Friday, April 02, 2004

Martin O Brien was born and reared in Raghrabeg and as a grown man emigrated to England leaving a locked up house. Recently his son Dermot was staying in Ballinasloe and 'phoned to enquire if the house was still standing. When he heard it was he walked the eight miles to see the O Brien homestead like his father used to walk cattle to the fairs in Ballinasloe.
He met Adain Carry who bought the old house and is presently preparing to build a house and holiday chalet on the site. Adain has a great sense of humour and told Dermot that he was about to knock the old house and gave Dermot Junior a slate and some brick and stone from the old house and offered to give him a free holiday in the chalet when it is completed. Before his departure he told him he was only joking and intended renovating the old building as a holiday home. Good for all concerned.

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