Sunday, March 27, 2005

Clonmacnois Parish Newsletter
Sunday 27th March 2005 - Easter Sun A
Tel (090) 9674125
Fax (090) 9674267

Masses: Mon @ 11am; rest of week @ 10am.
Adoration all day on First Fri; Rosary & Benediction @ 6pm
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €478. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: J.Kelly, A.Finnerty, T.Goldie
Eucharistic ministers: Group 3
Readers for next Weekend: E.Quinn, C.Doolan
Altar Servers for this week: : Katie, Mary - Anne, Tara.
Mass on next Sat for Frank Coleman & family deceased

Mass on First Fri @ 7pm
Last Sunday's Offertory collection: €275. Many Thanks
Church Cleaners: B.Maleney, H.Hynes
Readers for next Sunday: D.Boland, C.Higgins
Altar Servers for next Sunday: Group 1
Eucharistic minister for next Sunday: N.Egan

Many thanks for you generous support for the SIA (Emigrant) Fund on St Patrick's Day. With the help of your contributions we have sent €580.00 to the Fund..
Many thanks to all those who made any contribution to the celebration of the Holy Week ceremonies; to all who played a part in preparing for & in the celebration of the Liturgy, and to all who encouraged us by their attendance & co-operation
Which Way to Go
Dr. Seamands tells of a Muslim who became a Christian in Africa. “Some of his friends asked him, ‘Why have you become a Christian?’
He answered, ‘Well, it’s like this. Suppose you were going down the road and suddenly the road forked in two directions, and you didn’t know which way to go, and there at the fork in the road were two men, one dead and one alive—which one would you ask which way to go?’“ (Warren Webster, April, 1980, HIS, p. 13)

Shannonbridge / Clonmacnois Women's Group
Meeting on Tues @ 9pm in Killeens.
Highstreet / Belmont Women's Group
Annual Variety Concert 'April Follies' in Highstreet Hall, @ 8.30pm on Fri 1st April. All proceeds go to Crumlin Hospital for sick children
Do you need?
Sand & gravel, plant hire, site clearance, track machine hire etc
Contact Eamon Dolan, Banagher; tel 0509-52996; 087-9227296
Busiime bwa Weele JN 3.16
"Sikila Weele asiima sibala mala aana Omwana wewe omutelwa, nio buli omundu omusubila alobe khutiba ta, mala anyoole bulamu bukhaliwayo ta".
'The stone at the tomb of Jesus was a pebble to the Rock of Ages inside'. (Frederick Beck)

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