Thursday, June 26, 2003

Shannonbridge / Doon Lotto jackpot survived once again with a carryover to next week of 13,000 Euro.Four people -Pat Joe Kelly Clonfinlough, Maura Moran Shannonbridge Mairead O Donnell Doon and Louise Igoe Doon had three correct numbers from 14, 17, 20, 21 and share 200 Euro.
Oliver Daly Blackwater was the sole winner of Pierses GAA lotto and won the jackpot of 10,600 Euro.
Irish Blood Transfusion have a clinic in Ferbane on Tuesday 1st July at The Heritage Centre Ferbane.
Times 3.00 - 4.45 and from 7.00 to 9.30 p.m.
Click here for a nice photo taken from the new jetty by Dave.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

This coming Friday is a big day for Catherine Quinn when she marries Adrian Egan in Shannonbridge Church. The reception will be in Haydens Hotel Ballinasloe
and the hotel number is 0905 -42347 if you want to pass on a message.
Sheila Reeves photograph is now in our Photo Gallery section.
The ESB connected power to the new jetty yesterday morning and they are tuned
to operate with the village light up time as they did last night.
The Duchas people were working on the jetty last evening so we took a peep.
There is a wide tarmac area leading to the bottom of the hill with a launching
pad for boats just up from the end of the old jetty.There are two large planted
shrub beds each side of this tarmac with timber lattice work beside the footpath.
The approach to the jetty is pedestrianised and the area is enclosed with a timber
fence at the bottom.The bay is square shaped with the jetty across the mouth
of the bay.There is a restricted area in the inside for use of local lake boats.
Some ground levelling remains but the Duchas people are not concerned about access
for anglers and walkers which they say is Shannon fisheries baby.Cars are not
allowed within 50 yards of the jetty which awaits the ramp to be fitted.
Apologies to the Contractor who I thought has been working three years on and off
on the jetty and surrounds. Duchas did all this themselves.It looks a pleasant feature
and they plan to erect a safety barrier on the wall running down on the left hand side.

Monday, June 23, 2003

Due back in Shannonbridge today is a many time visitor from Brisbane Australia
Carmel Bhai nee Mc Namara.She will be staying around and will take in Fergal
and Eilis's wedding on July 11th.
The Shannon seems to be flowing very fast while the Suck is more easy going.
Probably has something to do with the control gates at Athlone and Ballinasloe.
Buried in Rath yesterday was Mrs.Grennan a sister of Alice Egan Clondelara
and of Evelyn Egan.
She was an aunt of Alo Moran who tells us she was 99 and a half. May the Lord
have mercy on her soul.
The distributed a Prayer for our Priests leaflet yesterday.
This weeks parish Newsletter tells us of a PTAA Mass in Clonmacnois on Friday
evening with tea in Clonfinlough Hall afterwards.
Speaking of Clonfinlough Peter Guinan and his new mini-bus are providing a welcome
Saturday night service to people from that end of the parish to come to
Shannonbridge for the night.
Great news on Saturday.Tommy Corbett went out fishing on The River Suck with his son
Gerard. So what. Well Tommy has not fished for a number of years and is in his two fat
ladies year as Bingo puts it.Around Bill Dolan's of Creggan Tommy hooked into a huge
pike that took almost half an hour to bring to the boatside. Gerard tried to lift it by the
line from the net and the line broke.He caught it by the gills and lifted it into the boat.
Some English holidaymakers were fishing in another boat and they helped police the
river while the battle raged.They took photographs and helped burp the huge fish before
releasing it back to the wild.It was the biggest fish that Tommy ever caught and you can
judge what weight it was when we get the photo....hopefully soon.
Richard Reeves is back in Shannonbridge for a fishing holiday.Last year while on holiday
with his wife Sheila they were out in a boat and Sheila fell in the river.A check up in the
hospital found that she had had a brain attack and she was taken to a Dublin hospital.
After three weeks she was flown home to England while Richard took the car home by
ferry.Sheila was dead by the time Richard got home.Say a prayer for Sheila and we hope
to add her photograph with a Hot Water tench to our photo section.
Our local Tourist Office in Shannonbridge opened for business today.Late but welcome.
Located in the Lockkeeper#s House beside the bridge for the next few months it will be
guided by Emmett Keohane and Stacey Kearns. Telephone 0905-74344
The office had difficulty opening this year due to government cutbacks on Fas and
other schemes.
Wishing Stacey and Emmett well for the season.
Our local tourist development approached the contractor installing the new jetty
last week to enquire what was the hold up in opening the facility and were told
that they were waiting for a connection from the ESB.This morning when we contacted
the power company they said that their van was on the way to Shannonbridge.
Hopefully the jetty will be put in service now as many people feel for months
It has been more a stalling than installing exercise.
The Special Olympics got off to a great start in Croke Park on Saturday night with
fireworks and a load of Who's Who in attendance. Of local interest was the group
from a French speaking country in Africa who are being hosted by Portumna.
Johnny Mc Dermott from Clonfert wassaying that his daughter Geraldine was
acting as interpreter for the group of twelve named Reunion.While they were being
interviewed there was a coommercial break and that was that.

