looks up and down saying " where is the cheese". The mouse cuts its own throat and dies.
Warning - not for the squeamish.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

(by Wendy Cope)

The day he moved out was terrible -
That evening was hell.
His absence wasn't a problem
But the corkscrew had gone as well.

Steve Peak of Badges Plus has forwarded the above four liner. Steve very kindly donated a bag of badges to the Kate in Uganda fund last year and they realized over 1300 Euros in sales which went into the fund at the time. What about the orphanage in Uganda where Kate worked as a volunteer ?. Well a table quiz has been organized for tomorrow night in Killeens at 9.45 pm with the proceeds going to help the orphanage in Uganda. Kate was saying last night that she is hoping to meet the nun that she accompanied many times on her weekly visit round as she is due home shortly. Kate mentioned that a girl had contacted her who wanted to volunteer time as Kate had. Perhaps Kate will continue to write now and again.
Weather for the past few days has been fine during the day and getting colder in the evening and a touch of frost at night. This morning while walking to work there was a marvelous chorus of birds singing and even in the flooded area where the trees were sown a wild duck was throwing in his bit. Temperatures are about 10 C or 50F. The birds are using the bird feeders and one feeder that was topped up on Sunday night was almost empty last evening. Lorraine Mc Kenna recommended that we should make suet cakes for the birds as they need fat during the cold spell.

Monday, January 24, 2005

The funeral takes place today of John Mc Loughlin Tullamore who was Rose Ryan's father.
May he rest in peace.
Ard Chiarain held an Open Day yesterday for the Moore Parish.
The visiting Wisconsin group who are staying at Castledaly Manor were delighted with the sunshine and dry conditions for their visit to Clonmacnois and Shannonbridge yesterday as there had been a lot of wind and rain since their arrival on Wednesday for their week stay. One of the party told us that it is very cold back in Wisconsin at this time.
Another cloudy and sunny day today with a few light showers thrown in. A northerly wind will reduce the temperature to 7C or 45F.
Group of visitors from Sneem stopped off in Shannonbridge yesterday and Louis Darcy was saying that The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door is located outside a pub in Sneem.
Glad to hear from Peggy McLaughlin from Boston who tells us that she is a second cousin and that she has collected information on the Killeen family who emigrated to America at the time of the Famine.
Peggy's great-grandmother was Kate Killeen, born in Ardnaglug, Moore, Roscommon.
Yesterday in the O'Byrne Cup football match Laois trained by Mick O Dwyer had a convincing win over Westmeath, trained by the other Kerryman Paidi O Shea.
Two more lots of people have donated books to the Library. Pat and Rose and Emmett would like to see more people use the library and they say that the section of the library set up for the young people is getting very little use. How about coming along on Thursday night from 7 to 9 pm.
Heard that Paul Kerrigan the authority writer on the Martello Fortifications visited Shannonbridge yesterday with Christy Cunniffe who himself has accumulated an amount of historical facts and data on the area.
hello from new zealand!!

well we've arrived safe and sound. it was a busy few weeks before leaving, we were busy packing and getting everything sorted before leaving. as a leaving present one of my friends from work gave me two tickets to the most incredible stage performance that is the lion king. ms price was in palm beach for a last chance to spot some of the home and away crew (still so very disappointed that i left australia without seeing jesse!) so martha our housemate came with me. it was absolutely breathtaking, right from the start. the costumes were so imaginative and the singing just filled you with goosebumps. the lighting was unlike anything we'd ever seen. it was all just amazing. would most definitely go to see it again. highly recommended!
anyway we left sydney early last monday morning, and i must admit i found it alot harder than i ever dreamed i would. i cried the whole way to the airport, even though i knew i'd be back on wednesday! it felt really strange leaving a place that had become our little home for eight long months.
we arrived in uluru, after a pretty turbulent flight, where the weather was a scorching 31 degrees. it's really beautiful there, it's in the middle of nowhere and all you can see is a blanket of red soil and army green bushes that spread as far as the eye can see. the army of flies seemed to invade our airspace almost momentarily. they seemed to surround us, buzzing in our ears and crawling round our eyes, and all over our faces. the australian wave proved quite tiring and just wasn't enough to keep the determined flies away. before long, i had given up and soon i was quite used to the flies crawling on me.
there was a free bus there that picks you up to bring you to your resort and then to the airport for your departure which is quite good. it took us to the campsite, so we checked in and booked our sunset and sunrise tours for that night and the following morning. we pitched the tent which didn't take us too long, quite good considering it was our first camping experience. it was a really nice campsite, very well equipped, not at all like what we were expecting, though i'm still not sure what that was. i was very surprised however to see that they had a lovely swimming pool there. it was lovely to cool down in.
we were very much looking forward to the sunset as we'd heard so much about it from so many people. the wonderful colour changes and everything, it was going to be magnificent. the bus collected us and drove us through the nothingness, and driving around ayers rock, it became clear just how big it was. quite amazing, from the plane it had looked quite small, obviously, i guess. but it was quite incredible. the sunset however didn't meet our expectations at all. in fact it proved to be quite disappointing. the colour changes weren't at all wonderous or magnificent to the eye, they were in fact quite plain and not at all very interesting. i found the sunset in capetown on a boat, with the sun sinking into the water, far more beautiful . we were quite disappointed especially, when the driver rushed us back to the bus to bring us back, before the sun had even finished setting. in my opinion, the sun hasn't set until the sky is dark and the stars are out. speaking of the stars, when we got back to the campsite, and looked up to the sky, i was in my element, the clear dark sky was completely littered with millions of stars, it was incredible. we hopped into the tent, and i fell asleep staring at the stars, we had an early start in the morning.
well somehow, we managed to sleep in and missed the bus and so missed our chance to see the sunrise but i did ring the crowd though and made up that we were jet lagged and stuff, and they said we could do it the next morning instead which was pretty sound. missing the bus however, meant we had no way back in, as we'd planned to do one of the walks around the rock after the sunrise, but it was just as well as it was now 38degrees and we couldn't really handle it. had we gone and attempted one of the walks, we would most definitely have been hospitalised with sunstroke and heatstroke, it was hard enough walking in the shade for a few minutes to get a bottle of water!
i did do a bit of walking out the road however and found a lovely little spot called imalung lookout, it was on a sand dune. most beautiful views of ayers rock and the olgas. here there was a perfect view for the sunsets and sunrises. we decided we'd watch the sunset from the lookout that night. figured if we waited till dark, we might see something incredible we may have missed out on the night before. but no, it was just the same, quite plain, it obviously just wasn't to be. we met this french lad, pierre, he too had been quite disappointed by them. so we were glad to know it wasn't just us who had what may have been, great expectations.
after the sunset we went to the pioneer lodge for a drink, and the most delicious veggie burgers we've ever tasted! we were quite surprised however, considering their location, to find that they had a very strict dress code, we found it quite ridiculous. and i seemed to be wearing everything that they didn't want, singlet and thongs. they didn't kick us out though! afterwards we walked back to the campsite, guided by our torch, hoping we wouldn't be attacked by dingoes. it was to be a restless night in our tent though, with a mouse moving around underneath it all night!
we did wake on time the next morning, at a very early 3:30am, and headed off to see the sunrise, we thought it would definitely be better than the sunset had been, but we were once more severely disappointed. after that it was back to pack up and head to the airport to fly back to sydney.
we went to meet the women that evening for a bite to eat and ended up going out for the night, we left the club with only enough time to get our bags from my friends house, and they took us to the airport. we were asleep before the plane took off the runway!
we woke as the wheels touched down in auckland and after almost two hours of queues, we finally got out, where we were met by my aunt and uncle. we're staying with them in a little town called sandringham, just outside the city. we both found it really hard to adjust to being here, as we both miss sydney very much.
new zealand is very much like ireland, with lots of green fields, and an awful lot quieter than sydney. we went to a dormant volcano, and other lookout spots, with nice views of the city, and we also went to the waterfront. i got scalded on one of beaches, but i'm hoping it will change colour and turn brown! yesterday we went to one of the beaches with volcanic black sand. it was very nice there, incredibly scenic, really very beautiful. other than that, i've not much more to write at the moment, i think i've written more than enough already, i got a bit carried away! until next time ~ take care everyone!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 23rd Jan 2005 - 3rd Sun A
Tel (090) 9674125
Fax (090) 9674267

