Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On Sunday after Mass I noticed two men and a woman in the village. One man was carefully carrying a video recording
camera. On enquiry they told me that they were working on producing a CD video on the River Shannon to be used in Austria
to promote the river as a holiday destination. Twice on Sunday the man with the funny looking camera was plying his skills
in Killeens. The lady promised to send a copy in about three weeks or whenever completed.
Last night the trio were back in the bar with the camera at rest. The lady told that on Monday they had travelled
to Ballinasloe on the River Suck and paid a visit to Shannon-harbour.
Today they plan to visit Clonmacnois.
Thanks for your email. If you go into IrishExaminer.com you should get my stuff under the heading of Outdoors, or Columnists. I do a weekly column on Environment/Heritage issues for the paper on which I've been a journalist since the 1970s. I was really taken by your pub and the chat with yourself. I stumbled on Shannonbridge by accident, but remembered my daughter, who works with Tourism Ireland in London, talking in raptures about Killeen's public house so my wife and I couldn't pass without dropping in to see the wonders for myself. My daugther had brought a group of English people there some months previously. We spoke that day about the bog, great carnivals in Shannonbridge and bands that played there from Kerry, including Denis Cronin, from Tralee. Don't ever try to change your pub - you'd only destroy something that should be preserved for the nation and its visitors. I've been running a sort of personal campaign for the preservation of old Irish pubs of character for many years - against the tide, I'm afraid, most of the time.
All the Best,
Donal Hickey.
Thanks to Joan Farrelly for lending me a cutting from the Offaly Independent. It is titled From California
to Shannonbridge. It tells the story of Chuck and Karen Noe travelling from California to Shannonbridge
to trace their relatives and Karen, a daughter of the late Frank Belton (1894-1968)met her second cousin,
Leslie Price, who presented her with lots of letters and photographs,sent by Frank Belton to Leslie's mother
Delia Price, a sister of Frank Belton.
The Memorial Poem wrtten by Frank Belton "Memories of Shannonbridge" is also included in the cutting.
The poem was used on Frank's memorial card and is recorded on this website under poetry. Revisit the poem
and Shannonbridge soon and often.

While I was in America,(not Patrick Lenny's America, five miles from Shannonbridge,) there was an article titled
Eire go on written in The Irish Examiner by Donal Hickey dated 15th June. Donal took some friends from
Shannon Airport to visit Clonmacnois. The article is taken up with sign posting and roundabouts etc.
His party stopped off in Killeens Shhannonbridge before visiting Clonmacnois and Donal enjoyed his stop.
Thanks to friends in Bridgeway Engineering for keeping the newspaper.
I notice that Dick Warner writes a column on the Outdoor Section. On that Monday his piece was titled
"Here's a school of thought about starlings. The group of starlings that Dick was observing were all adolescent
and he has a theory that as they flew from a nearby roof and an alder tree to a nearby field and back again the
young birds were attending school.The skills they were learning were A. flying skills abd B. social skills.
Dick is dick.warner@examiner.ie and people may remember him for some great series on television as he travelled
the River Shannon, The Grand Canal, River Barrow etc.
There may be a link to this paper and if it becomes known I will paste the information on this web.

Talking to Alice Egan on Sunday and asked her if she knew of any translations forplace names around.

She said Curraghmore was the Big Rock and there was a big stone in that area.Curragh presume meaning rock
and mor meaning big.

Garrymore was known as The Big Garden. Gairdin means garden and was probably tailed off.

Leharrow or Leat carrow with leat meaning quarter.

Was just going to tell you about the fine stretch of good weather in recent weeks when I heard
someone say that it is lashing outside and sure enough it is.
I think I will blame the rain on that 60 piece Midlands Youth Orchestra that performed so well during their concert
in Clonmacnois on Saturday evening. They included a number by Burt Baccarack titled Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.
Now the rain is gone again and there is no spell check for Burt etc.
The Irish Roots column on yesterdays Irish Times tells us that the population of County Roscommon
in 1841 was more than 250,000.
In 1991 the total was 55,000.

On Saturday 29th August in Birr Theatre & Arts Centre,(www.birrtheatre.com)the Birr Historical Society
will hold a Commeration of Mary Ward 1869. Mary Ward was the world's first motoring accident.
After lectures by Lady Rosse and others, all present will be invited to visit the scene of the accident nearby,
for the unveiling of a commemorative storyboard.

Gillian Biss,Dorset, daughter of Kathleen Holloran, Templedew, is visiting Ireland at present.
Her grand-father Tommy Holloran came to this area from Mount-Shannon.
Gillian is spending this week trying to trace her grand-father's family roots.
Next week Gillian will be in the Shannonbridge and Templedew area.
I am told that she is writing a book.

The television political debate programme "Questions and Answers" presented by John Bowman has been showing
for over 23 years. The final programme was aired last night.
Taoiseach Brian Cowen was on the final programme. As he was wrapping up, Bowman said "Taoiseach, thank you
for joining us, but how long would you expect now to be leader of Fianna Fail...?

