Thursday, August 28, 2003

Good to hear of a follow up from the Holleran family tree search is that Mass
next weekend will be offered for Tommy and Rose Holleran and their son Bill.
The Clonfert pilgrimage to Lourdes group return home tonight with their two
planes flying into Knock airport.Early reports from them say that it was too hot
some days to go outside. Saw on a paper recently that Knock has the highest
number of visitors beating off The Blarney Stone, Guinness, National Library
and the Zoo.Figures for Clonmacnois are controlled.
Stacey in the Shannonbridge Tourist Information at the Lockhouse tells us that
weather has a bearing on the number of people coming in to see Brian or
herself. Jim Reynolds told us that last year Emmett Keohane sent four men to
their guesthouse seeking bed and breakfast.The four are back this week with
nine other friends to stay with Noreen and Jim.
Information office is open Monday to Friday. Telephone 0905 - 74344.
Mars was quite clear in the sky last night and lots of people were using
binoculars to see the rings and rivers and seas and roadways and.
Weather has been very pleasant the past few days with temperatures
a little lower and a bit of air around. About twenty visiting anglers in the
area and most doing well. Our own Ciara Macklin was busy last night
catching Rudd, Roach, Perch and hybrids while fishing from the bridge.
Got word that Dave and Paulien Kemp from Bradford plan to visit for two
weeks arriving September 6th.
Colin was telling us last evening that he has a small forest of young trees
growing in milk cartons in the back garden. Some chestnut, oak, ash, and
other varieties are progressing well.
Lots of people are commenting about the apparent family planning adopted
by the swan families this year on the Shannon as there is a noticeable lack
of young cygnets. Pike and mink are being blamed.
The new jetty is providing a ready food supply for a family of six young wild
ducks at present. Somebody better warn them that on September 1st our
Sportsmen are licended to shoot them dead. Already the odd shot is
being fired in preparation. Dream of having a wild bird sanctuary !!! Dream.
Sam White a teacher from Penzance persuaded his dad Roger to join him
on a canoe trip on the Shannon and they based themselves in Shannonbridge
for the past two nights.Yesterday they glided upstream to visit Clonmacnois.
Sam plays a mean harmonica player in the Willie Nelson style and fitted in like
a glove with Paudge Bennett who was playing on both nights.
Father Roger looks as fit as a fiddle and likes to dance more than the canoe.
Hope they return again and play some of that haunting mouth organ music.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Great to see Mike Priest overnighting in Shannonbridge last night. Mike was a
regular visitor to Shannonbridge with his late wife June before he bought a
guesthouse in Cavan. The beard he once trimmed is gone and June will be happy
that someone has stepped into her place.
Moby took me for a walk into the field below the old jetty and remarked on the
amount of discarded beer cans along the shoreline and thrown into the bushes.
He plans to return with a bucket and collect them. Must remind him this evening.
The luxury Shannon Princess 150 foot holiday barge docked in Shannonbridge
last night and Dermot Sloane who operates Athlone Cruisers was also in town
and was telling that the Princess caters for ten passengers with ten of a crew.
Every need is taken care of and optional trips to Galway, Kilkenny,Clonmacnois,
Bog Rail Tour, Golf, fishing and cycling are some of the items on the menu.
The eatie bits on the menu are prepared by a top class chef out of the Ballymaloe
training school - no it's not him its a her. How much does it cost ?
Visit their website after you sit firmly on your chair.
Everything looks well for the wedding today in Moore Church of Carmel Glennon
daughter of Dermot and Rosaleen from Clonfad and Anthony Kelly from
Taughmaconnell. Rosaleen was telling us that the reception will be in the
Shamrock Lodge hotel in Athlone with music by the popular due One to One.
No doubt Rosaleen and many of the wedding party will help the music with
their singing.
Wishing Anthony and Carmel all the very best.
Still on the marriage line and on Monday evening it was great to see Doris Mulligan
ex Shannonbridge and Paddy's widow visit the village with her two sisters
and a brother.Doris was saying that her only daughter was married in Ferbane
last Friday with the reception in The Hodson Bay hotel in Athlone.
