Friday, January 14, 2005

Peter Hines and Bob Galligan travelled down the River Suck by boat yesterday on their weekly Thursday trip and Peter was telling that the Bord Na Mona Rail Bridge over the Suck at Creggan has navigation marker signs nearby with just the round part showing over the flooded river. Peter admitted ducking while passing under the Suck Bridge but when he looked back at Bob's boat there was adequate headroom. Noticed that there is water about a third way up the garden behind the library and it is the same on the other side of the street.
Kneeve from Dublin telephoned to complain that our spelling for the Irish for Baghdad yesterday was incorrect. It should be Mala Atair. Sorry about that.
Philip Eager a forester from Buccleuch is in the area at the moment and he was telling us that the forest he works at in Hampshire covers 3500 acres. One of the last orders he got ready before he left was sixteen tonnes of ash, which was sent to Ireland to be used in hurley manufacture.
Missed it. Saw on the paper that Shannonbridge's own George Brent starred in the 1946 romantic comedy Lover Come Back which was shown on sky 1 yesterday at 2.15 PM.
Glad to see Martin and Mary Burke home safe and sound after the Christmas break in England with their sons Dermot and Michael and family. They flew back in the bad wind and were lining up for Dublin Airport when at the last minute the plane was forced to divert to Belfast and they travelled down to Dublin by bus. It was a bit frightening as they passed Dundalk Racecourse when the wind strengthened but they were not blown off course.
Unusual Christmas card from Piet Feller and family who live in Susteren in the Nederlands.
It is a photo of his friend Guido sipping an Irish Coffee in the pub with a greeting typed on the back.
Good to hear that John Boland's brother has suffered no serious damage after falling off a roof before Christmas. Terry Birch changed his car and has one of the first 05 registrations in the area. When he collected his car he went to fill up with petrol and was told that there was a gallon in the tank so he changed his mind and decided to wait and fill up at Morans pumps in Shannonbridge. He almost got there but ran out of petrol when crossing the bridge.
Good to hear from Sean O Rourke from Sydney who introduces himself and is prepared to tell us about goings on in that part of the world. See his blob pasted alongside

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