There has been widespread welcome for loyalist decommissioning.
The death has occured of Raymond Rooney, the well known Galway City Auctioneer. May he rest in peace.

On Sunday George and Valerie Armstrong from Baltimore stopped off on a river cruiser holiday on the Shannon,
at Shannonbridge. They were accompanied by their daughter Ann and her husband Jeff and their grand-daughters
Abby 8 and Hannah 10. The two girls went off on the Treasure Hunt organised by the Shannonbridge Mid-summer
Festival and were looking forward to the Drum Workshop and Circus School in the afternoon. The adults were
interested in the seven piece jazz band music scheduled for the green area across from the church later.
Valerie, nee Darcy told that her people came from Partry in County Mayo.
The family visit Ireland yearly for two weeks, one week afloat and the second in a self catering home.
George noted three changes since he first started coming -
1.Litter in the streets has disimproved.
2.So much construction
3. Lots of public houses closed.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 28th June 2009 - 13th Sun B
Tel (090) 9674125 Fax (090) 9674267
Mass times: Shannonbridge - Weekend, 8pm (Sat), & 12noon Sun;
Weekdays, 10am. Clonfanlough - Sunday, 10.30am
Masses: Each day @ 10am: Adoration on First Fri until 5pm
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €450. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: A.Ryan, L.Turley, M.Mitchell
Eucharistic ministers: Group 1
Readers for next Weekend: Group 2, C.Casey, E.Quinn
Altar Servers for this week: Oisín, Michaela
Mass on next Sat eve for the late Edward & Elizabeth Connor
Mass on First Fri @ 7pm
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €178. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: C.Spain, C.Guinan
Readers for next Sunday: A.Coughlan
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group B Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: B.Coughlan

I will visit the sick & housebound on Friday

Blessing of Graves
We hope to have Mass with the Blessing of graves in the 'New Cemetery' in Clonmacnois on Sat 25th July @ 7pm.
Our Greatest Need
If our greatest need had been information, God would have sent us an educator;
If our greatest need had been technology, God would have sent us a scientist;
If our greatest need had been money, God would have sent us an economist;
If our greatest need had been pleasure, God would have sent us an entertainer;
But our greatest need was forgiveness, so God sent us a Saviour.
(Source unknown)
Questions people askQ. About the people who were dead but brought back to life by Jesus, where were their souls between dying and coming back to life?A. Normally a person is pronounced dead when the vital organs cease to function in supporting life. That is physical death. However, the departure of the spirit or soul on its final journey towards God’s revealing light may take longer. The custom of waking the dead grew out of the idea of accompanying the soul on its journey from this life. Perhaps we could say of the Lazarus and the daughter of Jairus, they were dead but not yet departed.Fr Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap
Youth Hour of Adoration in Ferbane Church on Fri 3rd July @9pm
All are welcome to join us for this time of quiet & reflection
Rally for Life, in Dublin on 4th July
Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Sq. @ 2pm. 'Bring family and friends to stand for life.' see: www.rallyforlife.net
Youth 2000 plan to have their Summer Festival at Clonmacnois from 13th - 16th August. The theme will be 'Know that the Living God is among you'. Visit www.youth2000.ie or call 01-6753690

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ken Brown has pointed out the mistake in the location address for John Killeen's function.
Try www.focusphotographynj.com and under recent events find fjk50 filed under John.
Better luck this time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Late Paul M. Kerrigan.

The death has occurred of architect and historian Paul Kerrigan, Elphin, Co. Roscommon. Paul was best known in this area as an expert on the Shannon Defences, including those at Shannonbridge (which incorporates the Old Fort Restaurant). His book "Castles and Fortifications in Ireland 1485 to 1945" includes the definitive study of the Shannonbridge Fortifications. He gave many talks to local historical societies and in one he included a photograph of the barracks in Shannonbridge (on the site of Garda Station) which was demolished in 1974. May he rest in peace.

Offaly GAA Championship Fixtures.

A tough draw for our Senior footballers and hurlers in the qualifiers. The footballers are against Wexford at Wexford Park and the hurlers take on Cork in Tullamore. Unfortunately both matches clash as they are on the same day, Saturday July 4th at 6.00pm. Here's wishing both teams all the best.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

There is extra information on the translation of Clondelara or Cluaindha lara.
It appears that many years ago two soldiers riding mares were attacking people in the Clondelara
The two soldiers were shot and the two mares were remembered in the name Clondelara.
The Mc Kiernans have been on a boat in Shannonbridge for the past few days doing a bit of fishing and taking it easy.
Last night Carmel told me that her mother once worked in Shannonbidge in Killeens. Her mother was Kathleen Monaghan.
After a time in Shannonbridge Kathleen left to work in Larrasy's in Clara where she met her husband. He turned out
to be a publican and their pub was just outside Ballycumber on the road to Clara.
Kathleen died in 1983 aged 63 years. May she rest in peace.