Masses: Each day @ 10am
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €615. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: M.O'Duffy, M.Corbett, M.Moran
Eucharistic ministers: Group 2
Readers for next Weekend: S.Grennan, G.Hoysted
Altar Servers for this week: Katie, Mary-Anne, Tara
Mass on next Sat eve for Mary Mannion & deceased family

Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €231. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: B.Kenny, M.Lantry
Readers for next Sunday: A.Coughlan
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group 4
Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: A.Rohan
Mass on next Sun for the late Paddy Gunning

Shannonbridge Active Retirement Group will meet on Tues next @ 10.30am

Ferbane Community Childcare Working Group
Has been awarded funding of €1.1million, under the National Development Plan to construct a Community Childcare Centre.
An information evening to discuss this will be held on Mon 24th Jan in the Arts & Heritage Centre, Ferbane, from 8 -10pm.
All interested people welcome!
West Offaly Rural Transport
Please note that the number for booking of community bus services has been changed to 0509-51622: (Mon to Fri 9am-1pm; 2-5pm)
Remembrance Service in Portiuncula Hospital Chapel
For parents who have suffered a bereavement through the death of their children, miscarriage or stillbirth, on Wed 2nd Feb @ 7.30pm
Last year relaunched its website with a whole new look. You can use the site to check Mass times, or to find contact details for religious orders and retreat houses, but there is something for everyone. Young children, for example, will love Talk2God, an interactive prayer page with colourful graphics and simple text.
There is also the Requiem section, with an interactive prayer feature, for those mourning loved ones, plus some reading material on bereavement.
You can also read articles taken from religious periodicals, such as Reality, The Word, Spirituality, and The Messenger.
There is also a "First Chapters" section --- extracts from books in the current catalogues of many publishing houses.
On Religion . . . . . . . . . . . (Rabbi Harold Kushner, Who Needs God)
"Religion is first and foremost a way of seeing. It can’t change the facts about the world we live in, but it can change the way we see those facts, and that in itself can often make a real difference."

Real Joy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Sir Wilfred Grenfell)
"Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of others, but from doing something worthwhile."

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The 1950 Midland Tribune newspaper cost 3d has its largest advertisement on the front page, where in a 12 x 6 Inch announcement Murphy Radio tells us that there are about 800 Radio Dealers in the country. But only 80 are permitted to sell Murphy sets. The heading is ONE MAN IN TEN…. With a detective like man in hat and lower down a picture drawing of the Murphy A170 Table Model. Price £27.10.0 No tax.
Other eye catching advertisements are for VP Wine, selling at 6 / - a bottle.
Angier's Emulsion for stomach chills, Poultrine a cure for poultry liver disease, blackheads, drooping, not-picking, and diarrhoea which was made by Bells of Waterford.
Nugget shoe polish in tins costing 4.5 d and 8d.
Beechams Pills worth a "guinea a box" but selling at 1/1.5d and 2/9d
Lucas Car Batteries with 2 years insured life.
Fynnon Salts which was anti-rheumatic laxative salt good for Sciatica, Lumbago, Neuritis, Fibrositis and Gout. Costing 1/6 for a large tin.
Rodine for rats and mice cost 11d, 1/10, 3/8 and was made by Harley, Perth, Scotland.
Zube cough mixture - If you shout yourself hoarse - go suck a zube cost 6d an ounce loose , 7.5d tins.
Barry & Sons, Castle Street ,Birr had an advert seeking Poultry, Eggs, Butter, Rabbits. They specified Cockerels, standard quality 2 / 3 per lb., Hens 1/ - per lb. Turkeys 4 / - per lb, Horse hair 3 / - per lb. Rabbits (trapped and snared) 2 / 3 each. All birds must have straight breasts, adequately fleshed out and fasted for 24 hours.
The Library is open tonight 7 to 9. Promised Jack Quinn's poem titled Childhood 1 and here goes -
Childhood 1 …. Jack Quinn

The cawing crows
in croaky chorus
scattering twigs
on the first of March
in the tall trees
of the Protestant Church

Lying in bed
on a Wi
nter's night
protected by the red
of the little lamp
for the shop to close
the tinkle of the supper cups

Footsteps on the stairs
and the voices in the next room
the non-payment
of a promised bill

Mashed potato
laced with onion
crowned with a diadem
of country butter
gleaming like untainted gold

Sunday night in the parlour
in the green light of the Aladdin
the roaring fire
and the special treat

The bird count chart for our back yard has some changes for last week.
2 Pied Wagtail 1 Magpie
2 Robin 1 Jackdaw
4 Coal Tit 12 Rook
6 Blue Tit 4 Greenfinch
6 Green Tit
9 Starling ----- High 21
6 House Sparrow ----- High 4
4 Chaffinch ----- High 3
6 Goldfinch ----- High 4.
Start counting the birds visiting your yard / garden in practise for next year. Rose Ryan is co-ordinator.
Father Michael O Connell from The Medical Missionaries of Mary was attending a funeral in Loughrea yesterday and stopped off at the Table Quiz last night which was in aid of their Aids mission in South Africa. Over 600 Euro was raised at the quiz for their Aids project. Hope he got home to Cork safely last night as he was scheduled to celebrate an early Mass.
During the hay days of the Ballinasloe Gala fishing festival one of the most popular fishermen attending was Ivan Marks from Leicester. A good friend of Ivan, Tom Coulson forwarded a special farewell tribute to Ivan Marks 1936 - 2004 that was included in the Angling Times. Tom said that Ivan knew how to burn both ends of the candle. May he rest in peace.
News last night of the death of Father Sean Murphy from near Ahascragh who worked on the missions most of his life and later worked as chaplain in an English univercity and more recently in a busy London parish where he died. May he rest in peace.
Note that the next meeting of the West Offaly Community Forum will take place in Rahan Community Centre on Tuesday 25th January at 8.30 pm. Agenda includes
Funding for the Community and Voluntary sector 2005:
Applying for funding and drawing it down. Special emphasis on
# West Offaly Enterprise Fund
# Supports for Voluntary and Community Groups
# Lotto funding
Update from Offaly Community Forum
Selection of Rep from West Offaly Community Forum to Offaly Community Forum Steering Group.
Representatives of voluntary groups in the area are welcome to attend.
Contact Declan Costelloe 0509 51622 who is the Community Development Officer.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