Friday, June 20, 2003

The corncrake people at Crank House Banagher Tel 0509 51676 say that 17 male
corncrakes have been identified on The Callows between Athlone and Meelick.
Two of these are in Borrana callow immediately south of Shannonbridge village,
two more are across the river from them in Clonfert callow and there is one more in
Cappaleitra callow two mile north of Shannonbridge.Give them a call if you hear
them calling.Listen to the sound they make hear on this website.
Hope this keeps Lorraine in Pottstown happy and up to date.
See that Nelson Mandela has arrived in Ireland for the Special Olympics and will
be honoured by Galway Univercity whil he is here.
Yesterday's paper told of 700 million Euro recovered from offshore accounts
by the Irish Revenue people in 2002.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Two regular Dutch visitors who stay with Patti Corbett every year were enquiring about
the swans last night.They tell that they have seen two families of swans while fishing.
There were five cygnets in one family and only one in the other where normally there
are seven or eight in a clutch.The only factor that has changed is the higher water level
and where normally a nest is formed in a rush patch with the nest inside and a protective
barrier of rushes allowing the youngsters to swim in safety.With the higher water level
these barriers are less effective against the large amount of pike in the river.
Someone said that a cold night can have a big effect on the young in the shell.
Any other explanations would be welcome by our visitors.
The Dutch pair are Jelle Ruiter and Avant Van Everdingen.
Sean Ryan and Ann were celebrating 30 years of married life last weekend.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

The effect of last years flood on angling visitors to Shannonbridge came to light
at the weekend.Two couples who had stayed here last year called in on Saturday
and stayed overnight.This year they are staying a week in Cavan and a week in Clare.
On Monday evening two anglers came along to tell that last year they stayed in
Shannonbridge but this year they were in Portumna.They had run out of swimfeeders
and came to Shannonbridge to get some new ones.
Last evening a group of ladies from south Armagh who were staying in The Bridge House
Hotel in Tullamore asked the receptionist Caroline Mitchell (a parishioner ) to recommend
a pub with music so about 9.30 PM their bus arrived to enjoy Paudge Bennett at his best.
Paudge had them singing and dancing in congo fashion and one lady who had a walking
frame when she got off the bus got back on without her frame.Miracle ?
The brother arrived home safe and sound from New Jersey and golf clubs in the area -
be warned.The nephew Brendan was on the phone to say he is arriving on the 4th of July.
Local GAA football club + Doon weekly Lotto numbers this week were 4,5,17 and 23.
Nineteen people each had three winning numbers but the Jackpot escaped again.
Next Monday night the re will be 12,800 Euro available.
Two SARS bugs leave the pub after a night of drinking.
One turns to the other and says,
"Bloody Hell, I could murder a Chinese"

