Monday, March 14, 2005

At the weekend two Durrow pike anglers visited Shannonbridge and used a boat for accessing the banksides.
Yesterday Mick Walsh legered a full dead eel near the mouth of the Suck and after an hour waiting, a 20 lbs 03 Ounce pike full of spawn tookthe bait.
It was weighed and returned to the water. Mick's companion had a specimen pike from the same stretch of water last year and some years ago the Dublin Pike Anglers caught three specimen pike ( over 20 Lb ) on the same stretch.
On March 6th Alan Colledge landed a 17 Lb pike further up the Suck at Correen Ford.
River levels are almost back to summer level
For information legered means fishing on the bottom. Mick had the patience to wait for one hour before the pike came along.

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