> A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the present " Seven Wonders of the World ." Though there were some disagreements, the following received the most votes:
>1. Egypt's Great Pyramids
>2. Taj Mahal
>3. Grand Canyon
>4. Panama Canal
>5. Empire State Building
>6. St. Peter's Basilica
>7. China 's Great Wall
>While gathering the votes, the teacher noted that one student had not finished her paper yet. So she asked the girl if she was having trouble with her list. The girl replied, "Yes, a little. I couldn't quite make up my mind
>because there were so many."
>The teacher said, "Well, tell us what you have, and maybe we can help.
>"The girl hesitated, then read, "I think the ' Seven Wonders of the World ' are:
>1. To See
>2. To Hear
>3. To Touch
>4. To Taste
>5. To Feel
>6. To Laugh
>7. And to Love."
>The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.
>The things we overlook as simple and ordinary and that we take for granted are truly wondrous!
>A gentle reminder --that the most precious things in life cannot be built by hand or bought by man.
You can log on to the Irish Weather Forecast at
They have a gale warning on the coasts today. Day will be cloudy and milder with outbreaks of rain and drizzle in northern areas. The south will tend to be drier. Temperature 12C or 54 F. Becoming breezier through the day. Overcast tonight with drizzle and low fog and scattered outbreaks of rain. Lowest temperature 7 to 10 C or 45 to 50 F.
Went to the funeral of Joe Dooley in Rath yesterday. Joe was a hurler with Drumcullen in his youth and always maintained an interest in the GAA. He was also interested in politics and was elected to Offaly County Council of which he became Chairperson. Cards were a great hobby of Big Joe and he played 25 and bridge often. May he rest in peace. On the return journey from Rath we stopped off in Banagher and saw Brid Larkin in Home Needs who is having a Half Price sale Was almost tempted to pick up a Poncho but stopped myself. Called in to Paul Flynn's general store and was amazed to see the variety of items on offer. Paul's sister was telling that the film crew that were in Shannonbridge recently are still working in Banagher and took over a shop there for a day to film a scene. Then visited the Banagher Library where they said that they had 600 children members. Checked out the word "saw" in their dictionary and was glad to find out it meant old saying as it had appeared in a crossword recently.
The flood water is both sides of the road at Shannonharbour and the side nearest the river looked right bleak with the wind creating choppy waves. Two swans were swimming on the other side of the road.
Presses were often lined with old newspapers and this week a Midland Tribune dated November 18th 1950 appeared. And a few adverts were interesting. Cloghan Parochial Hall had a Dance on Sunday 19th November with music by Frank Reid's Dance Band. Dancing 8 to 12. Admission 2 / 6.
Ballinahowen Hall had a dance on the same night with dancing 8 to 12 and admission 2 / 6 with music by Sean Dully's Band.
Shannon Cinema in Banagher had Shirley Temple in "Miss Annie Rooney" on Sunday night, Errol Flynn in " The Sea Hawk" on Tuesday and Wednesday and Gary Cooper in "The Unconquered" on Thursday and Friday. Their Peoples Popular Prices were 1s 8d, 1s 3d, and 8d. Children were 1s 8d,
And 4d on week nights only. No reduced prices on Sunday nights.
In the Grand Cinema in Tullamore The Charles Ollington Company with Joseph Nolan, Patricia Turner, Harry Dalton, Sheila Lader and full London Company were advertised for one week only.
Monday - " Juno and the Paycock", Tuesday - " Dark Summer ", Wednesday - "Tankardstown",
Thursday - " Rebecca ", Friday - "The Winslow Boy", Saturday - "Murder Without Crime " and Sunday - "Blithe Spirit ". Admission -- 3s, 2s, and 1s. Nightly at 8.30. These were all three act plays..
Included in the Midland Tribune 1950 Miscellaneous Advertisements were -
A Cosy Fire, an Armchair, a Book, and a Good Radio from Moore;s Banagher. Lists free. Generous allowance on old sets in working order.
Lost in Emmet Street Birr. Pair Nigger Slacks. Substantial reward. Information to Box No. 721
When in Naas or passing through call to Mulvey's, 16 South, Main Street for best drinks, etc. Michael Mulvey, Proprietor, late Manager D.E. Williams, Ltd, Belmont.
Wanted, 500 Barrels New Crop Oats. Sacks supplied and delivery taken immediately. Reply , Kinnity Castle Estates. Ltd..
Wanted, Civil Engineer, experienced in aerodrome construction, scrapers, trenches, etc. Phone Tullamore 216.
Best English and Scotch Polecat or Greyhound Ferrets at current prices. CLEARY Direct Importer. Birr
Two of the pages of this Midland Tribune were devoted to the Rose Hand murder case and many items had to be held over.
Deirdre Mulvihill and Aisling O'Brien visited Shannonbridge last weekend and write of their experience.
it is with great pleasure that we write to you to tell you about our
wonderful time spent in your charming town that is shannonbridge. we
spent last weekend having the craic with all the locals, young, old and
everything in between!! it was of pure coincidence that we stumbled
across this wonderful place as we befriended two of shannonbridge's
finest citizens down in i.t. carlow. they are of course
josephine (josie) egan and david corbett (teeny bopper). everyone says
that first impressions always count and what a great impression we got
at Luker's, where john joe o'brien not only served up great alcohol in
the latter part of saturday night but also freshly brewed coffee on
sunday morning. our next port of call was the bog oak where josie works.
here we put more money back into the community through the wonderful gaa
officer, frank (did we win the lotto by any chance!??). we ended a
wonderful night in a legend of a pub the likes never seen in keryy or
limerick and you know where we are talking about dermot it is the wonder
pub/shop/living room/you want it we got it KILLEENS!! here not only were
we served thirst quenching drinks but appetising offaly cocktail sausages!!
of course we cant leave without mentioning that beautiful 16 arch bridge
that dave never shuts up about and the wonderful breathtaking landscape
abundent in natural beauty such as bogs and trees and rivers.
neither i, deirdre mulvihill and my friend asiling o'brien have ever met
and never will meet nicer people than the shannonbridgers and you can
count on us to shout úIBH FHáLLí úIBH FHáLLí on the hill in croke
park to when ye reach an all-ireland final or club all-ireland final!!
Dee and Ash

Monday, January 17, 2005

Terry's Hill was the name of the hill just outside Shannonbridge on the road to Ballinasloe just past the mouth of the Raghrabeg road. The arrival of the Ursuline nuns some years ago made a dramatic change to the hillside with the building of The Ard Chiarain Prayer Centre. An amount of landscaping work has been carried out with about eight wooden buildings erected. Yesterday the Ursuline Nuns that live there Sisters Maura Moran and Marie Connolly had an open day for the people of Clonmacnois parish to have a look at the place and find out what is going on there.
Those that turned up were met by a welcoming cup of tea in one of the bigger buildings. Later we were taken on a walkaround of the five stand alone buildings intended for use for all who are seeking time out to be quiet, to listen, to pray, to get in touch with their inner selves and with God. There is also an Chapel / Oratory and two bigger units. One is a meeting room with reading facilities and the other building where we got the cup of tea is the main kitchen and dining room for group events.
The individual units contain a bed, en-suite facility, Cooker, fridge and furniture allowing users to be self catering. One unit is designed for parents. Buildings are heated by underfloor heating and are most comfortable. We were also taken on a walk around the gardens and I enjoyed the walk around the tranquility circle which is a path bounded by red brick and you follow the path , not crossing the red brick so that eventually you end up in the centre of the circle where a bench awaits and a round stone
Floats in a pool of rocks as a focal point.
Later we had prayer and music in the Chapel and Maura Moran told us that we were welcome to visit the Oratory or the garden with the walk. They have evening prayer in the Chapel each evening from 5.00 to 5.30 and we were invited to come along any evening if we felt like it.
Next Sunday Moore parish has the invitation from 3 to 4.30 PM.
So what is it like taking time out in Ard Chiarain ??? Well Bernard Matthieu a Yale professor from Boston is spending some days there and promised to send us an account of his experience.
Hopefully we will have the Ard Chiarain Programme for 2005 on this site soon.
Berard Matthieu was asking a missionary priest attending the open day if there was any Irish spoken in Ireland and if the Missioner spoke Irish. He told him about the Gaeltacht and the recent trend of Irish Speaking Schools. He was a missioner in China at one time and the Chinese were asking him where he came from. When he replied Ireland they wanted to know if that was a place in England. He said no. What language is spoken in Ireland they asked. He had to admit English but that we also have an Irish Language. From that moment he became determined to relearn Irish and he is now able to converse in Irish and celibrate Mass using
The fundraising Table Quiz for the aids crisis in South Africa scheduled for Wednesday night in Killeens got off to a good start at the weekend when over 200 Euro of tickets were bought for the raffle at the quiz. Thanks to Myra Guinan for selling an amount of tickets on Saturday night. All monies raised will be used by Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in their efforts to help orphans and mothers in their care centre in South Africa.
Robert Holohan a youngster from Midleton disappeared thiteen days ago and his found last week after an extensive search and tracking his mobile phone. Last night a man was arrested for questioning.
The Michael Viney column on the Irish Times tells that the wooden boxes seen on some wine bottles can be turned into upright bird boxes if you put in some drainage holes in the floor. The entrance hole should be at the top of the front or side, and 29 mm in diameter. Boxes should be placed at a height of about 1.8 metres, protected from prevailing winds and shaded from hot sun, in the arc between northeast and southeast.The birds should be given a clear flight path with a convenient staging post about two metres away. Remove the wine first.
Good to hear from Brendan Killeen last night and he sends best wishes to everyone. Brendan and Eileen and kids plan to come to Ireland in May.
Weather today is forecast as cold and cloudy with sunny spells and squally showers of rain and hail, with the showers turning to sleet or snow by nightfall in the North. Risk of thunder. Temperature 7 C or 45 F. Winds strong or gusty south west 55 MPH
Tonight windy or stormy 70 MPH and very showery with hail and snow in all areas.
What more would you want ?
From: Jim Dorsey

Was very sorry to hear of the death of Ita McManus Hanlon, my dads cousin. I was lucky enough to meet her and many other cousins during my visits to Ireland in 1996 and 1997. I enjoy reading up on all the news in Shannonbridge.