Monday, June 16, 2003

Some great weather over the weekend and again today but that weatherman is telling
of showers coming from the West, so if you are going to Roscommon Races this evening
be warned. River level is still high with four cruisers moored upstream from the bridge last
evening where the quay wall is now just right for mooring whereas in normal times boats
find it hard to moor there.New jetty is still out of bounds and a low wicker fence is being
placed around the shrub beds.The land leveling machine was removed from the callow
presumably on account of the high water levels. No sign of a swans nest around or are
they going like the ducks. See Gus Claffey below.
Great to see Mrs Lucas in Shannonbridge yesterday this time in a car with her daughter
Mary who is home on holiday from Australia.Before the big flood back in the mid-fifties
the Lucas family were one of about 14 families that lived on the other side of the river
in Garryduff village.Shannonbridge was their nearest village but the river was in between.
Many families kept large amounts of hens and cows and the eggs and butter provided
money for the weekly household needs.Yesterday was a reminiscing trip that brought
back many happy memories of lovely neighbours that were moved to higher ground
and the boat was no longer needed.
The Three Degrees were once a pop group but not as popular as the news at the weekend
that three of our local youth had got their degrees.
Darren Finnerty-son of Dessie and Anne
Sarah Price - daughter of Kathleen and the late Leslie,
Muireann Ryan - daughter of Sean and Ann from Woodbank
in The Athlone Institute of Technology last week.
Congratulations and well done to you all.
Early congratulations to Valerie Carry planning to celebrate her birthday tomorrow
night in Millars Restaurant.
Sean and Ann Ryan Woodbank and family chose The Fort Restaurant to celebrate their
wedding anniversary at the weekend.
Group of about 25 motorbike fans arrived in the village yesterday on their own version of
a mystery tour.One of the clues was to be answered in The Tavern was -----
"Roy is back in Bray"? Heard a few suggesting that George Brent once owned a house
in Bray and that he was cremated and his ashes were brought back to Bray. Amazing
how they worked it out but they were wrong.
The correct answer is to be found on an old poster for a famous singer.
Everyone for tennis was at the house-warming party in Wimbleton last week at
Lou and Helen Bantlemann's party.Helen is Helen Carry from Shannonbridge and
among the 68 guests were Imelda Rock and her husband Andrew Haines.
Great night was had by all accounts thats bc.
Gus Claffey tells us that recently he observed a wild duck flying out of a hawthorn bush
with a covering of ivy and on investigating Gus found her nest with 6 blue/green eggs
in a nest about six feet above ground.The tree is about 300 metres from the river.
Gus is interested in how the parents will get the youngsters to ground level and water.
The young ones need to find food almost immediately.
Last year the river flood had a big effect on birds nests and many young were lost.
Does this bird know something that we dont Noah ?
Hope to keep you informed.

Friday, June 13, 2003

After heavy rains recently the river levels have risen making it that little bit more
difficult to fish the favourite places.Some big tench around the Hot Water but the
end stretch is flooded where the big rock is.Catches from the Shannon are on a
weekly fishing report under usually updated every
Wednesday during the summer / autumn.
Fast response from Paudge's Pottstown Phanclub in Philadelphia requesting
Paudge to cut a new CD (all Irish ) and Lorraine will buy the first copy.
Just heard that Joe and Fiona Duffy from Clonmacnois have a new baby boy
to be named Cian, a brother for Nicola and a welcome Grandson for Pat and Mai.
Congratulations to all.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Ireland soccer team had another victory in their European Championship series
last evening in Landsdowne Road when they beat Georgia 2 goals to 1 goal
with a sell out crowd.Their next game is in September so keep watching
this space.
Today a happy boy returns home to England.Ten year old Ben Myatt fished
the Hot Water on 3rd June and caught a tench weighing 2.79 Kilo which is
over the specimen weight of six pounds.Well done Ben.
Paudge Bennett was in top gear last night and afterwards he told us he was
going to write to his fan club and maybe e-mail a few songs as well.
So watch out Lorraine in Pottstown.
Saw Joe Turley and Michael Green in Portiuncula last evening and both are
in the same ward in Saint Johns and both are fine.Just missed Pat Joe Kenny
who was discharged yesterday.Gemma Henry looked well in her bed and it
would be lovely to talk to her except she is in a coma for years.Say a prayer
that she will recover soon.She was the girl that got a blackout in Crazyprices
many Christameses ago.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Good news from the new jetty.Martin Burke tells me they were preparing to link up
the walkway out to the jetty yesterday and yesterday also saw the beginning of the
tarmacadam which looks good.Since Easter when a huge number of boats came
and moored their boats to the new jetty, signs were erected and the connecting
walkway removed.Lets hope it comes into use very soon.
The Ireland V Albania soccer qualifying for European Cup match took place in Landsdowne
Road to a sell out. Robbie Keane scored for Ireland after 6 minutes and 2 minutes later
Albania leveled the score.It stayed like that right up to where you expected the final whistle
to sound when a long ball was launched up the field and an Albanian defender deflected it
into the goal.
Last night's Local Lotto resulted in Eamon Mc Manus,Martin Kilduff, Willie Healy,
Pat Dooley and Eugene Boland having three numbers. So next week the Jackpot
goes to 12,600 Euro.
See a note that Sean Crawford is retiring from the ESB this month.Sean and his wife
Patricia lived for a number of years around here back in the 70s before returning
back to Ballyshannon.Wishing them luck in their retirement.