Two Clondelara neghbours have died this week. Last evening Pat Duffy was telling us that the translation for
Clondelara was Clon = meadow, de, da = two, lara = mares. So ask for The Meadow of The Two Hares next time around.
Enjoying some lovely weather after a week in America for a celebration of the brother John's 50th anniversary
of his ordination to the priesthood. At the function there was a very busy photographer.You can have a look at the results
at www.focusp0hotographynj.com when you enter fjk50 recent events has the photos filed under John.
After a great week it is back to reality. Some bits and pieces.
- Yesterday in Dunbeg in Donegal there was a downpour and the Irish Times today have a picture of the coast guard
rescuing a mother and child from the upper window of their two storey home.

Good news for Shannonbridge. Karl Mc Coy and his wife Etna have twin boys Paddy and Harry. Congratulations.

On Monday Dave and Patti Hankins stopped by with their sons Jason and Ryan. The Hankins live very near the nephew
Brendan and Eileen Killeen and their boys Colin and Kevin in New Jersey and the four boys are regular playmates.

Here yesterday on their way to Lahinch were Colm Craven's own Billy Craven, Elaine Craven with Adam Craven, Colm's
grandson. They were accompanied by Grace Rabi. Billy and Grace were in South Korea for the past 30 months teaching.

On Monday 22nd Gunther Hobel from Monsheim Germany and Monika Engemann from Heidelberg paid a visit to Shannonbridge
staying at Ashbrook House. They were interested in having a look at the family home of "At Swim Two Birds" the book
by Flann O Brian. This island is on the Shannon about two miles upstream from Shannonbridge.
Naturally enough I was curious to know how they had heard about At Swim Two Birds.
They told me that they had attended a talk given by Harry Rowald in Germany where Harry had done a translation read
of the book. Harry had directed them to Shannonbridge and they found their way by road to the island. They were going
to visit Birr Castle but ran out of time. So they stayed another night and had a good walkaround the next day.

An interesting photograph in yesterday's Irish Independent www.independent.ie on page 20. It shows Paddy Gorey and
James Ward from Dunderry, County Meath making sugan ropes (ag casadh an tsugain) at the Trim hayming festival on Sunday.

Last week Dan Hogan, who worked for years in the power stations came along with what Dan calls The Real Dan Hogan.
This Dan Hogan lives in California and has been searching for his Irish Roots for years.
His forefathers reached America in 1870.
He had heard that they were from near The Devil's Bit Mountain. A search of records for County Tipperary came up with
nothing. Then somebody suggested that he look at County Offaly records. Bingo he found that the Hogans were living on
the Offaly side. The two Dan's are related and the California Dan was walking on air having just flown from California
that morning. Hopefully he will send more details to this web about his search and find.

At John's celebration in New Jersey I met our cousin John Lawlor from The Bronx and The Four Roads, Roscommon and his wife
Mary who emigrated from Curraghboy. They were telling me that their son Paul Lawlor works in the fire service.
Paul was on on a rescue boat helping people to safety from the airliner that landed on the River Hudson recently.
Some recent deaths locally include -
John Duffy, Cloghan and born in Clondelara has died and was buried yesterday in Cloghan.
Survived by his wife Marcella, sons Sean and Enda and daughters Catherine and Sharon,
brother Pat and sisters Kathleen and Bridie.John worked on Bord na Mona until retirement.
For many years he played music with The Hilltoppers and it was good that his friend Seamus Egan
took Johnny's accordeon to the cemetery and played a few tunes for him during the burial.John was 66 years.
May he rest in peace.

Mrs Annie Kelly nee Kenny, Cloneash, Oldtown has died in her 97th year and was laid to rest yesterday.
Annie was mother to John and Willie,and daughters Mary, Nancy, Sadie, Teresa, and Bridie.
May she rest in peace.

Ita Kenny, Clondelara and Dublin has died and her remains will be taken to Shannonbridge this evening
from Dublin with burial after Mass in Clonmacnois tomorrow.
Sadly missed by her brothers Brian and Stevie, sisters Agnes Bernadette and Frances and a wide range
of family and friends. May she rest in peace.

Eamon Grourke, Glenageary, Dublin has died and was buried in Dublin. Eamon was married to Carmel Fox
and they had two boys and a girl. May he rest in peace.

Parish House Tel: 091-841103 email: benflan1@gmail.com



19th June 2009

Dear Dermot,

After Rome and Jerusalem, the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, in the north west of Spain, is the most ancient in Christendom. It dates from the year 815 AD.

St James the Apostle is said to be buried there. Over the centuries, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have gone there; the Irish started out from “St James Gate” in Dublin. (In the 18th century, when Arthur Guinness set up his brewery on the site he retained the name).