Jim Dorsey

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 16th Jan 2005 - 2nd Sun A
Tel (090) 9674125
Fax (090) 9674267

Masses: Each day @ 10am
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €505. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: K.Price, C.Curley, P. Anderson
Eucharistic ministers: Group 1
Readers for next Weekend: E.Quinn, P.Duffy
Altar Servers for this week: Darragh, Ruaidhrí, Michael
'Months Mind' Mass for Damien Kenny on next Sat Eve.

Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €155. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: J.Egan, B.Dolan
Readers for next Sunday: Ian Maleney
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group 3
Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: K.Kelly
Mass on next Sun for John Loonam & family deceased.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins on Tues 18th Jan and concludes on 25th Jan, feast of the Conversion of St Paul.
Ard Chiaráin Retreat Centre -- Information Day, Sun 16th Jan.
Would you like to take a tour of the Centre & learn what happens there? Or how you could use the facilities that are available? Then come along on Sun 16th Jan between 3 - 4.30pm, when all the information you need will be provided with a warm welcome.
Perhaps, you are just curious; then come & satisfy your curiosity!
An Evening with John O'Donohue
Poet & celebrated author of 'Anam Cara' and 'Divine Beauty',
Marian Hall, Birr on Tues 18th Jan @ 8pm. Adm €10.
Theme of his talk is:
God is the Horizon of Healing, Hope and Creativity.
Table Quiz Wed 19th Jan @ 9.45pm, in Killeens
Proceeds to Children with Aids, c/o Sacred Heart Missionaries
Ferbane Community Childcare Working Group
Has been awarded funding of €1.1million, under the National Development Plan to construct a Community Childcare Centre.
An information evening to discuss this will be held on Mon 24th Jan in the Arts & Heritage Centre, Ferbane, from 8 -10pm.
All interested people welcome!
Lourdes Invalid Fund Collection
Will take place on next weekend, 22 / 23 Jan. Please support.
Asian Earthquake Disaster
There has been a wonderful response to this appeal, and it is very much appreciated. The proceeds came to €4,500 plus a donation for €1,000 from Shannonbridge GAA Club. We have sent your contributions to Trócaire. No deductions for administration of any kind will be taken from these donations.
Clonfanlough Christmas Party
The organisers wish to thank all those who made any contribution to the special occasion, by way of music and song, by donating money or prizes, and by any help in running the event. By all accounts it was a very pleasant evening, and enjoyed by all.

Friday, January 14, 2005

From Maureen Kaylor in Chicago

In light of the many perversions and jokes we send along to one another for a laugh, this is a little different:

This joke today is not intended to be a joke, it's not intended to be funny, it's intended to get you thinking.

*Billy Graham's daughter was interviewed on the Early Show and Jane Clayson asked her "How could God let something like this happen?" ( regarding the attacks on Sept. 11 ).

Anne Graham gave an extremely profound and insightful response. She said... "I believe God is deeply saddened by this, just as we are, but for years we ve been telling God to get out of our schools, to get out of our government and to get out of our lives. And being the gentleman He is, I believe He has calmly backed out. How can we expect God to give us His blessing and His
protection if we demand He leave us alone?"

In light of recent events...terrorists attack, school shootings, etc. I think it started when Madeleine Murray O'Hare (she was murdered, her body found recently) complained she didn't want prayer in our schools, and we said OK.

Then someone said you better not read the Bible in school... the Bible says thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, and love your neighbor as yourself. And we said OK.

Then Dr. Benjamin Spock said we shouldn't spank our children when they misbehave because their little personalities would be warped and we might damage their self-esteem (Dr. Spock's son committed suicide). We said an expert should know what he's talking about. And we said OK.

Then someone said teachers and principals better not discipline our children when they misbehave. The school administrators said no faculty member in this school better touch a student when they misbehave because we don't want any bad publicity, and we surely don't want to be sued (there's a big difference between disciplining, touching, beating, smacking, humiliating, kicking, etc.). And we said OK.

Then someone said, let's let our daughters have abortions if they want, and they won't even have to tell their parents. And we said OK.

Then some wise school board member said, since boys will be boys and they're going to do it anyway, let's give our sons all the condoms they want so they can have all the fun they desire, and we won't have to tell their parents they got them at school. And we said OK.

Then some of our top elected officials said it doesn't matter what we do in private as long as we do our jobs. Agreeing with them, we said it doesn't matter to me what anyone, including the President, does in private as long as I have a job and the economy is good.

Then someone said let's print magazines with pictures of nude women and call it wholesome, down-to-earth appreciation for the beauty of the female body. And we said OK.

And then someone else took that appreciation a step further and published pictures of nude children and then further again by making them available on the Internet. And we said OK, they're entitled to free speech.

Then the entertainment industry said, let's make TV shows and movies that promote profanity, violence, and illicit sex. Let's record music that encourages rape, drugs, murder, suicide, and satanic themes. And we said it s just entertainment, it has no adverse effect, nobody takes it seriously anyway, so go right ahead.

Now we're asking ourselves why our children have no conscience, why they don't know right from wrong, and why it doesn't bother them to kill strangers, their classmates, and themselves.

Probably, if we think about it long and hard enough, we can figure it out. I think it has a great deal to do with "WE REAP WHAT WE SOW."

Funny how simple it is for people to trash God and then wonder why the world s going to hell. Funny how we believe what the newspapers say, but question what the Bible says. Funny how you can send 'jokes' through e-mail and they spread like wildfire, but when you start sending messages regarding the Lord people think twice about sharing. Funny how lewd, crude, vulgar and obscene
articles pass freely through cyberspace, but public discussion of God is suppressed in the school and workplace.

Are you laughing?

Funny how when you forward this message, you may not send it to nearly as many on your address list because you're not sure what they believe, or what they WILL think of you for sending it. Funny how we can be more worried about what other people think of us than what God thinks of us.

Pass it on if you think it has merit. If not then just discard it... no one but God and You will know you did. But, if you discard this thought process, don't sit back and complain about what bad shape the world is in!

Live 4 today...4 Tomorrow may never come...

Got some leaflets and information this morning from the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
telling about their work in South Africa for children who are the victims of AIDS. The money raised at the table quiz in Killeens on next Wednesday night will go directly to help their work with these children. The leaflet says that it takes 20 Euro per month to look after a child.
Saw a related item on The Irish Catholic about tax relief. Seems that if you are a taxpayer and decide to donate for example 500 Euro to a charity, by filling out a Tax Relief Form the charity are allowed to get back tax and your 500 Euro is worth 625 Euro to the charity. If you are on the higher rate of tax , your 500 Euro is now worth 862 Euro to the charity. Further information available from the Revenue website See page 8.

Mick and Louise took Brian and Dympna Carroll of Ely House B+B for a trip on the flooded river to Banagher and back yesterday. There was a strong current flowing and it took almost two hours on the return journey. Heard Louise give a warning to Colin that there is a concert coming up in Dublin and thatshe will require Colin and our webmaster as the backing group.

Weather is dry at present but there is a forecast for localised heavy rain 20 - 30 mm.
A gale warning for coastal waters. High temperature today of 13 C or 55F and tonight 10 C or 50 F.