Monday, June 09, 2003

A big leflet handout at churches and poster campaign took place at the weekend to
highlight a public meeting in Cloghan Hall by ORAIC - Offaly Residents Anti-Incineratiion
Campaign.This is a result of residents in Lumcloon Cloghan County Offaly living close to
the site of Ferbane ESBGenerating Plant being informed on 1st April of plans by a company,
CET to build a meat and bone meal incinerator in the area.A meeting was held and decided
to oppose this possible development.The public meeting is in Cloghan Hall tonight at 9.00 P.M.
Brigie Cassidy was back in Shannonbridge yesterday and one of our best readers
in the local library brought back four chunky novels and took five more on loan.
The reading must be good for you as she looked great.
The weekend was a busy one for hurling and football.In football Mayo beat Sligo,
Down beat Monaghan and Meath beat Westmeath.
In hurling Wexford beat Offaly by one point in extra time, Cork beat Clare and
Kilkenny beat Dublin.
Locally Shannonbridge beat Ballycumber on Thurs, drew with Rahan on Saturday.
Shamrock beat Shannonbridge on 10 Points to 6 Points.
lots of hurling and football news under
Nice touch.The main contractor for stone and concrete for the new power plant
in Shannonbridge are Loughnanes of Birr and yesterday for Sunday lunch they were
invited out to Sunday lunch in the Canteen operated by Bupa for their Turkish living
on site workers.It was a very enjoyable lunch with three chefs in action.
Full marks for public relations.
Liam Keohane had an enjoyable victory last week when he won The Captains Prize
in their group outing in Glasson Golf Club organized by Thomas Morris Roe.
This years captain is Timmy Creaven and the prize was a Galway Crystal Vase.
Congratulations Liam.
See a three bedroom semi-detached house for sale at 4 Irachra Park
Which looks like Tom Brennans and the late Ned Cassidys.
Priced at 105,000 Eoros.
Talking to Eileen Kelly last night and she tells me she has a new job
working as an assistant manager of food and vegetable in Rayners Bar
which is located near the old Dunnes Store.Wishing her well in her appointment.

Friday, June 06, 2003

The RTE Radio 1 have their mystery treasure trail going full steam at present.
After a time in Tullamore yesterdays clues rhymed like this -
So,go the full four, till to three fours you get,
In at six out at three, then a double four yet.
Past the murdered queen's cousins, no longer hale,
A good sign for all is the taverner's sale.
Buy a round, if you like,but a sound round is found,
near where "X" marks the spot, gelb on the ground
Three and thirty years old, why it's Destiny's Disc!
It spells out in metal where next we must risk.
You can read all the clues so far and rules for the Treasure Hunt
by looking at and listen in if you .Joe Duffy show
Thats your lot for now and will try to explain it next week when treasure is found.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Back in the property market and the local papers broke the news at the weekend that
Cloghan Castle located near Banagher is to go on the market with a three million price
River levels remain just that little bit too high for comfort of farmers fishermen and the
people on cruisers.
Good to see Barry Crawford and his friend Jeff and his family back in the village on holiday.
Barry suffered a stroke during the year and is making good recovery.They call everyone
Cock to help you remember them.
Shannonbridge senior football team were defeated by 10 Points to 6 Points by Shamrock
in a league match last night played on the local pitch.Louis Darcy was shaking his head
at the result which speaks volumes.
Visitor on the river from Florida Marland Dulaney who is a member of the North Florida
Gulf Coast Fishing Club was telling us about fish catches and preservation of fish stock
in their area and complained about anglers not observing the Return The Pike Alive signs.
Colin heard him asking a lady in the bar if she had any objections to his cigar smoke.
She looked at him and said "I don't give a f**k.He went away soon afterwards and did not
wait to hear Paudge.Paudge told me he has sent an e-mail to Lorraine one of his fans in
Pottstown, Philladelphia but got no reply.He will try again.
Remarkable coincidence last night when holidaymaker Dick Reeves was telling Ann Kearns
and me about a song he had heard last year and had taped it but was not able to make
out the words.He knew it was something about a cowboy and he had the music written
down.Suddenly Paudge started singing When The Cowboy Rides Away and Dick said
"That's it" and went down to the bar to hear it.Ann Kearns who now works in Morans
told him she had the song on tape and will give it to Dick today.God help the fish when
the cowboy song hits them.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