Next week (27 Jun to 4 Jul) I will be doing the pilgrimage (the final 120ks) as part of a group of 40 from various places around the country, to raise funds for the Irish Pilgrimage Trust (IHCPT)which brings hundreds of special children to Lourdes each year on Easter Sunday.

The Trust is supported in its work by its donors. At this time, it is hoped to provide a new Respite/Holiday home for children and their families, in Wexford, like the one already in place at Killcuan in Clarinbridge. We are walking to help make this a reality.

YOU TOO CAN HELP! . . . by sponsoring me!

Please do your best to get friends/family/ neighbours to fill in a Sponsorship Card. You can return it to me (with the money, of course!) when I get back from Spain.

(Just for the record: walkers pay for their own flight, accommodation and expenses).

Thank you for your generosity.

Yours sincerely,

Benny Flanagan.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 21st June 2009 - 12th Sun B
Tel (090) 9674125 Fax (090) 9674267
Mass times: Shannonbridge - Weekend, 8pm (Sat), & 12noon Sun;
Weekdays, 10am. Clonfanlough - Sunday, 10.30am
Masses: Each day @ 10am
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €453. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: K.Price, C.Curley, P. Anderson
Eucharistic ministers: Group 4
Readers for next Weekend: Group 1, D.Finnerty, P.Corbett
Altar Servers for this week: Siobhán, Caitríona.
Mass on next Sat eve for the late John & Mary Claffey
Mass on next Sun for the late Jim McManus
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €243. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: J.& C.Rigney
Readers for next Sunday: A.& L. Devery
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group A Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: A.Rohan
Mass on next Sun for the deceased Egan family (Clonlyon)

We hope to have Mass & the Blessing of Graves in Clonmacnois 'New Cemetery' on Sat 25th July @ 7pm.
Questions people askQ. The Catholic Church is totally out of date in saying that pre-marital sex is wrong. Everybody is doing it. Isn’t it time the Church accepted reality?A. To follow your principle of everybody doing it, supposing every employee is stealing from their firm, does that make it morally right? The Church is obliged to proclaim the teaching of Jesus Christ and cannot change its morality by majority vote. In the only instance of majority vote in the Gospels, guess what, a murderer called Barabbas was released and Jesus, though innocent, was condemned to death. An opinion poll is a dangerous basis for a moral decision. (Fr O’Flynn – Intercom)
Shannonbridge Tidy Towns
Meeting on this Mon @ 9pm in the Health Centre. All welcome
National Learning Network
Are you recovering from illness / unemployed with a disability?
Interested in upskilling / personal development?
Enrol now for a one-year Fás-sponsored Freshstart Training Programme in Athlone starting in Sept. Call 090-6441260.
Stroke Support Group
Meeting on this Wed @ 7pm in the Health Centre Ballinasloe.
'Many thanks for your donations to the Irish Cancer Society collection at Clonfanlough Church which realised €222,00.'
Youth 2000 plan to have their Summer Festival at Clonmacnois from 13th - 16th August. The theme will be 'Know that the Living God is among you'. Visit www.youth2000.ie or call 01-6753690.
"The Priests" will give a special performance at the 02, Dublin on Mon 22nd June. Call 01-7755800.
Rally for Life, in Dublin on 4th July
Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Sq. @ 2pm. 'Bring family and friends to stand for life.' see: www.rallyforlife.net

Friday, June 19, 2009

An update on our birds. The family that nested on my speaker in back has successfully raised 3 chicks and the have gone their way. The nest in front hatched 3 chicks and currently the parents are trying to get them to fly. The first one has, and seems to be enjoying itself scooting all over the place. Soon the other 2 will be gone. It is truly amazing how fast they grow. They have one obstacle. The next door neighbors cat is constantly monitoring the nest waiting for one to make a mistake. Such is nature. Submitted by Ken and Betty Smith from California.
You might be interested in the fact that the 1911 Census for Offaly (King's County) is now available to search on-line at the National Archives of Ireland. Only 9 out of the 32 counties are available - Offaly was added to the list recently. Take a look at http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 14th June 2009 -Corpus Christi Sun B
Tel (090) 9674125 Fax (090) 9674267
Mass times: Shannonbridge - Weekend, 8pm (Sat), & 12noon Sun;
Weekdays, 10am. Clonfanlough - Sunday, 10.30am
Masses: Mon - Wed, Fri, Sat @ 10am; on Thurs @ 7.30pm,
This will be said on behalf of the Shannonbridge A.R.A.
Social in the Hall afterwards. All welcome.
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €444. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: M.McManus, C.Slattery, A.Corbett
Eucharistic ministers: Group 3
Readers for next Weekend: Group 6, E.Casey, D.O'Carroll
Altar Servers for this week: Athene, Aoife
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €242. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: M.Claffey, B.Coughlan
Readers for next Sunday: D.Boland
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group E Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: K.Kelly

