Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Cake Sale held on Sunday last in aid of the childrens music group realized 165 Euro and those that organized and ran the sale wish to thank everybody for making it a success.
Pat Brennan, Portarlington in a letter to yesterday's Irish Independent gives details of the Irish national anthem. It was written as A Soldier's Song by Peader Kearney in 1907. The Irish translation by Liam O'Rinn, first published in 1923, has since become the version generally sung.
In 1924, the chorus of Amhran na bhFiann became the de facto anthem of the Irish Free State, officially confirmed in July 1926, in Clontarf.
Good news from the nephew Rob yesterday that Susan gave birth to a new baby yesterday, a sister for Eithne weighed in at 6 lb. 4 Oz. and will be called Heather Dorothy Pender Cunney or Heather for short.
Good friend of mine Alfie Sexton retired yesterday and hope he has a pleasant retirement.
Enquiry from Lorraine Mc Kenna in Pottstown as to the bird news around Shannonbridge.
Last evening Pat Mick Paulien Kemp and myself went for a trip up the River Suck as far as Creggan. Moby refused to come along. When we got on the boat three swans swam alongside and we were sorry that nobody had brought any bread. Pauline is very good on birds and pointed out the Curlew, Heron, Cormorant and a flock of Starlings as well as about six families of Swans. Noticed again that only one pair had a family of three cygnets.
Glad to hear from some cousins in Houston, Texas, George and Mary Hogarty who have recently found this webpage. They are planning to visit Ireland again in late October.
Two friends for burial today. Roger from Saint Mary's in Cherry Hill whom I last saw in Italy about a year ago. He bought a suit in Italy that was used for the first time this week when used to lay him out for his funeral. Marie Gleeson, Athlone (nee Donnelly) was related to our cousins the Butlers and was very active in promoting the bridge card game with her late husband Tom.
May they rest in peace.
Library is open tonight from 7 to 9 pm. Come along if you can. Weather today is bright and sunny at present but the forecast is for rain. Dave Kemp and Steve Nell had an enjoyable day fishing on the Grand Canal at Ferbane yesterday with Steve catching a tench.
End of holiday time for Ken and Betty Smith from Santa Barbara who plan to leave tomorrow and avoid the start of the Ballinasloe Horse Fair which starts on Saturday. Last evening a trader heading that way called in selling a bargain in electric razors. Louis Maher was telling that some years ago a man from Mucklagh went to London for a few days and Louis and other customers in Kellys Pub in Mucklagh were surprized when he arrived home and came into the pub with a parcel. He opened it and presented an electric razor complete with a charger unit to all his friends in the pub. It turned out that none of the razors worked and the giver had bought them in good faith as presents when in London.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Fast Mass in Coosan. Liam Keena was telling us last evening that he had heard lots of talk about a fast Mass in Coosan - 20 Minutes - so he decided to try it out last week. It took him thirty minutes to get to Coosan and thirty minutes to get home and for a bonus the Mass lasted 45 Minutes. So last evening he was back to the half hour in Clonfad at 7.00 pm.
Liam was remembering when he went to buy a first car in Athlone and approached a garage where J R Dallas from Moate was salesman. JR told him that he was expecting a priest's car from Mullingar to come into the garage next week and advised Liam to wait. Liam went back the following week and bought the car. Some weeks later he was looking at an old newspaper and a photograph caught his attention as it showed a row of taxi cars lined up with his on car clearly in view.
The Castledaly Manor group stopped off in Shannonbridge yesterday and Terry Wesenberg told us that he was one of a party of eight from Oshkosh that were visiting for a week. Terry had been here some years ago and said that he was sorry that Paddy Kavanagh was not their guide but he was delighted to have met Paddy in Seans Bar in Athlone a few nights ago.
Where is Oshkoskh.?. Terry tells us it is in Wisconsin, has a population of 65,000, situated about 80 miles north of Milwaukee and about 60 miles south of the Green Bay Packers. It is a univercity town where B'gosh jeans and kids clothing are produced. They also have a truck company and they have the largest Air Show. Well done Oshkosh.
News drifting around that all is not well with Dubarry Shoes in Ballinasloe who are considering moving their manufacturing base. Bad news after the loss of A T Cross pens and the Square D factory from Ballinasloe. Ballinasloe annual Horse Show and Fair Week commences this coming weekend.
Heard Pat telling someone last week that Jim and Elizabeth Killeen and Pat arrived in Shannonbridge on September 28th 1929 which is 75 years ago tomorrow.
Burial took place yesterday of Molly Quelley from Curraghboy who worked in Haydens Hotel and Rourkes cafe during her many years in Ballinasloe. May she rest in peace.
Yesterday at 4.00 pm the annual Harvest Thanksgiving ceremony took place in Clonmacnois with readings and hymns.
Kate in Uganda will be interested to know that one of the Dolls Four Poster beds made by Brigie Henson,Castledaly was raffled last night in Killeens in aid of Kate's Uganda Fund and realized 145 Euro. You missed out ?. No you did not as the second bed presented is still available and tickets at one Euro each are available in Morans Gala Store. The winner of the Four Poster last night was Mary Dolan, Clonlyon, Belmont.
Take note. Two ladies looking to rent a house long term situated near a town (preferably with hospital). Phone 090-9674126
Good to see Jason Kelly home from The Bronx, New York where he was working and kicking football for the summer. Jason tells us that he met hundreds of Irish people there from almost every county and that he really enjoyed himself.
The football All Irelands yesterday resulted in Tyrone Minors beating Kerry and the Kerry Senior team running out easy winners against Mayo.
Andy Clarke and his wife are on holiday on a cruiser at the moment. Andy is from Willoughton
and a few years ago he discovered some marvelous fishing in the deep hole at the mouth of the Suck which was afterwards called Andy's Hole. Hopefully he will have some good fishing this week. The river level has risen about two feet in recent weeks.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Hello from a rainy Uganda. The wet season has finally arrived much to the delight of the farmers and to the disappointment of tourists. This week Michelle, two kids and I took a trip to the Ssese Islands. They are a group of 84 islands on lake victoria with a population of about 35,000. It is only 35km from masaka to the ferry port and a further 40km to the main town on the island but the journey took 8 hours. Travelling african style takes its toll on your patience. We got on a bus at 9am which didnt move till 11.30am, we then had to look at a ferry for 2 hours before it moved! You'd want to see the way people travel over here. They go on the back of pick up trucks with dead fish, chicken, cattle, bags of potatoes, mattresses - everything but the kitchen sink. I even saw one fella in the back holding a big disco ball!
They also pack us into the buses like sardines. The bus we were on was supposed to seat 30, there were at least 45 on it. Each time I thought they couldn't fit anymore they would stop again and cram more people in. We were five to a row with just 4 seats in the row. God knows how many were up the frount as I couldn't see a thing with all the bodies. People even started getting in the drivers door and were squashed up against him as well as 3 fellas hanging out the door. I was surprised they didn't put anyone up on the roof.
As we were approaching the main town the police stopped us for overloading. This doesn't bother the drivers though as it is routine. Everyday they just bribe the police and are sent on their way. The county is very corrupt that way and almost all police can be bribed.
Our holiday on the island was very interesting, we had rats in our dorm the first night so had to jump ship and stay in a tent. We were threatened with the police for not staying in the lodge we booked with but thank god they never arrived. The poor kids were terrified that we would all be locked up. All the drama was worth it though as the island was beautiful and the kids had a great time - it was their first time at a beach!