The shame continued for the bank holiday weekend with a new jetty remaining unused.
Now in its third year of construction it is a shame that it has not been made ready weeks
ago.I have protested to the Duchas engineer in charge of the contractor three times in
three months and talked to an answering machine each time when I rang Niall Moore
at 087 - 678 4546.
The Diocesan Pilgrimage to Knock will take place on Sun 7th Sept.
The Clonmacnois Pattern Day takes place on Sun 21St Sept.
There is a note from the Bishop about signed Mass Cards being unacceptaple.
Reminds me of a true story told by Rory Kilduff from Ballinasloe.
A young solictor arriving in Ballinasloe many years ago was given the task of
carrying out the wishes in a will.The deceased had left £200 for Masses to be said
for their soul.The young Louis asked Rorys advice.Rory suggested he go and have a talk
with the Administrator in the parochial house.This he did.The priest said he would look
after it.Louis asked how many Masses would be said and the priest said about 10 or 15.
Louis was not happy and came back to Rory. Rory told him about a new order of priests
in Donamon and offered to drive him there on Sunday as Louis had no car.This they did.
Louis was taken into the house while Rory and Maura had a look aroud outside.
Soon Louis returned and they set off for Ballinasloe.When asked how he had got on
Louis said they had come to an agreement for a half-crown a Mass and as there were
eight half-crowns to the pound Louis' client was scheduled to have 1600 Masses
celebrated for them.Nice one Coulihan.
The parish newsletter tells us that the parish have sponsored two athletes in the upcoming
Special Olympics.Denver S Mullings, Jamaica is competing in Badminton and
Michele Salvati, Italy is competing in the Basketball Team.
We wish them the best of luck.
Over 2000 Euro was raised in sponsorship.
Shannonbridge beat their neighbours Doon in the Junior Championship at the weekend
Shannonbridge 3 - 14 Doon 3 - 02.
Shannonbridge team was Kieran Coughlan, Willie Keena, Joe Duffy, Kieran Norton,
Pat Joe Kelly, Eamon Kelly, Mel Darcy, Christopher Duffy, Philip Egan, Shane Kelly,
Kieran Flannery, Paul Deeley, Shane Flannery, Michael Devine, David Corbett.
One sub used - David Higgins.
Laois proved too good for Offaly in the replay of the first round of the football championship
winning by 2 - 10 to 1 - 13 played in Tullamore before a big crowd and TV live cover.
Sonia O Sullivan beat Catriona Mc Kiernan to win the Women's Mini-marathon in Dublin.
A girl from Tullamore came third.
Christopher Duffy Clondelara celebrated his 21st on Saturday night at a great party with
his family and friends in Gullane's Hotel Ballinasloe with Best Foot Forward keeping the
whole thing moving along nicely.Congratulations.
Ollie Daly tells us that Jimmy Curley who is married to Claire Guinan from Guinans Bridge
had a 40 birthday at the weekend.
Louis Farrelly was home for the weekend and told us that when he rang the woman
in Navan that had promised a bundle of religeous books to the local library she told
him that someone from Dublin had collected the lot.Back to Mills and Boone ?.
Not quite. A previous donor arrived yesterday with a varied collection of 30 books.
Come and have a look on Thursday from 7.00 to 9.00 P.M.