Someone was saying that since her boy Eugene was killed in a car crash Doris
has been reluctant to travel in a car. Hope this helps to ease that fear.
Eileen Mc Cabe her neighbour in Ferbane made the bridal dresses.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

On last Sunday part of a Tractor Run organized by Ferbane Multiple
Sclerosis Society visited Shannonbridge on their way to Doon and back
to Ferbane. On the Saturday a convoy of antique cars did their bit for the
cause and visited local towns.
Sundays Parish Newsletter had advise on 10 Steps for Handling Life's Hurts
which were -
1. Recognise a problem exists.
2. Acknowledge the pain you feel - or caused.
3. Ask for help, guidance or another opinion.
4. Do one small, concrete thing to create change.
5. Make amends if appropriate.
6. Remember you always have choices.
7. Pray for strength, courage, healing.
8. Share what you've learned with others.
9. Don't give up hope or extinguish it in others.
10. Forgive yourself, forgive others.
Last night's Lotto Jackpot again survived. The winning numbers
were 2, 3, 5, and 16. Only six people had three of these numbers
and John Carty from Ashbrook Guesthouse was the only one from
the area. Next week the Jackpot will be 14,800 Euros.
Back in the village with their mobile home is Terry Archibald and his good lady.
They have been fishing at Shannonharbour with some success since Friday.
Terry had problems with his sight and has had Lenzectomy carried out on his
eyes where they replace your lenses. He is very happy with the result and
he had a lovely 60 pound of rudd roach and bream on Saturday.
News from Ken and Betty Smith in California that they are definetly coming
to holiday in Creggs Self Catering house in Shannonbridge in September.
The house is beside the Library in the Health Center and you can see it
Ken and Betty have used this house a number of times in the past.
John Bird
from March in Cambridgeshire is once again the leader of a group of seven
anglers on a fishing holiday. Last year like many other anglers they were
disappointed with the river levels and decided to stay in Athlone this year.
They arrived Saturday and called in on Sunday morning to tell us they were
going to stay with John and Vera Carty next year. They fished this area on
Sunday and Monday and were pleased with their catch. This is the sixth
group that have moved to other locations and called back to say they will
be back in the area next year. Hopefully they will as a few extra anglers
are needed to feed the fish and fill a few beds

Friday, August 22, 2003

Yesterday Patricia Kenny was coming along the Cloghan road when she saw a
couple walking along. Patricia pulled up and offered them a lift but they were
returning from the Bog Rail tour and were enjoying the walk. Last night the couple
came in and Patricia recognized them as Mark Durcan the new leader of the SDLP
and his wife Jackie. They told me they were on a cruiser holiday on the Shannon
and had spent two days in Shannonbridge. They enjoyed the Bog Rail trip and
had eaten out in The Bog Oak and The Fort restaurants. Going upstream today
they plan to visit Clonmacnois and we hope they keep their promise and make
a return visit.
Last night in the Village Library ( Thursday 7 to 9 ) Doctor Foss Daly from Baltimore
and Rashina arrived in and when told about JimmySpollen having a copy of his book
" A Stroll Down Memory Lane " he went out to his car and brought in a spanking new
copy which has an added account of his Baltimore days and meeting his wife and the
family development. He signed the book and presented it to the library.
He told Rose Pat and self that he was home to celebrate his Golden Jubilee with the
Trinity College class of 1953. Two brothers Brendan and Noel and his sister Grett
also became doctors and Brendan's son Dermot is also a doctor and is working in
Navan. Wishing him all the best on his Jubilee and if you think you have a book in you
take a look at Foss Daly's effort and the easy way he approached it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

At the weekend one of a group of twenty one Clara people visiting Clonmacnois
told us he was Michael Brennan and he played Tenor Sax, Clarinet and Flute for
years with Big Tom and The Mainliners Showband and was recalling playing for
the Carnivals in Shannonbridge in the late seventies and early eighties.
He looked mighty fit and was mad to play a few tunes but no flute clarinet or even
a tenor sax was to be found.