In masaka the school is coming along nicely and looks completly different from when I first arrived. People keep coming in to thank me which is a bit embarrassing. This week the builders are finishing the washrooms, plastering more of the school and putting in a cement path and steps outside the classrooms. I have set up a bit of a library at the school and have been busy buying lots of books. The children in school have no novels or other reading material so they love all the new books and are in with me every night reading.
I am also looking into buying a television and video for the school as they have nothing at the moment. So i'm off to the electrical shop now.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Geoff Cox came yesterday and you might be interested in some of the items that we thought might be of interest to him. These included - 1. Village names and population. 2. Bridge and swivel metal opening for sailboats. 3. Fortifications. 4. George Brent. 5. Industry such as power plant, bogs, pottery, metal manufacturing, golf diary. 6. Tourism river, fishing, Clonmacnois, Bog Rail Tour, accomodation and services such asmeals shops pubs etc. 7 Rivers Shannon and Suck including floods and deserted villages. 8 Lamb Island with MJ Mc Cann and ODonnell Abu. 9. Callows with flood flowers grasses birds flowers. 10 Clonburren Abbey. 11 The Motte of Clonburren or is it Moat ?. 12. Standing Stones in Cappaleitra and The Pipers Rock. 13.Clerhane quarries and canal export of stone. 14. Devenish Island and At Swim Two Birds. 15. Bogland and bog village and finds. 16. Our youth away in Sydney. 17 Website. 18. Religeon anew such as Emmanuelle House, Ard na Ri, Ard Chiarain, Saint Ciarans. 19. Tidy Towns. 20. Library.
No interest shown but the trip to Clonmacnois was enjoyable. See next Blob
16. Canal Era and Lockhouse
Geoff Cox, the host of Cox's Big Break television show in Melburne Australia filmed in the area yesterday. Brendan Smith from Silverline Cruisers Banagher provided and piloted one of their cruisers that took Geoff and his film crew on a river trip to Clonmacnois where they went ashore to visit Clonmacnois and film.Brendan and I took the cruiser back to Shannonbridge. Starting out the sky was overcast but had turned sunny by the time we reached Clonmacnois. So they refilmed the Shannonbridge bit with Geoff going on board and heading upstream. Met three anglers on route and they were interested in filming swans and cattle and sheep. The producer was keen to get to the Whispering Arch and did not appear to be interested in any local history along the route. They had stayed and dined in The Wineport on the previous night and were full of praise for the restaurant and amenities. Charlie Hoysted had prepared a special mug for Geoff Cox in his Shannonbridge Pottery and he was delighted with it.
Talked to a holidaymaker on the jetty yesterday morning who had dined in The Fort the night before. He enjoyed the meal and was surprized that the resturant was empty when he got there and within a short space of time it was full to capacity in a short space of time.
Our friend Leann Brady from San Francisco and her friend Richard have used Ely Guesthouse in Shannonbridge as a base for seeing around the locality. So far they have visited Clonmacnois and Galway and taken a trip on the Shannon with Colin. Paudge Bennett was playing in Killeens on Tuesday and Wednesday and Pat Corbett and Colin to an Irish Session in Main Street Ballinasloe last night. Their pace and attitude is just right - taking it easy and not rushing around.
Yesterday a group of Welsh students and teachers vsited the village Tourist Office and the Library and showed great interest in the working of both.They are based in Crank House in Banagher and were studying Rural Development. Pat Keoghan outlined the system and explained how the library has built into a 9,000 book collection in a short time. Opening hours are on Thursday from 7 til 9.
This weekend will have a Scotch flavour about it for a large group of friends who plan to attend
Karl Mc Coy's Stag Party in Glasgow Scotland. I suppose the next thing we will hear is that a gang are going to New York to do some Christmas shopping.
Good to hear from Father Pete Kenny telling us he has lost his way. That is he has failed to find this website Pass it around.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Sorry to hear from Jim and Lorraine Mc Kenna in Pottstown that it looks like they may not be coming on holiday in June and hopefully they will find another time.
A mixture of old and new fishermen about this week. Newcomers Earl Turner and Simon Green from Burnley were part of a dozen Burnley anglers staying in Laurel Lodge but the two boys stayed on until today and have carried out their own research on fishing stretches they hope to fish next year.This year they caught over 300 pounds of bream in two fishing sessions. Simon was concerned with the cruiser speed and the likely effect it will have on the bankside.
Old reliables Dave and Paulien Kemp from Bradford arrived last night after a gruelling trip with ferries canceled due to the wind. Bet that Dave will have Steve Nell out fishing today.
Lots of pike being caught by continental anglers and the coarse anglers are being attacked by pike as they play their coarse fish.
Liked the photograph by Tom Burke of about eight bishops gathered in Saint Ciaran's Church at the Pattern on Sunday and featured in the Irish Independent yesterday. Now Sean Lowry tells us that he took a string of photos from the same viewpoint with the tower and the callows as a backdrop. Have not seen Sean's photos yet.
Was delighted to hear Brigie Kitt recite the names of a family of Kellys requested by a cousin from Sydney who was looking for information on a Patrick Kelly,Shannonbridge, born c1801 and emigrated to Australia. The Kelly house was located on the now vacant lot between Fitzgeralds and Colemans between the bridge and the post office. Will fill out a few more details before sending them to Sydney. The Offaly Historical Society, Bury Quay, Tullamore Tel 0506-21421
do family searches for a charge. More wind but with sunshine today.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Heard an old saying over the weekend "Dip in the Pan. and leave the herring for your Father".
Recent rains have caused the river level to rise slightly and on the way to Clonmacnois Pattern yesterday it was noticable to see the water clearly inside the rushes. Noticed on the way some auctioneer's signs on land that was once Kieran Daly's and is now up for sale including Stirabout Hollow which is a field on the left midway to Clonmacnois with a bowl shaped feature. Often wondered was it a result of some quarrying in the past.
Car parking was very well organized for the Pattern with lots of stewards and Garda present.
Sister Maura was telling that the two girls walking from Knock to Clonmacnois for the Homeless called into Ard Chiarain for a cup of tea and about five people there walked to Clonmacnois with them. They have yet to collect their collection buckets. Sister Maura was saying that the Capuchin center that they are walking for give out about 300 meals a day to homeless people in Dublin and many of those are from the country.
Over the weekend a lady from Sydney called in looking for information on her family tree. One of her forefathers was a Patrick Kelly who was born in Shannonbridge in 1801 and went to Australia around the Famine years 1846/7. She left her name and telephone number.
The Ryder Cup was the magnet for the weekend and fitting in other items was difficult.
Yesterday was the Silver Jubilee of the Papal visit and the main event was held in Clonmacnois with a Cardinal and many Bishops attending an open air Mass with a Saint Ciaran's Wind blowing. It was hard to judge the size of the crowd and even the newspeople put it at between 1200 and 3000. Met Gemma Henry's father who was part of a group of 140 that followed the Pilgrim Funeral route from Drum via Ardkeenan Hill on foot to the Shannon and were ferried over in boats to the ceremony.
The Offaly Intermediate hurling final was played yesterday and Belmont/Ferbane beat Killoughey by 1 - 21 to 1 - 4 and so qualify to play in the senior grade next year.
Last night the Active Retirement Group organized a Social in Shannonbridge Hall. It was a bit like the Wedding Feast story where everything was prepared but almost nobody turned up.
Was talking to Teesh Coughlan who said she would be in Lourdes next Sunday with a Carmelite pilgrimage and would miss the Harvest Festival of Thanksgiving to be held in Templeconnor, Clonmacnois on next Sun 26th Sept at 4.00 pm. This usually consists of carol singing with a cup of tea afterwards.
Gusts of wind of up to 60 MPH forecast for today.