My third cousin in Chicago send on an interesting answer to why the Tsunami disaster occured.
This is how Billy Graham's daughter put it and see it in a seperate blob.
Good to here from you.
My father's name is Pakie O' Rourke he was a post man in Ballinasloe. I live
in Ballydangan and used to work in Millar's when I was in School. I was
talking to you last June in the pub about your web site, your probably know
me to see I have red hair. Ask Ollie about me. Martin O Rourke also has a
son called Sean so don't get mixed up. I also played the piano one night in
the pub for Mike.
Last August I got married to an ausi girl, all the family were here for the
Patrick Kenny knows me well from Millar's Pub.
Would love to write bits and pieces for you, will send an e mail to get
Take care
Peter Hines and Bob Galligan travelled down the River Suck by boat yesterday on their weekly Thursday trip and Peter was telling that the Bord Na Mona Rail Bridge over the Suck at Creggan has navigation marker signs nearby with just the round part showing over the flooded river. Peter admitted ducking while passing under the Suck Bridge but when he looked back at Bob's boat there was adequate headroom. Noticed that there is water about a third way up the garden behind the library and it is the same on the other side of the street.
Kneeve from Dublin telephoned to complain that our spelling for the Irish for Baghdad yesterday was incorrect. It should be Mala Atair. Sorry about that.
Philip Eager a forester from Buccleuch is in the area at the moment and he was telling us that the forest he works at in Hampshire covers 3500 acres. One of the last orders he got ready before he left was sixteen tonnes of ash, which was sent to Ireland to be used in hurley manufacture.
Missed it. Saw on the paper that Shannonbridge's own George Brent starred in the 1946 romantic comedy Lover Come Back which was shown on sky 1 yesterday at 2.15 PM.
Glad to see Martin and Mary Burke home safe and sound after the Christmas break in England with their sons Dermot and Michael and family. They flew back in the bad wind and were lining up for Dublin Airport when at the last minute the plane was forced to divert to Belfast and they travelled down to Dublin by bus. It was a bit frightening as they passed Dundalk Racecourse when the wind strengthened but they were not blown off course.
Unusual Christmas card from Piet Feller and family who live in Susteren in the Nederlands.
It is a photo of his friend Guido sipping an Irish Coffee in the pub with a greeting typed on the back.
Good to hear that John Boland's brother has suffered no serious damage after falling off a roof before Christmas. Terry Birch changed his car and has one of the first 05 registrations in the area. When he collected his car he went to fill up with petrol and was told that there was a gallon in the tank so he changed his mind and decided to wait and fill up at Morans pumps in Shannonbridge. He almost got there but ran out of petrol when crossing the bridge.
Good to hear from Sean O Rourke from Sydney who introduces himself and is prepared to tell us about goings on in that part of the world. See his blob pasted alongside
hello again!

well we did the bridge climb the other day and it was so fantastic. i'm so glad we did it, and although it's quite expensive at $160, it's most definitely worth it and i highly recommend it. given our wonderful jumpsuits, breathilised for alcohol and given the run through what it was going to be like, we finally headed off to walk the some 1300+ steps that lead to the top of sydney harbour bridge. we had a lovely day, clear skies and the sun was shining. it was quite warm but being up so high, the breeze kept us comfortable. though the views were amazing from the AMP tower, sydney's tallest building, the views from the bridge were even better as there was no glass between our eyes and the beautiful sights that were the opera house, the harbour, the city and the captivating view that spread far into the horizon. in the distance we could see smoke from a bush fire. it was so beautiful up there words just couldn't describe how lovely it actually is. next time i'm back in sydney i'll do the night climb, i reckon it would be fantastic at night time, and to see the sunset from there. our guide told us that quite a few people have been proposed to at the top. they've even got special attachments for rings so the person can hide the ring up their sleeve. as everything you wear is attached to the suit. i guess sydney harbour bridge is australia's equivalent to the eiffell tower in france. but the last lad to do it, at the top, dropped to one kneee and proposed to his girlfriend, the guide was all ready to take a photo of the proposal and everything but then she said no. the guide said it was so uncomfortable for everyone, and nobody spoke on the way back down. poor lad. anyway, you can't take a camera up with you which is quite a shame, but they do take photos for you, and they are quite reasonably priced. ours did come out pretty well.
meanwhile, we've planned our next destination. we head to ayres rock on monday for two nights. fly back to sydney wednesday evening and fly to new zealand on thursday morning. looking forward to it, it should be a good experience. so we'll keep ye updated as we go, until later - take care.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Failed to transfer Fran Morley's letter from Alabama yesterday but suceeded see below. Harry Gunning was telling me last night that Fran is a writer and Im sure you will agree when you read it.
The local paper has an interesting snippet about two men, a woman , a child and a cow crossing the River Shannon about 1821. Things went wrong and the two men and the woman were drowned but the child escaped by holding onto the cow's tail.
One of the tie break questions in the table quiz last night asked what was Maile Athair. It was an all Irish audience and the answer was Baghdad. Maile is the Irish for bag and Athair is the Irish for father or dad.And there's more.
Brian O Meara who lives on the barge was in Athlone on Tuesday and got some small packs of sugar with his coffee in the Goldsmith Tavern. Each had A Spoonful of Irish printed on the pack.
Glorralonn beirt bothar... Two shorten the road. Beirt = two. Bothar = Road.
Bionn siulach scealach ... The traveller has tales to tell. Scealach = tales.
An rud a lionas an tsuil lionann se an croi... What fills the eye fills the heart. An rud = the thing.
Lion = fill. Suil = eye. Croi = heart.
Sileann do chara agus do namnamhaid nach bhfaighidh tu bas choiche .... Both your friends and your enemy think that you will never die. Chara = friends. Do = your. namhaid = enemy.
Bas = die.
Brian was very impressed with the smoking room attached to the Goldsmith but noted there were seven televisions and background music at work.
Weather - cold and frosty at first. Mainly dry day with sunny spells 9C or 48 F.
Tonight dry at first with groundfrost. Cloud and rain and fresh winds later.
The Library reopens this evening from 7 to 9 pm. You are invited to come along. Please do.
Looking at Jack Quinn's "Through a Small Window" I have found that he composed three poems on Childhood. You have seen Childhood II recently. Await Childhood I.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: News from Alabama
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 16:17:57 EST

Hello Dermot,
In your archives from last April, you noted that Harry Gunning had "an
invitation to visit" us in America. Well, that's just what happened. We just had a
wonderful visit from Harry and Anne and wanted to share the news with your
readers (story below). I also have a couple of photos if you have a place for
them? Let me know if I can send them to you.
Fran Morley
Fairhope, Alabama

My husband Tom and I visited your fine village last April. Tom's a violinist,
and he had hoped to join in on a session at Killeen's. When no other
musicians showed up that night, Mick put in a call to Harry Gunning. What happened
then, led to a happy surprise that has just had its payoff.
Tom and Harry hit it off musically and otherwise. After several hours of
playing tunes together, Tom told Harry to come visit us in our little city of
Fairhope, Alabama, the next time he came to America. We exchanged addresses and
phone numbers, but figured, in reality, that the possibility of getting together
again was remote.
This fall, however, Harry and his wife Anne made plans to fly to Orlando for
Christmas, and, since it is only an hour away from our home by air, he called
to let us know that they might come our way.
To make a long story short, Harry and Anne had a miserable few days in
Orlando, where it was too cold, rainy, and crowded. But I'm happy to say that things
took a turn for the better when they arrived here on the Alabama Gulf Coast.
We met as cautious strangers. After all, we had only spent a couple of hours
with Harry that night at Killeen's, and Anne and I only talked briefly on the
phone a week or so before their visit. Five days later, however, we parted as
best of friends.
During their stay, the four of us enjoyed walks on sandy beaches on the Gulf
of Mexico and Mobile Bay, a picnic (days were sunny, with highs around 20
Celsius), fireworks in downtown Fairhope on New Year's Eve, dinners out, a
gathering with friends (who of course brought instruments to play along with Harry
and Tom), shopping, and sightseeing. We 'made' Harry and Anne experience some
Southern delicacies, such as seafood gumbo, black-eye peas, turnip greens, and
sweet potatoes (all received favorable ratings!) Tom and Harry spent a day in
the studio recording a few tunes, and since Anne loves Bluegrass music, we went
out one night to hear a group play. Harry couldn't resist sitting in for a
few tunes, and he was a big hit with the regulars!
Now, we've made promises to see each other again, sometime, someplace. I just
wanted to write and let everyone know that the next time a visitor makes an
offer to "come visit," take them up on it! You never know where it might lead.
We're so glad that Harry and Anne Gunning took a chance and visited us in
Fran Morley
Fairhope, Alabama
P.S. for more on Tom's music, visit www.flyingfrogmusic.comV
I enjoy reading the local news on the web site, it's a great service and you
really appreciate it when you are far from home. Next time you see Ollie
Daly, tell him I said hello.
Sean O Rourke

Hello from Pembroke.
Could you please pass on our thanks to Kieran & Veronica for the very warm
welcome the gave our Gareth & Ruth when they visited Shannonbridge in September
during a short camping holiday .
They turned up out of the blue but had the normal real warm welcome from
Kieran, Veronica & family that was really appreciated,
Gareth wanted to show Ruth his Granddads Cottage & all the familiar places he
had visited over the years.
Keep up the Newsletter that we enjoy reading & often spot names & places we
remember with affection after all our visits.
Best wishes to all in Shannonbridge for Christmas & Good luck for 2005.
ps glad to have noticed Kieran is still catching double figured Pike,!!!!!!
Caroline & John Lewis