Talking to a French couple last evening who visited Clonmacnois some years ago
and noticed the river cruisers moored at the jetty. They planned that next time they
visited Ireland they would have a cruiser and this year they did just that and are
enjoying every moment. When I mentioned the Martello Fortifications built against
Napoleon the man said he was ashamed of the hurt caused by Napoleon and was
not much in favour of much of what he had done.
The Shannonbridge / Doon Lotto Jackpot survived another onslaught last night
in Lukers with seven people having three of the winning numbers which were :-
1, 8, 10, 16. Next weeks draw will be held in Doon and the Jackpot is 14,600.

Bord Na Mona have taken advantage of the glorious weather for the past month
and have saved 83 % of their target production for the year.The sunshine for the
past weeks changed to light rain on Sunday but has gone back to pleasant dry
overcast conditions with sun in the south.
Met a German visitor named Curran who told me his people emigrated to America
during the Great Famine of 1841. He plans to seek information on his Irish Roots
Jimmy Spollen was showing me a copy of "A Stroll Down Memory Lane " which
is a fine tale of his youth and his locality and the people he grew up with as
recounted by Doctor Foss Daly of Baltimore and originally from Rashina.
He brings his readers along the roads leading from his homeplace and tells
us of the people in the houses along the way. Jimmy has a special interest
in the book as his grandmother lived in one of the homes mentioned.
Heard that Doctor Foss Daly is home at present and hope to meet him.
Weekend GAA results - Cork beat Wexford 3 - 17 to 2 - 7 in their hurling replay
to qualify for the Final. Kilkenny beat Tipperary 3 - 18 to 0 - 15 to qualify.
So it is a Cork V Kilkenny hurling final.
In Football Donegal V. Armagh and Kerry V. Tyrone in the semi-finals
with three Northern teams and the Kerry boys.
The Offaly football championships saw Doon and Ballycumber draw for a place
in the semi - finals with a replay next Saturday.
Rahan, Clara and Rhode have already qualified.
Our own Shannonbridge team were beaten by one pint in a league game
against Rhode played in Rhode on Sunday.
Also home is Patricia Carry and her two boys from London. Heard that her
father Charlie visited the power station where he worked to see the old
place and a drive by view of the new power plant which is progressing
very well. Heard that it is hoped to have the old plant vacated by May 2005.
The new widened road has been given its Tarmac coating and looks good.
Told that the link road to the Old Dublin Road is to be made walkable which
should be a great asset.
Glad to meet Imelda Rock now Haines from Surrey who is on holiday
with her children Daniel and Niamh. Imelda is visiting her parents
Kieran and Maureen and doing a whirlwind tour of Ireland visiting
Dublin, Cork, Drogheda and Spiddal.
Imelda's sister Pat has been home on holidays for three weeks from
Middlesex with her husband John Egan ( Ferbane ) and their three
children. The twins Katie and Ciara are now eight years old and Owen
will be four in September.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

The road to the power plant has been widened to about seven metres and
about 102 trees were removed in the operation. The road will be closed for
three days for resurfacing and Sid Tolchin and Penny in California who are
visiting in September might have considered flying their own plane but this
time to Shannonbridge if they had known in time. Sid years ago flew solo in
a small plane from San Diego to Shannon with fuel stops in America,Canada
and Iceland. Leaving Ireland he got special permission to fly over Shannonbridge
and many people waved sheets and towels in a farewell gesture. Look out for
them about mid September but this time on the ground.
House sale news and this morning it was announced that Kinsealy Lodge,
the home of C.J. Haughey the ex Taoiseach has been sold.
Nearer home the local papers this week are advertising Blackwater Lodge
for sale. This is a two storey house a few miles from Shannonbridge on the
road to Cloghan. Upstairs it has two bedrooms - one en-suite with living
and dining area on the groundfloor. Stands alone in its own gardens.
Back in Shannonbridge village the "For Sale" sign is still on display on the two
two storey attached houses alongside Nicky Nugents Butcher shop.
Last evening a couple on holiday on the river were paying compliments to
the quality and service provided by Nicky and asked if our family supported him.