Friday, September 17, 2004

The coffee morning in Killeens yesterday after Mass was well attended and over 200 Euro was raised for the Hospice in Tullamore.
Colm 'Stride' O Brian, well known piano player from Listowel and former Shannonbridge resident will be passing through Shannonbridge today on his way to perform at the Clifden Festival which is on this weekend.
Steve and Liz Nell have arrived over from Sheffield for their September break and it looks like they have linked up with Colin Wollaston for a spot of fishing. Liz tells us that Dave and Pauline Kemp are arriving on Monday and will miss the celebration in Clonmacnois on Sunday which starts at 3.00 pm. Big crowd expected so getting there early is advised.
Kate in Uganda will understand the raffle being held to raise funds to buy equipment for the new Irish school in Ballinasloe Scoil Ui Cheithearnaigh. It appears that grant money was available to build the school but no grants were made towards equipment.
Last night a couple were asking where they might have breakfast in Shannonbridge in the morning and I recommended the Shannonside Diner. The Meyers told me that they were on a cruiser holiday on the Shannon and were from La Mesa in San Diego where I was based about twenty years ago and knew some of the people I knew.
The Twelve Apostles are coarse fishing in Shannonbridge this week. Thats what we call twelve new fishermen who are enjoying their week fishing. Last night two of them reported catching over 100 pounds each yesterday and another angler who had only come for five days has already booked in for ten days next year.
Good turn out at the weekly Library last evening 7 to 9 pm which is encouraging to those helping to run the amenity in the Health Center each week. Will you come next week.?
Weather today is sunny at present but that little bit colder due to a slight wind.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Last weekend The Connacht Tribune had a few interesting pieces. They have a photograph of a new hurley stick created by Gerry Mannion from Ballygar. This has a regular hurley stick with seven holes drilled through the boss or striking end. On the boss is a corrugated patch of material. Should be good for killing flies as well as hurling.
The Tribune have a collection of news items from 25, 50, and 75 years ago. Noticed that in 1954 Myxamytosis effected rabbits were reported in Ahascragh and Mountbellew and the market for rabbits in Ballinasloe had stopped. The rabbit export from Ballinasloe was between 2000 and 3000 rabbits per week and a steady income for many had now been lost.
The Offaly Independent also have a historical column collected from old newspapers and this week they recall a week of Racing and Hurling in Cloghan and Banagher in 1773. The hurling match featured teams from Tipperary and Galway playing at 100 Guineas per team. Was this the start of professional hurling ?
A John Dalton in 1775 willed £10 Sterling to the ten poorest families in Rakara (Shannonbridge)
The two girls carrying out a sponsored walk from Knock to Clonmacnois for the homeless are expected to reach Shannonbridge today. About a week ago they dropped off collection buckets in the shops and pubs and people have been generous in offering the girls food and shelter on their journey.
Heard that Tony Fitzpatrick is getting married in Cork this week and best wishes to Tony and his bride. Tony is brother of Liam ex postmaster.
Weather has been mixed this week with wind rain sunshine mixture helping fishing in the area.