Meeting of Parish P,C. Mon @ 7.30pm in Clonfanlough

Annual Mass for the P.T.A.A. -- Clonmacnois deanery
Will be celebrated in Clonmacnois on Fri next @ 7.30pm.
This is Feast of the Sacred Heart, and everybody is welcome
Q What is so special about devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus? Where did the devotion come from?
A.The heart is the centre of love, so this devotion is a way to focus on the love of God shown in Jesus Christ. The devotion was popularised by St Margaret Mary Alocoque in the 17th century. It counteracted the severe idea of God, then being spread by Calvinism. Margaret Mary was asked to draw people back to the love in Christ’s heart, his love for the Father, his mercy to sinners and his compassion to the sick.
‘Behold this heart which has loved people so much and is so little loved in return.’ (Fr O'Flynn - Intercom)
Shannonbridge Tidy Towns
A Litter 'Pick up' is being organised for Mon 15th June @ 7pm (weather permitting). Assembly will be at the Church.
We would appreciate all help, and we encourage young people to come out and give one hour to tidy up our village!
If you have a visibility jacket please wear it.
Night Prayer Vigil - Clonmacnois Prayer Centre
Fri 19th June (& every 3rd Fri of the month). Starts with Mass @ 10pm & finishes @ 3.10am. All welcome. Call 085-7746763.
Information Eve for parents of pre-school aged children on the
Free Pre-school Year in Early Childhood Care & Education Scheme
Tues 23rd June in the Parish Centre, Tullamore. Call 057-9135878
Youth 2000 plan to have their Summer Festival at Clonmacnois from 13th - 16th August. The theme will be 'Know that the Living God is among you'. Visit www.youth2000.ie or call 01-6753690.
Clothing Collection for needy children in Africa
Fri 19th June @ Hall Carparks in Shannonbridge & Clonfanlough.
All types of clean clothing & shoes welcome - before 12noon
We welcome into the Christian Community Neása Trainor, daughter of Kieran & Paula, who was baptised last weekend.
Many thanks for your contributions to the 'Fighting Blindness' Collection last weekend. The amounts collected were, in Shannonbridge, €213. & in Clonfanlough €183.55.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Daly, M.D., Francis Thomas

On June 4, 2009 at the age of 80, Francis “Foss” Thomas Daly, M.D. (formerly of County Offaly, Ireland and Towson, MD) of Punta Gorda, FL and Marshfield, WI died peacefully at his daughter’s home. He was preceded in death by his parents – Francis and Mary (nee Keena) Daly, and his beloved wife, Geraldine Leonore Daly. He is survived by his siblings, Dr. Brendan Daly of San Diego, CA, Dr. Margaret Daly-Murphy of Los Angeles, CA, and Dr. Noel P. Daly of Dublin, Ireland. He was devoted father to Dr. Francis Thomas Daly, Jr. of York, PA, Brian Patrick Daly of Olney, M.D., and Dr. Linda Marie Daly-O’Neill of Marshfield, WI; and father-in-law to Karen Daly and Dr. Dermot O’Neill. He adored his four grandchildren: Jared Eamonn Daly, Brianna Kathyrn Daly, Finn Morgan O’Neill, and Niav Keena O’Neill.

Foss’s life started from humble beginnings in County Offaly, Ireland. With the encouragement of his family, especially his sister “Gret”, he studied and was accepted to the Royal College of Surgeons, in Ireland. He graduated from medical school in 1953, and then worked in England for a year before traveling to the states. He interned in Delaware before completing his residency in Johns Hopkins’ affiliated hospitals in Baltimore, MD. It was there that he met and married his cherished wife, “Geri”. Foss and his wife raised their three children in Balitimore. He had a large medical practice there. Foss was a firm believer in education, sitting medical boards in internal medicine, cardiology, and geriatric medicine and renewing his degree before retiring. He encouraged his children and grandchildren to also strive to be their very best. He remained passionate about his homeland of Ireland, and hoped in his lifetime he would see his country without political unrest. He will be sorely missed by his family and friends. In Lieu of flowers, the family requests donations in Dr. Francis Daly’s name to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America. Services and interment private. Arrangement by the family owned Mitchell-Wiedefeld Funeral Home, Inc. in Baltimore, MD.