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Yesterday was all about wind with the forecasters telling us that gael force winds were approaching and would reach 100 MPH in the afternoon. Somehow Shannonbridge escaped the worst of it apart from losing electricity for a few hours in the late afternoon. Big news headline was the tragic death of a man driving his van over the River Foyle near Derry city and being swept off the bridge by the gael and plunging a few hundred feet to his death below.
Today is a different story with sunshine and light winds and the odd shower aas well.
Caroline and John Lewis sent Christmas greetings from Pembroke to Kieran and Veronica Hynes and everybody they know in Shannonbridge.
Seems we have another frind in Sydney as well as Ciara and Sarah. Sean O Rourke reads the web and sends greetings to Ollie Daly. Maybe the girls might say hello to Sean before they leave Sydney. Telephone him at 612 9927 6228.
A great letter from Fran and Tom Morley in Alabama telling how delighted they were that Harry and Anne Gunning stopped off to visit with them during their Christmas visit to Orlando.
Wish I was able to post it here as the walking on sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and Mobile Bay, a picnic( days were sunny with highs around 20 C or 68 F) fireworks in downtown Fairhope on New Years Eve, dinners out, a gathering with friends ( who of course brought along their instruments to play with Harry and Tom) shopping and sightseeing -- would make you feel like you were there. Visit Their website under

Monday, January 10, 2005

Heard that the Clonmacnois / Clonfinlough Active Retirement Group had a whale of a party in Clonfinlough hall last evening. The event started with Mass and afterwards a full dinner was served by Joe Hiney Catering from Ferbane. Afterwards the K.K. Kenny group provided music that got people active on the dancing floor.
The Shannonbridge GAA Lotto Jackpot now stands at 2600 Euro and the Moore United Jackpot is 9200 Euro.
Daly Brothers of Londis Supermarkets in Cloghan and Ferbane chose the Shannonbridge Fort Restaurant for their staff outing on Saturday night and in order to have the shops open late on Saturday Fergal Moran arranged that their meal for a party of sixty was served at 11.30 pm.
Reports that everything went well and everybody enjoyed themselves.
Meanwhile the Shannonbridge Active Retirement Group have a fund raising Table Quiz organized for this Wednesday night at 9.45 pm in Killeens.
Enda Finnerty from Rathpeake has volunteered to work voluntarily with Goal and is now four days in Sri Lanka. This is Enda's fourth time to volunteer and has been to Honduras and Afganistas previously.
Enda is a nephew of Joan Carty and Madge Grenham and fair play to Enda for volunteering.
The death has occurred in Daingean of Ita Hanlon nee Ita Mc Manus from Crevagh. The Mc Manus family transferred to Daingean in 1956 and Ita had a brother Ciaran. The burial takes place today.
Friday night there was strong winds and rain and power supply was lost in Shannonbridge from around 1.30 AM until early morning. River levels have risen and there is flooding in many parts of the country. Yesterday there was serious flooding on the Galway road at Craughwell and some minor flooding at Ballinasloe and Loughrea.
Weather today will be a bright blustery day with a mix of sunny spells and scattered showers. Temperatures will be 10C or 50 F.
Dry tonight and rain and wind tomorrow. What more could you ask for.
Good to hear that Gerry Lyons in California will be having visitors for a few weeks. Joan Farrelly and Catherine Lyons have just set off on a twelve hour trip to California and hope that they have a great time while they are there.
News today of the death of Derry O Connor from Athlone. Derry was the drummer in a neat jazz quartet for many years. Burial in Coosan cemetery tomorrow. May he rest in peace.
Bird count. In a recent week Mary has recorded 2 Pied Wagtails, 1 Robin, 1 Coal Tit, 4 Blue Tits,
3 Great Tits, 2 Jackdaw, 18 Rook, 20 Starling, 9 House Sparrow, 6 Chaffinch, 2 Greenfinch and 2 Goldcrest. This was the second week that Goldfinch appeared.
Martin and Mary Burke arrive back from their break in England this week and no doubt Martin will renew his garden bird count. Anybody interested in bird counting on their patch should contact Rose Ryan for the data sheet that lists the birds.
hi all!

well the past few weeks have gone really quickly and it's nearly time to say goodbye to the beautiful city that is sydney. new years eve here was quite spectacular. all day there was such a live electricity shooting through the crowds that packed the city from the very early hours of the morning. as i left for work that morning, i could hardly stop myself from skipping rather than walking as my body filled with the excitement of actually being in sydney for new years eve. it was busy all day with people out early to guarantee a good spot with a view of the bridge. absolutely everyone was in good form, it was such an uplifting, happy day. the nine o clock fireworks which are put on for those with young families were very good, but unfortunately we didn't have quite a good view for them. we made sure to get a good spot for the midnight display, and found a place up in the observatory park at the rocks (where we had watched the sunrise a few months back). here we had the most perfect view of the bridge and so we sat in the grass for two hours waiting so very impatiently for the fireworks to begin. but the time passed pretty quickly and soon it was all happening, and we were here and a part of it, it was the first year we weren't watching it on the telly. it was truly amazing and felt so incredibly surreal. afterwards crowds just partied on the streets and in all of the bars until the early hours of the morning. it was a really good night, and one that won't be forgotten in a hurry.

apart from that i'm trying to remember what's been happening. well our housemate morgan was in hospital before christmas, he had to get 3 plates put in his cheekbone. he got a punch while looking out for his sister who was being hassled by a spa-head. he's fully recovered and back to his normal self again. a few weeks back, we went to see the dirty dancing musical, that was just fantastic, the dancing was amazing, and in all a brilliant show, definitely worth seeing. libby from neighbours played baby, and she played the part very well. we've also been up the AMP tower which was quite good. there are some fantastic views of the city from there. last week i stayed in a friends house and finally, after 8 long months, i had a nice long soak in a radox bubble bath! oh it was so lovely - the simple things you miss when travelling, really. the following day she, and another friend took me to the blue mountains which are simply breathtaking. but the highlight of the trip was on the way up, when we stopped at featherdale wildlife park. it was amazing. i finally got to pet a koala and i was feeding the kangaroos and even held an olive python snake, which felt really nice and not all slimy as i'd expected it would. i took lots of photos which i can't wait to get developed. we're doing the sydney bridge climb tomorrow, which i am really looking forward too. i have been sick all week and wasn't sure if i'd be better in time for doing it. apart from that we're just trying to get everything sorted for leaving. mandy and hannah are the first to go from the house, they leave on wednesday for thailand. morgan is next, heading to new zealand. martha will be staying in sydney until maybe march. it'll be a sad day when we all have to split up. they have been the best possible housemates anyone could dream of and they've all made the stay in sydney something quite special. me and sarah are leaving monday but we don't know where we're going yet. brisbane plans fell through. that's one of the wonderful things bout travelling, you just don't know what's happening from one week to the next! we'll finalise plans this week and keep ye posted. meanwhile i've only got three shifts left at work. i'm not looking forward to leaving at all. as great a city as sydney is, it's the people you know here, the friends that you work with, that in the end, makes it so very hard to leave. i've been working with the most terrific bunch of people for the past 6 months and hate the thought of leaving it behind. it's so hard to believe that the sydney experience is so very nearly finished. but there are so many good memories, it can never be forgotten. and so we're looking forward to the next phase of our trip which has come around ever so quickly, but as we're not really sure yet what that is, i'll say goodbye for now, and let ye know what the plans are, when we do! take care!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 9th Jan 2005 - Baptism of the Lord A
Tel (090) 9674125
Fax (090) 9674267

Masses: Each day @ 10am
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €532. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: M.McManus, C.Slattery, A.Corbett
Eucharistic ministers: Group 4
Readers for next Weekend: D.Finnerty, K.Coakley
Altar Servers for this week: Paul, Graham, Kayleigh
Mass on next Sat morning for the late Cormac Devne
Mass on next Sat eve for the late Tommie McManus
Mass on next Sun for the late Kieran Kelly

Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €200. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: K.Kenny, A.Kearns
Readers for next Sunday: D.Boland, C.Higgins
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group 2
Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: P.Darcy
Mass on next Sat for the late Petie Kelly @ 12 noon
Mass on next Sun for the late Mick Rocke