I'm glad to say I finally got my visa and will be in Uganda until Early November. Just as well really as there is still alot to do at the school. At the moment we are building bathrooms and plastering the outside of the building. There is also a man in Kampala making teachers desks and chairs for the school. At the moment the teachers sit outside!
The kids have moved into the dorms and are delighted with them. The boys dorm had no window before and was dark and dirty - now they have 3 windows and the walls are painted so it looks great. so thanks to all who contributed money
The best thing is that we got electricity. It has made a massive difference in these peoples lives. The teachers used to correct books by candle light and now they just have to flick on the switch. I am just as excited as them about the electricity. The only problem now is the powercuts catch us all by surprise and we have to stumble around in the dark looking for torches and candles.
Last wednesday I went out with Sr. Helen, the Irish nun. We visited a load of sick people. We visited a woman whose husband died 2 months ago - he left here with 4 small kids of her own and two other kids he had from another marriage. The woman is only about 27 and has to feed and look after all these children with no income. Helen gives them money for renting and cultivating land which will fed them for a few seasons.
We went to visit another 21 year old who we had seen before. When we go to these houses we are not sure if these people will be dead or alive. We saw the door to her shed was closed so we thought she was dead. She wasn't thank god, but she had deterioriated alot. She is left in a shed beside the house on a dirty mattress. You would leave a dog in it! Her step mother is looking after her - but not doing a great job, the girl is about 5 stone and all bones. The family are loosing interest in looking after her and dont really bother to feed her properly or give her enough water. There are hundreds of cases like this all over the country.
During the holidays the mother of one of the boys in my class died from aids, his father died a few years ago, so now he has no one. An aunt will probably look after him.
I am in the process of getting a list of kids who need sponsorship, so if anyone is interested in sponsoring a child just mail the shannonbridge website on and they will pass the information on to me. It costs just 12 euros a month. This pays school fees and gets mattresses, mosquito nets and many other things for the child.
I saw more strange things this week. I was on the bus to Kampala recently and passed a house where a man was standing talking to a crowd of people. He had a load of sticks organised in some sort of pattern on the ground. A man on the bus told me it was a witch doctor making a crusade to manipulate the people. I havent a clue what this means but will have to find out. Another strange incident was at the born again christian church on sunday where I saw three people getting their demons cast out. One man was carried from the church shaking and was left outside on the ground to rest as when the demons are leaving you, you become weak!
Another Irish girl arrived out yesterday. She was a volunteer here last year and has come back for a two week visit on her way to australia. Its great to be able to go out and have the craic and chat properly! She just happened to arrive on the same day as the pearl of africa choir were leaving. There were 30 people travelling and over 50 came to see them off. It is a big occasion when someone travels abroad and the whole family come to say goodbye. We had to wait around in the lobby for an hour and a half to see the plane take off - they all clap and cheer and wave and are really excited by the whole thing. The choir will be touring the UK for 4 weeks and the US for 2 weeks. Hopefully next year they will come to Ireland and ye will get to see their great performance.
Thats it for this week

Offaly GAA hit the news this week with both the trainers of the Senior Football and Senior Hurling resigning and then the Senior Football panel withdrew their services.
Father Jim Cecil from Grayslake district near Chicago called yesterday. Not sure if he was checking up on Jim and Maureen who are in his parish but he was very welcome and he set off to visit Clonmacnois. Next Wednesday Geoff Cox, an Australian who presents a television programme aptly called Cox's Big Break is taking a trip to Clonmacnois traveling from Shannonbridge on a Silverline Cruiser and I have been asked to take the trip and fill in bits of information on route. So if you have any snippets that may be useful let me know. Saw an item in The Fort Restaurant yesterday that the cast metal swivel bridge was designed by Robert Mallet and erected in 1843 over the Navigation Channel that allowed it to open for sailing craft with fixed sails. This bridge was replaced in 1980 with a stronger permanent span.
Joe Coleman and Mary have just returned to Leeds after their holiday. Joe was looking for the words of the poem "In a Quiet Watered Land, A Land of Roses" and if you have it please forward it to 19, Strickland Avenue, Shadwell, Leeds 17 8JX. Joe was telling that he was one of a small group that were employed to dig Test Holes on the proposed site for Shannonbridge Power Station in the late 1950's. Under a young engineer named Michael Mc Donagh from Galway City Joe and Jimmy Murray from the Kilcummin, Pat Curley from Annaghmore and Jack Connaughton the famous runner dug the test holes. One of the local farmers was very much against a new power station being built so Garda Pat Fallon joined the four diggers as security.
Last evening while visiting Dick and Doc the conversation somehow got around to a famous trio of brothers that lived in Taughmaconnell. Pat remembered that at John's First Mass the three boys cycled from Taughmaconnell to join in the celebrations and at the meal afterwards Jack would say "Tom wants more meat" while Frank would say "Jack wants more tea" and so on. This method was in use for many years after. When the electricity was first installed the same three brothers were connected and after two months their first bill arrived by post. Jack was able to read so he opened the envelope and read the contents for the brethren. Two months later the second bill arrived and again Jack read out the contents to his brothers. Two months later another bill arrived marked Final Notice and Jack went through the reading to the boys. When he was finished he threw the bill onto the window sill on top of the other two bills and said "Well that's the end of that, we won't be hearing any more from the ESB"

Monday, September 13, 2004

Shannonbridge GAA Notes
by Conor Killeen

Wedding Bells

Shannonbridge GAA club wish to congratulate two of their Senior footballers who were wed recently.

The club wish Mark and Caroline Carty, Donal and Paula Claffey the very best in the Future.

Both lads are great servants to the club and both wife's great supporters to the cause of the blue and gold through the years.

Best of luck to Belmont Hurlers
Shannonbridge GAA club wish the best of luck to Belmont and in particular John Egan and Harry Kearns who have will be involved with the team when they take on Kilcormac/ Killachey in the Intermediate Hurling final which takes place Shortly.

Both John and Harry are dual Players who Hurl with Belmont and Play Senior Football with Shannonbridge. The Lads are a rarity in GAA in todays game where playing both codes can involve training up to five nights per week.

Belmont hurling has had a long standing history with hurlers coming from Shannonbridge to play with their neighboring parish as Shannonbridge never had a Hurling club of their own.

Families such as the Ryan's and Egan's of Woodbank, Darcy's, Mooney's, O'Shea's,Carty's,Greene's, Killeen's,Kearns,Corbett's, Declan Ryan and Brian McEoy were of many Families and individuals to provide Belmont with some fine Hurlers through the years.

Belmont have not been at Senior level in many years and will hope to make the Break through when they face Killachey shortly.

K/ K with some key players such as Brian Mahon and Ger Glesson in their ranks will be a force to be reckoned with.

Shannonbridge GAA club wish to extend sincere sympathy to the Coleman family for the recent loss of Michael john Coleman.

Michael John or (Chalky) lived in Leeds for a number of years, he pursued his interest in Hurling and continued to play abroad.

The Shannonbridge exile with a "hard Man Reputation" won a number of Yorkshire titles in his time.