Think I was truthful in saying that most families in the village supported Nicky.
The local Bog Rail crew hit the town last night to celebrate Darren Finnerty
leaving the service next Sunday. The staff of ten went to for a meal to
The Bog Oak Restaurant - where else ? for a last supper as it were with their
colleague and dropped in to hear North To Alaska afterwards in the Tavern..
Darren has been a guide with the Railway
for a number of seasons and has decided to study for the priesthood starting
in September in Maynooth. Darren is son of Dessie and Anne Finnerty and of
course grandson of Margaret Kelly. This is a real cause for celebration and we
wish Darren all the very best in his studies and vocation.
Good news on the double from Cora Kelly last night. Her daughter Linda and
husband Eugene Sheehy who live in Newbridge suddenly have a family of two.
On August 6th Linda gave birth to Jack 7 pounds 2 ounces, and Nicole weighing
in at 5 pounds 10 ounces. Born in the Coombe Hospital in Dublin they arrived
home in Newbridge on Tuesday. Of course twins are nothing new to Cora as
Mark and Lisa Kelly are twins. Congratulations and best wishes to all.
Speaking of Mark Kelly Cora tells us that he has resumed his world tour and
is somewhere out in the bush in Australia.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Result of Monday night Shannonbridge / Doon Lotto draw resulted in 18 people
selecting three of the winning numbers which were 2, 5, 12, 17.
Niall Price and David Kenny were two of the names I noticed.
Jackpot next week rises to 14,400 Euro. Contact Frank Guinan to join 2 Euro/week.
Noticed that the Slieve Bl;oom Walking Club have a varied menu of walks each Sunday
from May to end of October labeled Strenuous, Less strenuous, Moderate, Gentle.
Find location map and details on their website under
Sunday morning after Mass there was a big welcome back for Joe Turley who has
spent a long spell in hospital with some bug. Gerry and Bridie Greene and Jimmie
Mc Manus were talking to Joe and he assures us he is feeling great again.
Hopefully Kathleen and Joe will be back at the jetty soon. Neighbours can be very
good and one of Kathleens drove her to Mass each day.
Joe Kennedy from Birr was in the village over the weekend and looks very well.
The news this morning told us that Lissadell House in Sligo has been sold to an
Irish couple together with the lands.
Pat heard on the news that in Germany the Cuckoos have started to breed again.
And so they should but where will they find a sucker to raise their kids.?
Darcys callow alongside the new jetty has had its crop of grass cut, baled
for silage and removed on Saturday. Late last evening when Moby dragged
me for a walk to the new jetty we found two tractors working away on the
black earth as a result of landscaping the dig out from the bay area.
Hopefully some reseeding was in progress and more hopefully that some
callow grasses and flowers are included.
John Bailey the fitter in the power plant that went to pursue a career as an
electrician over a year ago was back in the village last evening for a spot of
tench fishing at the Hot Water outlet from the power plant. Looks great.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Steve and Liz Peake and daughter Kim were once regular visitors to Shannonbridge
on fishing holidays.Steve gave up fishing and started playing cricket. Thats that.
In the last year they paid a brief visit and fulfilled his promise this week by forwarding
six photos taken many years ago of their fishing. They live in Sutton Coldfield and
we hope they will return soon this time for a sight seeing holiday.
Weekend main GAA games were Donegal beating Galway by three points in Football
and Cork and Wexford having a draw in Hurling.
Yesterdays reading from The Ephesians 4:30-5:2 should be read again as it tells us
never have grudges against others, or lose your temper, or raise your voice to anybody
or allow any sort of spitefulness. Bit like the story of the Missioner asking his congregation
to raise their hand if they had no enemies. Only one woman in her nineties raised her hand.
The missioner came down to her and told her this was remarkable and would she mind
explaining why this was.
The old woman replied "because all the bitches are dead "
Parish bulletin tells us that if you are in receipt of Social Welfare, you are elegible
for free ECDL computer training classes starting in Crank House Banagher on
Friday mornings strting in early December. See the bulletin for details. Young
people 15 to 20 years can have free classes on Thursday mornings
Tel 0509 - 52003.