Fishing Report dated 8th June 2009
River levels in metres taken by Barry Crawford at the gauge upstream of village bridge.
2nd June level 2.7, Saturday 6th June 2.6, Sunday 7th June 2.56, Monday 8th June level was 2.5 metres.
Lots of good sunny days since last report.
-Norman Davies, Birmingham on River Suck 1st Junehad 30lbs hybrids using a feeder.
-Norman had 16lbs of roach and hybrid on 31st May fishing pole and maggot. 'Suck keeps getting better'
- Norman had 25lbs of roach on the Inny on 25th May with float and maggot. They were gone next day.
-John Longstaff Manchester fished River Suck on 1st June and caught roach, bream, perch and roach/bream hybrid.
-E.D.Godbold,Ipswich fished a backwater using maggot and sweetcorn to catch 106lbs of five types of fish.
-Bernard Robinson fished the Hot Water on 3/6/09 using worm/caster to catch 60lbs of tench. Some over 6lbs.
-Eamon Maher,Athlone fished Long Island on 5/6/09 trolling dead perch to catch 3 pike of 4, 6.5 and 10lbs.
Eamon also caught a perch weighing 1.25lbs. All fish returned alive.
-Three visitors De Sutepper, Croughs and Beerneart fished the Shannon on 5/06/09 using Bulldog lures and
caught 12, 6, and 9 pike respectively. Many more were missed. Fish caught were returned alive.
-Keeth Perry, Mountshannon fished Lough Derg at end of May using spent gnat to catch 5 brown trout weighing
about 2lbs each. Fish were all caught before dark.
-Tom Carty Dublin/Shannonbridge used float and worm to catch 6 perch.
-Tom Carty Jnrbeat his grandfather by catching 7 perch on float and worm
-Their friend young Sam Mc Mahon, Dublin caught 6 perch using float and worm.
The 19 perch weighed 10.5 lbs.
-Ray Walshe, Clonlyon fished Lough Ree on 3/6/09 fly fishing a spent gnat to land a 3.5lbs brown trout.
-Yesterday 46 members of the Irish Pike Anglers ran a competition in Shannonbridge.
149 pike were caught and released. Best fish 16 lbs.Best bags 30-13, 30-12,27-12 and 21-10 in lbs/ounces.
- Yesterday the Athlone Pike Anglers had a competition based at Clonmacnois 4 miles upstream.
No news of results of that match.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 7th June 2009 - Trinity Sun B
Tel (090) 9674125 Fax (090) 9674267
Mass times: Shannonbridge - Weekend, 8pm (Sat), & 12noon Sun;
Weekdays, 10am. Clonfanlough - Sunday, 10.30am
Masses: Each day @ 10am
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €427. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: J.Kelly, M.Killeen, A.Keena
Eucharistic ministers: Group 2
Readers for next Weekend: Group 5, C.Mannion, C.Doolan
Altar Servers for this week: Megan, Andrea
Mass next Sat eve for Thomas & Mary Coleman & family deceased
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €216. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: M.Loonam, A.Egan
Readers for next Sunday: H.Coughlan
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group D Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: P.Darcy

We celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi next Sun, with a short procession after the 12noon Mass. You are invited to take part, and a special welcome to the 'First Communicants'.
Prayer Centre Clonmacnois
Second Anniversary Mass for Fr Paddy Kenny will be celebrated on next Wed 10th June @ 7.30pm. All welcome.
Shannonbridge Tidy Towns Meeting
In the Health Centre, on Mon 8th June @ 9pm. Volunteers are badly needed to do some work; so please come along and help make our Village beautiful! All welcome.
Eucharistic Congress 2012
As we indicated last weekend the Bishops have asked us to take up a special Collection on next Sun to build up a Fund to meet the costs of the Congress. Special envelopes are available today.
CO Offaly Childminding Initiative will host a coffee fun morning for Childminders/children and those who are interested on Thurs 11th June in Jumpin Jacks Tullamore. Call 057-9370630
Youth 2000 plan to have their Summer Festival at Clonmacnois from 13th - 16th August. The theme will be 'Know that the Living God is among you'. Visit www.youth2000.ie or call 01-6753690.
"The Priests" will give a special performance at the 02, Dublin on Mon 22nd June. Call 01-7755800.
Questions people askQ. Would it make any difference if I believed in one God without the complications of three divine persons?A. It would matter hugely. By neglecting the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity you would miss the revelation of the inner life of God as revealed in the teaching of Jesus, far advanced beyond the Old Testament. Nor could one understand the divinity of Jesus, nor the sacrifice of Jesus in offering himself freely to the Father, nor the sending of the Holy Spirit, nor the movement of the Mass which is going to the Father, in and through the Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Fr Silvester O’Flynn OFM Cap ¨¨¨¨
"God Speaks" billboards as seen in America.
(1) Do you have any idea where you're going? - God(2) Will the road you're on get you to my place? – God
(3) We need to talk. - God(4) Let's meet at my house Sunday before the game. – God

Friday, June 05, 2009

GAA news from Jason Mahon

Division 1 football league – Saturday 30th May

Shannonbridge 1-07 Gracefield 5-08.

Team: D Corbett, S Flannery, T Mahon. M Darcy, K Flannery, N Price, P Maloney, J Egan, J Kelly (1-04), A Kelly, W Keena, E Egan (0-1), K Kelly (0-1), P Deeley (0-1) & P Kelly.

Subs. R O’Connor, R Ryan, M Maloney & C Kenny.

Division 3 football league – Sunday 31st May

Shannonbridge 1-06 Ballycumber 2-11.