Interesting Website:

The Year to come – some central Feasts in 2005
The centre of the whole liturgical year is the Paschal Triduum of the Lord, crucified, buried and risen, which will culminate in the solemn Vigil of Easter, during the holy night that will end with the dawn of the 27th March – Easter Sunday.
Every Sunday, as a weekly Easter, holy Church makes present that great and saving deed by which Christ has forever conquered sin and death. From Easter there comes forth and are reckoned all the days we keep holy: Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, 9th Feb;
the Ascension of the Lord, 8th May; and Pentecost, 15th May;
First Sunday of Advent, 27th November.
Likewise, in the feasts of the Holy Mother of God, of the apostles and saints, and in the commemoration of all the faithful departed, the pilgrim Church on earth proclaims the resurrection of Christ the Lord.
The Sacrament of Confirmation: the date set by the Bishop is 21st April 2005, in Ferbane
Ard Chiaráin Retreat Centre -- Information Day, Sun 16th Jan.
Would you like to take a tour of the Centre & learn what happens there? Or how you could use the facilities that are available? Then come along on Sun 16th Jan between 3 - 4.30pm, when all the information you need will be provided with a warm welcome.
Perhaps, you are just curious; then come & satisfy your curiosity!
An Evening with John O'Donohue
Poet & celebrated author of 'Anam Cara' and 'Divine Beauty',
Marian Hall, Birr on Tues 18th Jan @ 8pm. Adm €10.
Theme of his talk is:
God is the Horizon of Healing, Hope and Creativity.
Theology From Home
We are offering a14-week course, Introduction to Philosophy, starting Feb 2005. We follow the method of the Open University – participants receive a ‘Pack’ with the full text, and are linked with one of our nine centres around the country. Registration closes on 31st Jan 2005. For further information, please call
The Priory Institute, Tallaght Village, Dublin 24.
Tel 01-4048124, or 4048132


Friday, January 07, 2005

Went with Doc and Dick and Mollie for a walk to Ard Chiarain Prayer Centre last evening and met Sister Maura and Sister Marie. They have a programme in print for 2005 which hopefully we will copy onto this site. They were telling us that they are having an Open Day on Sunday 16th January from 3 to 4.30 pm to let people have a look around and see what it is all about.
They have also planned a Pilgrim Walk to Clonmacnois on 11th June commencing at 12noon.
Weather is a bit rough today with lots of showers and blustery conditions.

Ken and Betty Smith live in California and have holidayed in Shannonbridge for the past few years. Being in California they take a healthy interest in earthqukes and Tsunami affairs. They sent the following links that they check out for rumbles -

Hello Der and Happy New Year. I missed your news over the holidays. I hope everyone is healthy. I notice your interest in the word tsunami, but then I have always noticed your keen intellectual interest in many things. We who live with earthquakes are familiar with such things. We had one here in California in 1984 but due to the warning system very few were killed. It was generated by a 9.2 earthquake in Alaska. Here in Santa Barbara we had tidal surges that caused the tides to rise and fall 6 times in a 5 hour period. Believe it or not when the alert sounded here in Santa Barbara many surfers grabbed their boards and headed for the beach. Fortunately for them the major wave hit north of here (Crescent City) where several people died despite being told to take to high ground. You might check out the following website.

You can click on the map to get details of a particular earthquake. Since there have been so many aftershocks the main earthquake is covered. It had detailed information as to what caused the tsunami. The one below gives all of the signifigant quakes of 2004 and if you read through them there are several tsunamis, but not of the same magnitude as the devestating tragedy of last week.

Earthquakes are posted on the website minutes after they occur and I always head for the computer and pull up the following when we shake, which is quite frequently.

If you pull it up you will see California is shaking as I write. We only feel the local ones here or if a 5 or greater occurs within a couple of hundred miles or so..
Did you get the picture of George I sent? That's your lot, Ken

Thursday, January 06, 2005

An international web on fishing tells us today that TSUNAMI comes from the Japanese language and means "harbour wave ". They are giant waves which are produced when movements deform the seafloor, by volcanic eruptions and landslides.
The table quiz in Killeens last night for the Tsunami disaster fund raised 1070 Euro and the raffle was a big winner with about eighteen prizes donated. There will be a special collection at Masses next weekend for the fund and the Shannonbridge GAA are donating 1000 Euro.
The Library is to reopen on next Thursday night from 7 to 9. Consider coming along.
Weather today is for south west gales or strong winds up to 60 MPH. Rain tonight.
Temperatures 9 to 12 C. Thats 48 to 54 F.
Next Wednesday night the Active Retirement Group have a table quiz organized in Killeens at 9.45 PM.
Notice a few pigeons around of late. They used to be attracted to the old power plant in the winter but now that the plant is no longer working the pigeons seem to be looking around for warmer shelter. Of course it is planned to knock this old power plant in 2005 or this year.
Hear that our two girls in Sydney Ciara and Sarah will be on the move soon again. Hope that they will write about their happenings as they go.
Talked to Jack Quinn whose poems have been appearing here now and again. He promised to have a look at the site and he says that he has started to write a bit again. Hopefully he will share the odd bit with us here on this site.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Funny old weather in places. In Clonee in Meath a couple of days ago a whirl wind shook the area and even turned a van upside down. Mary Bermingham was travelling down to Shannonbridge and told of branches of trees falling on her car when passing through that area.
Seems that Moycullen over in Galway got a bit of the same yesterday.
The weather forecast today is for cloudy and windy this morning with scattered outbreaks of rain, turning heavy and persistent. Brighter conditions with sunny spells and some showers will follow and winds will ease hopefully in time for the table quiz tonight in aid of the Tsunami relief fund.
River levels are high at present with all callows in flood. Noticed some uncut grass showing above the floodwater gleaming golden colour and looking like cowboy country.
Lorraine from Pottstown sends thanks to Declan and Rose for the inputs over Christmas and wonders how the Bird Count is working out. The parish newsletter is a welcome addition.
Would be great if our girl in Japan would send a few inputs on how things are over in that country and did the Tsunami have any effect.
Good to see Father Joe Cunningham from Alabama in Shannonbridge last evening with his sister and niece who live in Longford. Father Joe was telling us that his father Joe was one of ten Cunninghams from Ragherabeb. Joe married Mary Bridget Connor from Clonmacnois who was one of sixteen Connor children and they settled in Longford. Looking at a photograph of the Shannonbridge Bridge Father Joe remembers as a young boy while visiting Ragherabeg with his brother running along the parapet of the bridge in a race with his brother who ran alongside. The Garda Sergeant Joe Flood was watching the dangerous race but did not shout for fear of Father Joe falling into the river. However later that evening Joe Flood called to the Cunningham home in and told the story. There were no more parapet races.
Asked Father Joe if he ever saw Father Tadg Deasy and he said he was stationed about thirty minutes from Tadg. He reckoned it was a bad time to visit on account of the short evenings and the cold.
Hope Jack Quinn allows us to share one of his poems from his " Through A Small Window"
Childhood 11
A high bicycle
by the Chapel wall
a daily excursion
stretching her patience
when he failed to deliver
Plum puddings
in calico bags
swinging from the ceiling
like hanging bells
portending Christmas
For incense
the smell of rich brown bread
cooling on the dresser
The nightly Rosary
on the kitchen floor
the cement
pricking at bare knees
the trimmings increasing
with the advent
of each new saint
Loud knockings
startling us from sleep
a sick neighbour
she always went
with a mixture of prayers
and medicaments
from the corner press
that never failed.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Heard the tail end of a programme yesterday on 100 Songs from the movies.
10. Sound of Music. Julie Andrews and Hills are alive...
9. Stayin Alive. John Travolta Saturday Night Fever...
8. The Way we were. Memories... Barbara Streisand.
7. When you wish upon a Star...... from Pinocchio
6. The Graduate. Mrs Robinson.
5. Im Dreamin of a White Christmas.... Bing Crosby
4. Breakfast at Tiffanys. Audrey Hepburn and Moon River
3. Singin in the Rain... Gene Kelly
2. As Time goes by. from Casablanca. Play it again Sam.
1. Somewhere over the Rainbow.. 1939. Judy Garland.

News this morning of the death of Paul Darragh, the Irish showjumper aged 51 years.