Our own Niall Price has been reading this column and look out for his words
as soon as he gets connected.
Last Tuesday was Graduation Day for 23 students from St.Josephs and St.Sarans
school in Ferbane with the ceremony and celebration in the Bridge House Hotel.
Local students included Darren Finn, Shane Kelly, Robert Kenny, Eamon Kelly,
Peter O Neill all from Shannonbridge and Niamh Kenny and Anne Claffey from
The very aptly named Heatwave supplied the music, followed by a disco into the
small hours. All the students looked very well in their attire. A great night was had
by all. Wishing them all the best in their forthcoming exam results !
Weekend papers expect results out on Wednesday 13 Aiugust.
( Thanks to Patricia Kenny for the above report. )
The two music men Mike Thornhill and Colin Killeen fresh from their labours of
the Irish Music School in Clare were pressed into action last night in Kiltimagh
in Mayo as a backing group for Louise who was competing in a round of a song
contest. The boys will have another night out at least as they qualified for the
next round.
Back at base Dennis Minchin with a neat trimmed white berd and his wife were
in town. Dennis once worked in The Ulster Bank in Ferbane and serviced their
sub office which was in Lukers Bar. He once made the headlines for skidding
into a drain on his way with the loot. Dennis is now retired in Killaloe and
they were enjoying a visit to Shannonbridge this time by cruiser.
Cousin Vinny Flanagan and three friends from Clara berthed in Shannonbridge
with their eight berth cruiser on Saturday night and promised me a trip on the
river on Sunday after Mass. Dont know whether it was the Mass that scared them
but they never showed up. Patrick Kenny would love to have come along as well.
In the parish book published for the Millenium Tommy Holleran's photo appeared.
On Saturday night two of his nieces and their husbands were in the village trying
to do their family tree.Tommy Edmund Holleran was born in Three Chimney House
( house dated 1740 ) in Mountshannon in c 1879. Tommy moved to Shannonbridge
in the early 1900's and at first lived in the house where the hairdresser operates.
Before Tommy lived there a Mags Meaher lived there. Remarkable that todays
hairdresser operates under the Mags banner.Tommy married Rosey Claffey a sister
of Mike Claffey and moved house to Templedew where /henry Gallagher now occupies.
They had five children Katheen, Lily, Gretty, Bill and Jack.
Lily married Mc Donnell from Ballinasloe and her daughters are doing the research.
Kathleen worked with my mother, Lily worked with Mrs. Larkin which is now Steve
Kennys. Lily married a neighbour Johhhny Lyons and lived in Mullingar.
Bill died in Portlaoise. Jack lived in Walkley ,Sheffield and married Olive Field.
Brigid Kitt tells us that Jack would not marriy her unless she was babtized Catholic
Tommy Holleran had a brother Billy a priest in Sheffield.
Aisling Egan, husband Adeeb Hanna and children Jacob and Aedan said goodbye
yesterday after three weeks holiday spent with Aisling's mother Margaret in Athlone.
It was great to see them and an added bonus to see Margaret many times
during their stay. Margaret is planning on visiting them for Christmas in New York.
Two welcome and unusual visitors glided into Shannonbridge yesterday.
Paddy Stanley from Clontarf and Brendan Bleheen from Raheny undertook to travel
by canoe from Bull Island in Dublin and across Dublin Bay and down the canal to
Shannonharbour on their way to Ardncrusha Power station at the mouth of
the Shannon. Shannonbidge came onto their map because Brendan is a nephew
of Maureen THornhill and she was trying to go to visit Ballinasloe and maybe
Clonmacnoise. Yesterday was their sixth day on the route.
Dave and Paulien Kemp from Bradford are almost Shannonbridgealites they have
holidayed with us so much since the early seventies and even got married here.
Surprize yesterday when Paulien's only sister Elaine Spenser and her husband
Ken called following a route map of places and faces to see prepared by Sister
Paulien.She visited Saint Johns Church in Ballinasloe where Paulien was married
and as I was father of the bride ,chauffeur, bridesmaid and cameraman Elaine
even took my picture along with Mick and Patrick Kenny. They shared a Turkish
Sunday lunch which was kindly delivered by Cuono who works at the new plant.