Team: D Corbett, D Hogan, S Flannery, A Gunning, C Kenny, T Mahon, C Coughlan, R Walshe, P Kelly, M Kilduff, A Kelly, R Ryan, G Quirke, C Finn & E Egan.

Division 1 football league – Wednesday 3rd June

Shannonbridge 0-3 Rhode 3-19

Shannonbridge were over-whelmed by a full strength Rhode outfit this evening and on this showing, Rhode will be hard to stop on their way to successive Dowling cups as they tore apart a very weak Shannonbridge effort from the first blow of the Dinger Walsh’s whistle.

Indeed they led by 2-05 to 0-2 at the interval, hardly missing an effort on target as Shannonbridge struggled to get the ball forward with any momentum at all, although they did record 6 wides in the first period.

Rhode picked up in the 2nd half where they left off in the first, With attack after attack wielding many scores from all angles, Niall McNamee and Anton Sullivan doing most of the damage.


Shannonbridge; D Kelly, S Flannery, W Keena, M Darcy, K Flannery, C Cougglan, P Maloney, J Ryan, J Egan, A Kelly(0-1), J Kelly, E Egan(0-1), K Kelly,, R O’Connor and P Kelly.

Subs: M Maloney, D Turley(0-1), D Corbett & C Kenny.

Rhode: R Heavey, D Murphy, S Sullivan, J Kilmurray, C Heavey, B Darby, E Byrne, A Brereton, A McNamee, J Coffey, R Malone, G O’Connell, A Sullivan, P Kelleghan & N McNamee.

Wedding bells.

Shannonbridge GAA wish to congratulate Michelle Mahon Clonfanlough & Ciaran Kenny from Boora on their recent wedding.

We wish them all the best for the future.

Best wishes.

Shannonbridge GAA would like to wish Sinead Moylan-Ryan all the best in the upcoming local elections. Sinead is of course the wife of Shannonbridge footballer John. So for everybody in the parish, get up and vote for Sinead!!

Good Luck

Shannonbridge GAA would like to wish all those who are doing their Junior and Leaving cert exams in the coming days. The very best of luck.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Festival Launch

The 4th Shannonbridge Midsummer Music festival

Will be launched tonight in Killeen’s in Shannonbridge at 7pm

Music by Rahan Comhaltas

The Shannonbridge Midsummer Music Festival June 25th to 28th


Highlights include

Thursday 25th at the Old Fort

Mary Coughlan supported by Daithi Rua

Friday 26th at the Old Fort

Freddie White supported by Daithi Rua

Saturday 27th at Clonmacnoise

Midland Youth Orchestra

Followed by BBQ, Groomsmen and Strawboys at the Quay

Sunday 28th on the Green

Jazz and Street Theatre

Programme launch at 7pm in Killeen’s

For more information contact 086 2647719
Journey Man

Another one from John Mc Manus, Clonburren

Journey Man

One evening of late from Bandon I strayed

Bound for Clonakilty I was making my way

In Ballinascorthy sometime I delayed and I wet my old whistle with Porter

I scarcely had travelled a mile out the road when I heard a dispute in a farmers abode with the son of a landlord an ill looking toad and the wife of a poor tenant farmer

Hurray for the bold tenants wife I cried

Your as bad as your daddy who lives the other side

No national land league will pull down our pride while its able to bear every storm

With ma faghta mo thuasla mo slainte

Todays paper tells of the death of the horse trainer Vincent O Brien

who died on 1st June 2009 at his home in Kildare aged 92 years.

He was widely regarded as the finest racehorse trainer of the last century.

In his retirement he spent time in Kildare and in Perth Australia, where

his wife came from.

May he rest in peace.

Monday, June 01, 2009

I saw on the SB News that you were at the bungalow feeding the birds. We have several nests around the house. In front we have a pair of house Finches that have built a nest under the eaves on the porch. I looked and there are 3 eggs in the nest. In the rear we have Finches on the back porch that have built a nest on top of one of my speakers which is up under the eaves. We play music over the speaker in the evening when we are out there and I thought it wouldn't be a good idea for them to build there, so when I saw them starting to bring in nest material I tried discouraging them by balling up a wad of heavy duty aluminum foil and stuffing it between the ceiling and the speaker. I thought they would chose another spot and carry on. But no, they pecked away at the foil for several days and cleared a hole large enough to build a nest. I figured if they were that resourceful I would forego the music until they raise their family.
We also have 2 well hidden nests of Mockingbirds in our shrubs in the back. I see them darting in and out of the shrubs but they are very thick and I don't know exactly where the nests are. When their chicks hatch it is an adventure tending my tomatoes and oranges since they fly up and peck at the back of your head to chase you off. Years ago I discovered that if you put a mask on that has eyes backwards they can't figure where to safely attack and leave you alone. I always say a little prayer that my next door neighbor isn't looking when I do that. This is a Black Phoebe that sits on the edge of our pool and every now and then appears to leap in for a swim. Actually he is feeding on flying insects that have landed in the pool. He is a flycatcher and I guess he figured it takes less energy than chasing them all over the place. We have hummingbirds constantly at our 2 feeders. Also in the neighborhood we have scrub jays, cedar waxwings, barn owls, an eagle, mourning doves crows and many others.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
GB, Ken
Today we are enjoying the third day of a promised six days of sunshine. Barry Crawford has arrived and he told us
that the temperature reached 26C yesterday.
Brad has just gone to the riverside below the Fort hoping to catch the bridge floodlit by the setting sun.