Some of the people home for Christmas included Chris Price, Kate Thornhill, Bina Nugent, Sean and Frances O'Shea, Daithi Rua, The Bridies group, and John Hardiman. John Hardiman was to take us on a tour of Moore to visit some historic landmarks but it will have to wait. Meantime he might share some of his knowledge with us all on this website by contacting

Weather today started off as predicted with heavy gusts and heavy rain during the night that even woke me. Then the bright sunny day came with temperatures of 10C or 50 F.
Had a message from Kaylor /Killeen in America. One of their girls is expecting a baby at the end of January and they are hoping to call it after Ciaran of Clonmacnois.Was wondering if it turns out to be a girl and what is the female equivalent for Ciaran. If you let me know I will pass it on.

Missed the showing of The Flight of The Doves film with Ron Moody, Jack Wilde and Dana which was shown on 28th December and which had a big chunk of Shannonbridge included in it.
Heard recently that Jack Wilde and Ron Moody had just filmed Oliver and that Jack Wilde did not actually sing in Oliver but the voice was dubbed.

Noticed the lack of signposts for fishermen directing them to the rivers. Saw no sign at Tulrush, Culliagh, half broken signs at Correen and Raghrabeg and no signs at Creggan, Devenish or the Hot Water Stretch. Hope they are put right for the coming year.
Interesting sermon at the funeral of Jim Farrell Ballinahown on the way we measure our lives in time and events. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.
Then birthdate, christening, first steps, schooldays, work, marriage, hobbies, death.
And now into eternity, a new dimension.
After the Mass and awaiting the remains to emerge we were asking an ex workmate of Jim Farrell one Paddy Kiernan what age Jim Farrell was.
W'll I'll tell you lad says Paddy " Jim drew his third pension last week" Pension age is 66.
In Clonmacnois graveyard afterwards while the grave was being filled in I noticed two lake boats with engines travelling down the river. As they approached the Jack Mulvey old homestead there was an unmerciful blast of gunfire from the two boats and even birds around the graveyard took off in fright. On enquiry I am told that it is an offence to shoot a gun from a mechanically propelled boat.
Brendan Mc Dermott - Martha's husband celebrated his birthday on 29th December and Shane Killeen celebrates his birthday tomorrow. By coincidence Ken and Betty Smith from Santa Barbara sent on a lovely picture of the late George O Neill whose birthday was on the last day of December. George is wearing his knitted cap which he reckoned earned many a pint for him when he was caught by the camera.
Visitors might like to make note of the fact that Ireland is about to changeover speed limits from Miles Per Hour to Kilometres Per Hour starting on January 20th. There is a special website available for further information under
The papers had the story over the Christmas that over 100 people a day are still exchanging old Irish money at the Central Bank in Dublin, three years after the Euro was introduced.
There is £310 Million still missing. Ten million came in last year. If you have some old money and want to change it over then send it by registered post to Tellers Section, Central Bank of Ireland, Dame Street, Dublin.
That new word TSUNAMI arrived over the Christmas. Brian on the canal barge at the new jetty wonders what would happen if the area if the quaywall at Athlone gave way.
Cousin Frances and her daughter Emer from the Isle of Man this year spent Christmas with the Grenhams in Creagh and they organized a lovely Mass in the house for the late Jack Kiley, Franes' husband. Over a welcome cup of tea afterwards the celebrant John Killeen Toher told about a young Polish priest that was working in an American parish. One year he went to visit Rome and met some friends that arranged for him to concelebrate Mass with the Pope in his private chapel. After the Mass the Pope took down a box and gave each of the co-celebrants a Rosary Beads as a present. The young Polish priest asked the Pope if he would pray for his bishop. The Pope took another Rosary Beads from the box and gave it to the priest telling him to give the Beads to the Bishop and tell him to pray for himself.
John Kinlough from London was home for Christmas and visited Shannonbridge. He was telling that he visits Mickie Larkin and that Mickie is in great form. Larkins lived where Stevie Kenny's house is situated. Mickie Larkin has been in London for many years and suffers from very poor sight. He visited Shannonbridge in the last couple of years.
Which reminds me that over the Christmas I spoke with Hugh Gough from Cavan whose sight has disimproved greatly in the past few years. Hugh worked with the Fisheries and about thirty years ago took on an enormous task of reseaching and producing fishing maps for river and lakes around Ireland which are still popular and used by fishermen around Ireland today. Remember that when Hugh was in the Shannonbridge area working on the maps he volunteered one evening to give a talk on fishing to a group of children and adults. He invited questions afterwards and some child asked Hugh where was the best place to fish and Hugh replied "where some English fisherman has been fishing". English visiting anglers generally feed the fishing area with meal and worms and maggots etc and fish come to the party.
Hugh was telling me that his favourite water in Ireland is Killykeen Lake just outside of Cavan town. He has not been at Killykeen for over two years as his friend that used to take him out to Killykeen is now on dialysis. Lets hope somebody brightens his new year and takes Hugh to Killykeen.
Christmas was special in Shannonbridge Church this year with the church decorated with ivy and holly and a display at each window lit by a candle. There was candlelight everywhere and the crib was erected in its usual place in front of the main altar. There was carol singing for the people going to midnight Mass and the snow added an extra touch. The choir were in full voice
and the Midnight Mass was special seeing all the faces home for Christmas.
Some regular angling visitors The Archibalds arrived on Christmas Eve in their broken down camper van. The van broke down in Gort and they hired a special tow truck to get to Shannonbridge.
Came across An Irish Blessing which goes -
May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm on your face
The rain fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May God hold you
In the hollow of his hand.

A tip for you whenyou are selling your Old Ass.
Put some pebbles in his ears and he will look full of life
as his ears go every way trying to remove the pebbles.

The nephew Robert called in after Christmas with Susan and their two children Etna and Heather. Etna was word perfect in reciting a poem that she learned from her Grannie Doc in Oughterard. It went something like this -
I climbed up the door
And opened the stairs
Said my pyjamas
And put on my prayers
Turned off the bed
And jumped into the light
All because you kissed me

Monday, January 03, 2005

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 2nd Jan 2005 - 2nd Sun after Christmas A
Tel (090) 9674125
Fax (090) 9674267

Masses: Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat @ 10am
Feast of the Ephinany, Thurs 6th Jan, a Holy Day
Vigil Mass on Wed @ 8pm; Mass on Thurs @ 12 noon.
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €403. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: M.Killeen, A. Keena
Eucharistic ministers: Group 3
Readers for next Weekend: M.Killeen, O.Costello
Altar Servers for this week: Shannen, Nicola, Brian
Anniversary Mass for the late Michael Brennan on next Sat eve.
Mass on next Sun for the late Flo Murray

Mass for the Epiphany, a Holy Day, on Thurs @ 10.30am
'Months Mind Mass for Lish Devery on next Sun
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €237. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: E. Egan, A. McEvoy
Reader for Epiphany: D.Norton; for next Sun: H.Coughlan
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group 1
Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: N.Egan
Christmas Party in Clonfanlough Hall on next Sun @ 3pm
Asian Earthquake Disaster
The Diocese is organising a Special Collection to aid the victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster on next weekend, 8/9th Jan. We will have a second collection at the Masses for those who wish to contribute to this fund.
Theology From Home
We are offering a14-week course, Introduction to Philosophy, starting Feb 2005. We follow the method of the Open University – participants receive a ‘Pack’ with the full text, and are linked with one of our nine centres around the country. Registration closes on 31st Jan 2005. For further information, please call
The Priory Institute, Tallaght Village, Dublin 24.
Tel 01-4048124, or 4048132
Reflection on PEACE
P is for prayer that stills the heart
E is for each other, where harmony starts
A is for all, whom we should love
C is for caring, like Mary above
E is for everything that God gives
Peace is forever while Jesus lives

"Peace is the nurse of love, the mother of unity, the repose of the blessed, and our eternal home." (St Bernard)
A word from the late Cardinal Hume as we begin a New Year:
'You think because you don't find prayer easy, because attendance at Mass is not congenial, because your record in the service of God
is not good, that the things of God are not for you. Can't you see that the more inadequate you are the more you need God's help?'
Annual Mummer’s Festival
In New Inn leisure centre on Sat 8th Jan @ 8pm for senior groups;
On Sun 9th Jan @ 2.30pm for junior groups.