Match reports welcome
I would be grateful if Shannonbridge supporters attending club games could submit reports with news of clubs games.

I would appreciate if you include the scoreline, date of game,opposition, venue,scorers and a team listing.

Please email Conor Killeen,(P.R.O) at
Hear that the Drum Heritage Group have produced a book about Sean O Neachtain ( John Naughton) 1640 - 1725 who moved west during the Cromwellian times and settled in Connemara. He was gifted in languages and taught Hedge school. At some stage he was based at Clonellan near Naughtons Garage and it was there yesterday that the book was launched with speeches, a re-enactment of the hedge school and a party featuring a roast pig. Book is on sale for about Five Euro. Keep an eye out for it.
Two local connection funerals today. Brendan Coleman died in Wicklow and will be buried there today. Brendan was a brother of Michael John who was buried last week. Also burying today is Paddy Kenny from Clononey Beg and Moystown husband of Nuala and father of eight children.
Paddy was a brother of the late Ber and a brother to Elsie and Carmel. May they rest in peace.
Kerrill Thornhill is back home after a sojourn in mainly Sydney. Joe and Mrs Coleman are home from England and Joe was saying that he believes he is the last of the initial group of workers that worked on the sitework for the old power station back in the early sixties.
Ken and Betty Smith arrived yesterday from California for a few weeks break in Shannonbridge. They arrived in wind and rain and looked remarkably fresh after having flown for twelve hours. They found the worst part was changing planes and terminals in Heathrow and there was a little worry travelling on 9 / 11.
The two girls carrying out a sponsored walk from Knock to Clonmacnois for Homeless People came around at the weekend with collection buckets which they left into shops and pubs into which hopefully people will subscribe. Watch out for them.
The Mooneys were in Shannonbridge on Saturday and Kitty was reminiscing about the war years and some of the commodities that were very scarce such as Bread, tea and cigarettes.
At the time bakeries were allowed to give extra bread if a death occured in the area and Lumley's breadman Jimmy Bracken reckoned that about 1000 people died in Shannonbridge during the war as on every delivery day someone had died and so more bread. Tea was very scarce and Kitty Mooney was telling that carrots were grated and roasted and used for tea. Start of the herbal tea no doubt.
The Holleran Family were here in fine numbers on Saturday night for a memorial Mass for Tom and Rose Holleran Templedew. They were talking about the Clonmacnois Parish Millenium book that had a picture of the late Tommy who came from Clare and was a ganger for the Council. At one time the Hollerans lived where the present Takeaway now stands.
Weather is expected to take up again on Wednesday after Hurricane Frances tailend.
Meeting of West Offaly Community and Voluntary Forum in Shannonbridge Hall Tuesday 14th at 8.30 pm.
On This Thursday morning after Mass a coffee morning in aid of cancer will be held in Killeens.
All Ireland hurling finals saw Galway and Kilkenny Minors draw and Cork beat Kilkenny in the Senior game. Philip Casey was telling us that some Shannonbridge under 10s footballers were in action over the weekend in a championship match but the match had to be abandoned when the referee got a cramp. Belmont hurlers were beaten by one point.
Saturday Dennis and Etna Mc Laughlin from Rockford Illinois arrived with the news that he was a third cousin.Dennis is a retired teacher and reckons all his forefathers were from Ireland with Mayo, Ardnagug Roscommon, and Ballycumber. Took them to visit Clonmacnois and they stayed overnight at Kajon House. They had vouchers which are not very welcome in B&B houses as the agent take a slice. They had a meal in the Bog Oak and we chatted for a time .They might be interested to know that the truck driver they were talking to turned out to be Joe Fallon from Ardnaglug. Another coincidence happened yesterday morning when a lady from the Castledaly Manor tour Corky Vickery told us that she was from Illinois and her town was Rockford. Hope they meet up sometime.
While in Clonmacnois on Saturday our furry friend from the 9th appeared in the Cathedral.
Shannonbridge Tidy Town report continues with Tidiness marks maximum 20 and we got 15. Their remarks : Your problems here relate to dereliction,unoccupied buildings,and uncared for open spaces. The site opposite Nugents is poor and needs attention. We note with interest the major development of new Power Station which is now dominant. We look forward to its completion of this development which will also afford you opportunity for added impetus in your own endeavours, from new residents.
Residential Areas maximum mark is 30. We got 25 marks. Their comments: The standard and presentation of residential areas are very good. The individual effort here is commendable and most householders are cooperating with you in your efforts.
Roads, Streets and Back Areas: Maximum mark available 40. We got 28 marks. Comments: The road structure is good in all areas and the grass cutting on the Galway side is good. Back areas need attention as they now form part of core activity. Because of the river traffic movement many back areas are quite visible and owners should be conscious of this, especially in the prominent areas.
General Impression caries 10 marks maximum. We got 7 marks. Their comments: Another good performance for Shannonbridge. You continue to progress and we compliment you on your consistency over the years. The Tourism Office looked neglected and closed:best to remove the sign. We urge you once again to formulate a plan and phase your efforts over three years. We suggest you contact the Offaly Co.Council and other relevant agencies and immpress upon them the importance of assisting you. End of report.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Yesterday was Saint Ciarans Day in Clonmacnois and apart from the normal visitors there was a wedding, a funeral and later an open air Mass. Donald Claffey from Crevagh and Paula Concannon from Ferbane started proceedings with an exchange of marriage vows during the wedding Mass celebrated in the old cemetery. The bridal party were aware of Roy Mooney's funeral and timed it precisely by meeting the funeral cortage as they journeyed to the reception in The Hodson Bay Hotel near Athlone. Wishing Paula and Donal every happiness together. In the evening four priests concelebrated Mass with Father O Hanlon in glorious sunshine as the weather people got it wrong about the arrival of Hurricane Frances which is predicted to bring about six inches of rain in the next few days. The wedding seating was used by the congregation and I found five Mother Theresa nuns sitting within handshake. Talking to Father Mc Auley afterwards about the Stations that he normally leads on Pattern Day he said that this year about four Bishops will lead the Stations and it will be part of the overall ceremony on September 19.
After Mass people were inclined to hang around and Mick and Mary went to visit the center attached to what was Molloys house. Meanwhile looking at some of the grave slabs I was delighted to find the Reid plot which told that Micky Joe Reid,the accordeon player died on 25 - 6 -1954 and his brother Tom died on 24 - 2 - 1955. Their plot is to the right of the main gate leading to the working cemetery. Wondered was their sister Mary Margaret buried there.
Noticed the Hunt plot on my travels and later at dusk an animal hopped along and settled down on a kneeler that said Pray For Me. In the darkness it was not easy to distinguish what it was and it let me come within two yards before it hopped along. Think it was a rabbit.
Tidy Towns again and Shannonbridge was awarded 29 Marks out of 50 Maximum for Overall Development Approach: Thank you for submission and sketch map. We still notice no progress on the formation of a three year plan. This need not be as intimidating as some people think:what we are anxious for is your thoughts for a better Shannonbridge, but it is important that these be listed and approved by the community. Ideally, you should phase your efforts and keep in close laison with other agencies.
The Built Environment section has 40 Marks available. Our marrking was 34. Comments -
The history and heritage aspect of the village is strong and the magnificent 19th century buildings on the Roscommon end of the bridge are unique. The public buildings in the village all looked well this year and some have high quality landscaping. The village lends itself to strong colour beside the Shannon and you have performed well here. The thatched house on the approach road is enticing and projects a good image for the village. The unsightly barn opposite is unfortunate:any chance of the owner being persuaded to improve.? Flynn's Bar and Bridge Bar looked well. We note the derelict house beside Nugents is due for demolition and replacement of four accommodation units. Planners should ensure that the traditional streetscape is protected and avoid the use of materials not appropriate to the character of the village. The school is drab and needs painting, even the flag poles need attention.