River levels are topics of conversation locally and with visiting anglers.On May 21st the level was 3.6 metres.
On Saturday 23rd May level was 3.53 metres.On Monday 25th May level was 3.45 metres.On 27th May it was 3.33 metres.
On 28th May level was 3.27 metres. On Monday June 1st the level was 2.9 metres.
Local angler Ray Walshe fished for trout on Lough Ree twice. On 24th May using a spent gnat Ray caught three brown
trout that weighed 2.6 lbs, 2.79 lbs and 3.02lbs. On his second visit he used a Cardinal Wolf fly and caught a trout
weighing 3 lbs 10 ozs. Ray caught all his fish between 8.00 and 10.00 at night.
- Chris Compton Cheltenham fished the Grand Canal on 22nd May in the rain using a bunch of maggots for a 33 lbs catch
that included 11 tench. Good fun and bites.
-His brother Mike Compton fished the Grand Canal on the same day and caught 4 tench and two bream on the feeder.
- Steve Nell from Sheffield fished the Grand Canal on two days.On a sunny 22nd May he caught 12.5 lbs of hybrids
and one tench weighing 2 lbs 12 ozs. Steve fished on a sunny and windy 25th May and used maggot and corn to catch
14.5 lbs of 5 tench and hybrids fishing late in the evening.
- An Athlone angler Dons fished at the Hot Water on 30th May and used double white maggot to catch a 2 lbs perch
-Bernard Hook of the Cullingworth Eight arrived in Shannonbridge today after fishing Killeshandra.
He had two good catches of bream and tench there while night fishing weighing 110 lbs and 79 lbs. Bernard told
us that the fish did not start feeding until after 3.00 AM in the night / morning.

Yesterday Ted Tuke arrived on his barge named Heron after travelling from Dublin.
The Heron was once one of the Celtic Cruisers narrowboats that operated out of Tullamore.
Ted reckons that the lockgates out as far as the 13th lock are in poor condition and require maintenance.
He is looking forward to when the Royal Canal becomes fully navigable. Ted reckons that many British people will come
to Ireland to do what is known as The Triangle. Using one canal to reach the Shannon and to return by the other canal.
Where they start from is not important. Ted found that The Heron performs better on the river than the canal due to
deeper water levels.

On Monday 25th May there was a good photograph of Peter Grenham, publican and undertaker, Ballinasloe talking to canvassers
outside Peter's Pub in Main Street,

The death has occured of Paddy Wynne, Drumshanbo and late of Arigna. Paddy is survived by his wife, son and daugher.
His sisters were Mrs Eileen Keena, Aughnacabe and Maureen in Arigna. His brother Este lives in England.
May he rest in peace.

Wexford defeated Offaly in championship hurling at the weekend scoring 2 - 17 to 0 - 16.

Here a week ago was Don Murray from Greystones and originally from River Street Ballinasloe. Don had travelled up from Portumna on a cruiser and was met
by his brother Joe. About 1992 Don took part in a canoe trip from Lough O'Flynn, the source of The River Suck,travelling
down to the mouth of the river where it meets The Shannon at Shannonbridge.

James Taylor was telling us that a nest of Blue Tits have set up home on John Powers boat in Shannonharbour.
John had plans to name his boat Goldcrest after Irelands smallest bird. The boat is at a standstill at present and
name plans may also be altered. Wonder what will be the new name ?

'Its safe to sow spuds while you can see out through the ash tree' they say.
Today I met a man who had just reaped a crop of silage. Nowadays it is packed into a bag and makes for easy transport.
Met John Mc Manus this morning and he has an old song which hopefully he will share with us soon.

On Saturday I went to feed the robins and was surprised when two young robins came a picking. The parents seem to have
lost interest in carrying the food.
On Yesterday after Mass a chaffinch came to pick up some bread crumbs and went away. An older robin came and went for
a drink in the boat parked in the garden. No sign of the younger robins.
Today an older robin and one younger robin came along. We had run out of maggots over the weekend and they were only
mildly interested in a bread and cheese meal specially prepared. They picked at some older pickings and the older robin went
for another drink in the boat. Barry Crawford has taken over feeding duties and he has a cute camera so I hope to see
some good photos of birds in the garden.

Ken and Betty Smith have sent an e-mail on their bird life in their garden in California.
Hopefully I will be able to post it on this page soon