They plan to stay in Portumna and Oughterard and see Connemara this week.
Patrick Kenny was telling me of two more recent deaths.First was once a neighbour
of Patrick - Michael Flynn Falty who lived and worked in Dublin for pst 30 years.
Michael went to visit San Francisco recently and died there. Buried in Leixlip.
Mrs Mary Brigid Kilduff from Moore South has passed away. She was a sister of
Mike Naughton from Bollivor and will rest in Moore Graveyard.
Our work colleague Jerry Farrell Ballyclare Ferbane departed this life suddenly
on August 6, leaving a wife Mary and family Marguerite and Kieran and many
friends to grieve his loss. At the weekend Masses our own Father O Hanlon
mentioned the good work he carried out for the parish some of which can be
seen in Clonfinlough church. He had a hobby of working with old timber found
in the bog and aged for thousands of years.Some years ago I was privileged
to receive a gift of one of his works which is in the bar. Please pray for the
repose of his soul.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Seems like Bridie Carry is in the know about the weather as last weekend she set off to Clare for a weeks holiday and the weather has improved every day since with temperatures hitting the 30 mark for the past few days. Thats in the Eighties in America Lorraine.
Bridie sent us a card to say the weather and the fish are beautiful so she must have taken out the rod.Patrick Kenny is looking forward to some fresh fish when she returns.
Lorraine is wondering what type of furniture a Curragh is and for her information it is a famous flat stretch of land in Kildare near Naas and Straffan where Mary Butler of the goblet lives.
Bord Na Mona people were telling us today that they have harvested about 55 % of their target for the year which is one million tonnes.
Farmers are having difficulty in making silage as the grass is drying out into hay.
Back in Shannonbridge once more is Eric Luker's nephew Mick and his two boys and they picked the right week for sure.
Was trying to get some information on the Corncrake numbers for the year but only got an answering machine.
Last evening was Library evening and Rose Ryan was wondering if anybody would show with the evening so fine. Over thirty books were taken out. Catherine Quinn came along and did a great job in putting books in order. The library is looking for extra helping hands so come along some Thursday evening at 7.00 p.m. and see what has to be done if you would like to help.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

People are wondering if this website is to have a music department as early this morning Michael Thornhill who set up this website some years ago set off in the fog in search of an Irish School of Music in County Clare with Colin Killeen and two guitars.
Noticed that worried look on Paudge Bennetts face last night whether there is any connection or not.
Liked a few quotes from Penny Tolchin including -
"The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending and having the two as close as possible " - ( George Burns ).
"My wife has a slight impediment in her speech - every now and then she stops to breathe. ( Jimmy Durante )
" I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it " ( W.C.Fields )
Shannonbridge Doon Lotto draw was held on Tuesday night because of the bank holiday, The winning numbers drawn were 1, 2, 18. and 26. Nobody succeeded in getting the four numbers but seven people had three numbers including the star promoter of lotto sales Frank Guinan and Eddie Hendricks. The jackpot next week will be for 14,200 Euro
Good to see Siobhan Carty daugher of Gene Carty Boston home again and visiting with Tom and Margaret and John and Vera. Siobhan is travelling with her friend Stacey Dolan and she hopes to celebrate her 21st Birthday here in Ireland on August 12. She has visited Ireland many times but this visit is somewhat special.
Last evening a girl came into the shop and told us she was from Peru.One of her parents was Murray and I thought we might be related until she mentioned that she was with Father Aidan Murray and had been visiting Portumna Castle, Clonfert. Clonmacnois and finished up with the early bird dinner in The Fort in Shannonbridge.
About 1990 Jim Mooney and myself won a crystal wine goblet for some bridge game and in an unusual stroke of generosity I gave my glass to Lizzie Egan a great old member in Ferbane Bridge Club. Years later Lizzie passed on and Mary Butler a bridge friend inherited her bits and pieces. Mary now lives in Straffan and some months ago another bridge friend met her and mentioned the goblet. It was a surprize last night when Mary Butler arrived with the goblet and it was good to meet her after many years.