Landscaping has 40 Marks and we got 34 marks. Their comments: Landscaping is rich and plentiful throughout and much of previous years planting continues to enhance. You still have potential to raise your marks here. Farm gates should be painted, if the owners won't do it you should do it yourselves. Picnic areas mentioned last year are well presented again this year. The landscaping at the new marina is very good and this in a splendid development offering valuable boating services to the users of the Shannon. The toilets and shower units at the other side are well maintained and were spotless on adjudication day.
Wildlife and Natural Amenities offers 30 Marks. Shannonbridge got 20 marks. Adjudicator comments: You have great scope here for the promotion of wildlife and we suggest you contact a specialist from the Irish Wildlife Society for advice on the implementation of a suitable project.
Litter Control has 40 maximum marks. We got 30 marks. Their comments: Some litter was in evidence at the Marina. However in general litter control is very good and Main Street was free of litter. Your close association with the school authorities is praiseworthy. Toilets here were well maintained and were cleaned on adjudication day.
Will cover Tidiness, --Residential Areas, Roads, Streets and Back Areas -- General Impression parts later.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Padraig Boland and Declan Costelloe tell us that the next meeting of West Offaly Community and Voluntary Forum takes place on Tuesday 14th September 2004, in Shannonbridge Hall at 8.30 pm.
1. Welcome and Introductions.
2. Rural Social Scheme, Dr. Perpetua Mc Donagh, Manager, Offaly Leader.
3. Input from Offaly County Forum.
4. Information Update.
5. What's happening or about to happen in Community Development in West Offaly.
Tea and Refreshments.
They finish by saying that it would be mutually beneficial if you or a representative of your group could attend this meeting. So there you have it.
Yesterday evening seemed to be like an American evening for a time. Met Bill and Diana O Brien from Mundelein Illinois in a group of eight on their way to Kinnitty Castle who did not know the brother and were running out of time for Clonmacnois and the Bog Rail Tour so they plan to come back today. Soon afterwards another party of eight arrived looking for Moby. Some of them were over last year by car and Moby marked their map on some things to see in the area. Did not catch their name but this year they have a luxury cruiser on the river and took photos of Moby.
The report on the Tidy Town result for Shannonbridge has arrived with the adjudicators comments and markings. The village achieved a total mark of 222 or 74 % but the overall winner Lismore got a mark of 275 out of a possible 300 marks or 91.7 % Bit of catching up to be done.
Weather has been sunny with no wind or rain since Friday but those weather people tell us that a change is coming later today.
Still waiting to hear a bit of Japan news from Niamh.
Nicola Murray the music teacher has resumed lessons in Shannonbridge on Wednesday evenings from 4.30 to 8.30 pm offering lessons in Clarinet, Recorder and Keyboard. Contact her at 090-9673695 if interested.
Today is Saint Ciarans Day and open air Mass will be celebrated in Clonmacnois this evening at 7 pm. After Mass a meeting of Car-parking stewards for Pattern Sunday (19th Sept) will be held and extra help is required.
Gallagher the cigarette manufacturer tell us that there were 260 Million fewer cigarettes sold in Ireland between January and June and blame increased taxation and The Smoking Ban for drop in sales.
Good to see yearly visiting anglers Colin Wollaston and Paul Edwards wiyh us once again. Paul Edwards tells us he is featured in the Photo Gallery with a netfull of fish.
Yesterday seemed to be a funeral day with Michael Coakley being buried in the morning and Roderick George (Roy) Enraght-Mooney's removal last evening. Afterwards there was the removal of Jimmy Killian from the funeral home in Roscommon. My mother and Jimmy's mother were first cousins and he is survived by his brother Paddy and sister Mary. Jimmy was originally from Cullawina. His grandfather was James Connaughton and his sister Kate was married to my grandfather John Murray. By coincidence Jimmy Murray sold his farm about 23 years ago and he and his wife Dilly moved home to Roscommon town where for many years they were immediate neighbours to the Moran Family whose daughter Sinead married Shane Killeen Shannonbridge. Thats the linen washed.
Remember the Library opens this evening from 7 to 9 pm so consider looking in after Clonmacnois.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Yesterday the newspapers gave the results from this years Tidy Town compettion with Lismore gaining 275 out of a possible 300 Marks. Shannonbridge was marked at 222 and was the same as in 2003. This was a leveling off after a very long run of an increase each year. There will be the normal report issued to each of the 700 towns and villages that competed in the event. Some of the neighbours were marked as follows -Ballinasloe 222, Belmont 200, Cloghan 194,Ferbane 204,Ballinahown 250, Shannon County Clare 272.
Home on holiday are Frank Turley from California and Ragherabeg and Lew and Helena Bantleman from England. Helena nee Carry is on a ten day non singing holiday so.
Lots of pike being caught by continental anglers who measure their catch in Metres so it was a bit different to hear that our own Kieran Hynes caught a 15 Lbs pike on Monday evening while trolling a Mepps lure from his boat. Rick Roper from Blackpool returns from holiday today and as promised he counted his fish catch yesterday landing 50 roach and one perch. Best roach 20 ounces. All returned alive. Weather for the last two days has been glorious sunshine and has started well today.
The death occured yesterday of Roy Mooney of The Doon with funeral to Clonmacnois later. May he rest in peace. Pat tells that Roy and his brother the late Roderick met two nurses in Perrys in Belmont many years ago and married them. Roy married a Kitty O Dea from Galway.
Ireland play Switzerland in soccer tonight in Basle and Roy Keane is back on the panel. tells us today that Ireland's population is at its highest since 1871 with an estimated 4.04 Million people. Increased 64,900 since last year due to increase of births less deaths of 33,300 and a net immigrant of 31,600. And there is more so read it yourself.
Had a very enjoyable visit to two old derelict homes last evening calling to see Charlestown House home of Le'strange and the Coughlan chiefs and to Derryholmes House one time home to Doctor Samson and The Atkinson families. Found two of those small houses that Pauline Kemp from Bradford is always searching for when here on holiday.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The death occured yesterday of Michael Coakley of Clondelara and Shannonbridge. For many years Michael has lived with his son Brian in the house between Moran's shop and Creggs self catering. May he rest in peace.
Creggs house is home for six anglers this week who have got off to a great start with best bags yesterday of 94 pounds and 64 pounds. Having your leader named Peter must be a help. For the next few weeks the occupants of Creggs will be Ken and Betty Smith from California making a welcome return.
Glenderham House guesthouse has changed ownership and the new owners Brian and Dympna O Carroll and their two children Saul and Adam have arrived. The new name for the house is Ely House and has the same phone number 090-9674205. Welcome and hopefully they will be happy living in Shannonbridge.
The recycle bottle and glass bins at the quayside are overflowing and the company that services them Telephone 0506 - 21553 were glad to hear about it when contacted this morning and hopefully will service them today.
Shannonbridge features once again in the September edition of Food and Wine magazine. The Fort Restaurant is listed in the top seven in Leinster. In the April issue The Fort was included among Six of The Best Waterways Restaurants in Ireland. Congratulations to Fergal Linda and all the Team at The Fort. See them under Restaurants on this site.
Regular visitor Rick Roper and Mrs Roper took a day away from the fishing yesterday to visit the Galway Races. He has better luck at the fishing and it will be interesting to see how many fish he catches on his last day today fishing on the pole.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Shannonbridge Birdwatch:

A sign of the changing seasons is of swallows gathering for departure to warmer lands. They can be seen, in groups, these days on electricity and phone lines preparing for the off.
Nothing to do with birds! but Belmont Hurling club are in the Junior B and Intermediate Hurling Co. Finals over the next two weekends. Shannonbridge are represented by Norman Kearns on the Junior team and by John Egan and Ciaran Kearns on the Intermediate side, which also features another man with Shannonbridge connections - Cathal Maher. Here's wishing the lads all the best and hoping they can make it to the Senior Grade for 2005.
This week I'm back to school after a two week break. It was nice to have time off and to get to know the city better. I was a bit nervous walking around on the first day, but I found it to be a really safe city and I never felt in danger. There's loads of security on the street. Everywhere you look there is a security man with a big gun.
While in kampala the girls were teaching me how to cook african style. This involves lighting the fire at 6pm, peeling the matooke and whatever else is being cooked. The dinner is not ready until 9.30! So its a far cry from turning on the cooker and having dinner 30 minutes later. I also went to a few of the local markets. The fruit here is really cheap. You can get a huge pineapple for 50cents, mangoes are only 10cent and bananas only 5 cent!
I arrived back to Masaka on saturday and was here before all the kids. The school is terrible quite and lonely with out them. They are coming back in dribs and drabs and its great to see them all again. They all have to bring "requirements" back to the school. The requirements are 2 rolls of toilet paper and a brush made from some sort of grass. Tonight we should be getting back into the normal routine which involves going praising at 7pm. All the kids go outside with 3 drums and some shakers, they sing, dance and pray for around 45 minutes. Its great to take part in it - they are all excellent dancers and most can drum reall well.
In the local trading centre I have become like the pipe piper. Everytime I go up to the shop the kids who live there follow me around shouting "auntie Katie". They are hillarious. Some of the younger ones are terrified of me and run off crying and screaming to their parents.
The dorms in the scholol are almost finished. The builder got sick last week so things have been delayed. The dorms are not ready for the boarders so they are all sleeping in a small house until everything is ready.
Today I spent about 2 hours with the builder. We are going to build bathrooms and also plaster the outside of the school. I am going back now to meet the carpenter to haggle about doors, shelves and cupboards.
My mistake. Kilkenny and Cork hurlers play the All Ireland next Sunday. Oliver Darcy was telling me that Oliver Hilliard and himself had a bet on the two All Irelands with Darcy backing Kerry and Cork. Met another group of visiting golfers that were full of praise for Oliver Hilliards Irish Golfers Guide to Open Fixtures as they were staying locally and choosing golf courses that had open days when green fees are very reasonable. Two Dutch pike anglers Be Vos and Wim Kleen are having a good spell catching 4, 8, 8, 7 and 3 pike in five days. Two of them measured 93cm and 92cm. They are staying B+B and using a boat to take them to different stretches of the Suck where they bank fish. There are about 20 fishermen in the area this week.
Special 60th Birthday party on Saturday night for Kieran Rock
Louise and Mike Thornhill were home for the weekend and Colin Killeen arrived back in time yesterday for an afternoon music session with Lorraine Devery and Lorraine Kenny. I am told it was very good but I slept right through it. Yesterday was overcast and muggy, today started with fog and a promise of 17 to 21 C temperatures.The weather for the week ispromisedgood. Some Wisconsin visitors were surprized how good the weather was. One of them told that she enjoyed the day in Dublin using the Hop On / Hop OFF tour buses that allow you to visit a number of famous buildings.
The parish responded very well to the Sudan appeal and contributed €2520 Euro. Normal Sunday collection is about 700 Euro. Welcome into the Christian Community Jane Egan, daughter of Declan and Niamh.Clonlyon. who was baptized last week. And congratulations to Caroline Hanrahan and Mark Carty who were married in Killimor Church on 27th August.
Good to hear from Jim Dorsey who just wanted to say hi to all his cousins in Shannonbridge,the Darcy's and the Mc Manus's with special wishes for Eileen Keena. Jim would like to e-mail cousins here. Will pass on your message Jim.
News item this morning about Eugene Mc Gee handing over a cheque for a Million Euro to the Revenue team. Eugene was a well known trainor of the Offaly Football Team that won the All Ireland around 1981. Later he became part owner of a Longford paper and I read recently that a Scottish company had bought it. The Revenue collect about 20% on sales.
Winter must be coming as Liam Breslin mentioned last night that bridge was recommencing next week in Ferbane.
Rhode defeated Gracefield in a veryone sided Offaly Football Final in Tullamore yesterday.
George Robinson died in The Priory home in Ferbane early yesterday and his remains were taken to the church last evening with burial on Tuesday. George was a renowned calf jobber and was married to Theresa Hall from Moore. May he rest in peace. On Saturday Michael John was laid to rest beside his brother Thomas in Clonmacnois and MJ would have enjoyed the final exit as one of the straps got caught in one of the support timbers and then two pieces of concrete had to be taken aside. The funeral clashed with the Ireland Cyprus soccer match which Ireland won 3 - 1 with good performances by Graham Kavanagh at midfield and Andy Reid and Damien Duff.Roy Keane hopes to be fit to play against Switzerland on Wednesday.
About thirty parishioners travelled to Knock yesterday where the weather was beautiful and heard Bishop Colm O Reilly tell another version of the unfinished tower. Seems the stonemasons stopped work for extra wages and the monks said that they were going to take the ladders away.The workers started throwing down the stones leaving it unfinished. I prefer Conlath Manning's version in Clonmacnois Studies Vol 2.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Michael John Coleman died yesterday. For the past few months he had moved to Galway staying with his nephew Kevin. On Saturday his remains will be brought to Shannonbridge church for Burial Mass at 3.00 pm with funeral in Clonmacnois afterwards. Seems like Michael John might be setting a new trend. Please pray for his soul.
Good to meet Martin and Grett Murphy who live in Los Angeles and stopped off on their way to Dublin from the West. Grett is a Daly from Rashina and her brother Brendan and his wife Theresa have arrived in Dublin from San Diego.
The weather forecast today is for a cloudy and windy day with spells of rail ind it is cloudy so far.
Tomorrow at 3.00 pm Ireland's soccer team play the first match in their group against Cyprus at Landstown Road missing three midfield players. On Saturday and Sunday Shannonbridge have an interest in The Seniors President Prize as this year the President is Liam Keohane.
Tony Fitzpatrick gets married today in Dublin and this morning the 10,00 am Mass was moved forward to 9.30 am in order to allow people to travel.
On Sunday Rhode play Gracefield in the Offaly Senior Football Championships in Tullamore while in Croke Park Cork play Kilkenny in the All Ireland Hurling Final. tells me that if there is a special need to have the photos back then she can certainly arrange that.You are asked to mark that on the photos together with your name and address to be sent back to. Noirin says it may take a few months though....however they will definitely get them back to you. Their address is Center for Independent Living, Carmichael House, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7.
Also include on the back of each photograph the name of the place from which the photograph originated, the title of the photograph such as bridge or castle and the photographers name.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Tom Nagle from the Bog Oak Bar lost his mother Mary recently and her funeral takes place today in Nenagh.
Martin Heavey the one time Offaly footballer from Rathcobbican lost his sister Ann this week and her funeral took place in Rhode yesterday.
The Midland Tribune newspaper must have used thousands of photographs taken by Paddy Cotter over the years.Paddy has died and his funeral takes place this week.
May they all rest in peace.
A girl from Athenry recently heard Ray Collins from Athlone singing with Paudge Bennett in Killeens and she has asked Ray to sing for her wedding and he has agreed. Paudge was not invited so she is missing out.
September has brought a number of regular visiting anglers to the area which may be on account of cheaper ferry prices from England and the regular holiday time has finished. They are arriving to a mixture of weather this week with rain from the west and then fine and repeat.
School started yesterday and I hear there are now four teachers in Clonmacnois school teaching almost 100 children.
Lorraine from Pottstown tells us that she has a lot of pictures of Shannonbridge and is trying to forward them to Center for Independent Living,Carmichael House, Brunswick Street, Dublin 7 to be included in their Shannonbridge,Offaly file on website They require photographs of interest to the tourist market and name of photograher. They prefer printed photographs and recently I e-mailed them enquiring if the photos would be returned but got no reply as yet. Their e-mail is
The idea is you can choose a town or village and see what it looks like.
Library is at the normal time this evening from 7 to 9 pm. Do try and come along.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Today is the first day of the duck shooting ( WILD ) and last evening Mick Pat Doc Dick and Molly and I took a pleasant trip on the cruiser to Banagher and back in pleasant sunshine. Noticed quite a number of pairs of swans on route but only saw one pair with four cygnets. Someone said that the wild mink are causing havoc with the swans nests. Noticed a Cormorant perched on a marker post on the trip and they are not my favourite protected bird as they are said to kill about ten pounds of fish when they are feeding. Between Banagher and Shannonharbour a young man in a dingy with an outboard motor sped out by our boat while Doc was making tea. He had gone about 100 yards ahead when he ran out of fuel and he looked a bit sheapish as we towed him to the inlet for Shannonharbour.
There was another coincident with Ciara Finn's letter of yesterday. Ciara mentioned going on a visit to Marnly near Sydney. Last night Doc was reading from a book on Killeen Castle that mentioned Saint Oliver Plunkett' life ending up being hung drawn and quartered. One of his set of vestments was given to Killeen Castle and was later passed onto the church in Mullingar. The second set was presented to the church in Marnly near Sydney that Ciara just visited.
Got some really sad news from Cherry Hill yesterday of an accident involving a tractor or an articulated that crashed into a number of cars. In one of the cars was Kay and Jim Kilgore who have visited Shannonbridge and are involved with Saint Marys Church. Kay was killed in the crash and Jim was injured. Please say a prayer for her soul.
Photos of items around Shannonbridge are missing from the Irishphoto If you have some good shots of the bridge, fort, jetties, fish,churches power plant,bog, boating,houses etc then e-mail them to telling them what they are and ask them to be included under Shannonbridge Offaly