The goblet has found a final resting place on the Curragh.
About 1980 an article appeared in The Shannonbridge Star about Corrigeen - the forgotten village between Shannonbridge and Clonmacnois and one of three sisters Brigie from the Keena family who became nuns wrote a very interesting memory letter at the time. Yesterday by chance I was telling Martin O Duffy about the village and the Keena family. Last evening who came to visit but two of the nuns Brigie and Lil along with their sister Nan and her niece. Sister Josie was unable to travel. Brigie was telling us that she is going to log on soon so hopefully she will write a few lines like all you other great writers.See Brigi Keena's letter in Archives - Shannonbridge Star Volume 1 year 1982 page 7 to see her letter.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Pat was reminded this morning about Father Brian Clarke when she heard somebody being interviewed about life in Afganastan. Many years ago Fr. Brian was stationed in Pakistan and once on a visit to India he passed through Afganastan. When going through some town he saw a young boy with a wheelbarrow selling a number of items. Fr.Brian recognised one of the items as a Crusaders Cross and asked the boy what was the cost. The boy wanted £5 for the cross and Fr. Brian had not got £5.
Some weeks later the local Parson in Pakistan was visiting India and Fr.Brian asked him to look out for the wheelbarrow boy and the cross.The happy ending was that the boy was there with the wheelbarrow and the cross which the Parson bought for Father Clarke.
Father Clarke is now retired and in residence in Mill Hill I think.
For football fans Armagh beat Laois and Tyrone beat Fermanagh.
Galway and Donegal settled on a draw and Kerry beat Roscommon.
Saturday afternoon The Flight of The Doves film was shown on television bringing back lots of memories for those who remembered the great few days shooting a fair hunk of the film in Shannonbridge.Alas many of the local characters like Tom Coleman, Micky Butler, Sonnie Keena an Granny Donegan were some of the people having their graves blessed on Sunday.
Holiday time and it is good to see Tom Egan from Woodbank and his wife Christie and daughter Elizabeth back home for a few days and looking great.
Sean and Frances O Shea have been home from London for two weeks and were joined at the weekend by their son Gerry and his two young daughters Laura and Katie.The O Shea own the house next door to Lukers Pub.
Tom and Margaret Carty are planning on spending a few weeks holidays using their hose in Saint Ciarans Park as a base.
Today Dermot and Sandra Burke are expected to visit Martin and Mary. Also coming along are their two children Stacey 15 and Craig who is nine.
They will be just in time to take part in The Shannonbridge / Doon Lotto draw tonight.
Those who tell the Truth love you. Those who tell you what you want to hear love themselves - - Mother Angelica says in the Parish Newsletter.In the same source Oscar Wilde tells us "That the only difference between a saint and a sinner is that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future"
Saturday was also wedding day for Donie and Mary Egan's daughter Yvonne who married Shane Cunniffe in Creagh church with the reception in Haydens.P.J.Kelly tells us that it was a great wedding and half of Moore were at it. Congratulations Yvonne and Shane.
Sunday evening turned out just lovely for the annual Mass and blessing of the graves in Clonmacnois.A very large crowd assembled and while the three priests - Hanlon, Fitzpatrick and Browne went around the cemetery blessing the graves the Rosary was recited. A temporary altar was erected in the new graveyard for the event.
On Monday evening much the same ceremony took place in Mullinakill,Glebe.
At this stage people are wondering when the annual Mass and grave blessing will take place in Teamphaill.Will let you know when it is announced.
Saturday I awoke to the sound of piano music.Later I found out that Colm Stride O Brien from Listowel and one time citizen of Shannonbridge (Keohanes house ) had been performing at a jazz weekend in Birr on Friday night and had arranged to meet up with four other piano players Brendan Lynch, Dublin, John Wolohan, London and our good friend Liam King from Dublin.For about six hours they took it in turns to strut their stuff and I got out of bed it was that good.
Good to see Ann O Brien and Nonnie King looking in their prime.